Imagic’s Cosmic Ark TV Ad (1982)

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Last week we shared the rather frightening TV Commercial for Imagic’s Atlantis but this week we are taking a look at the rather more earthly TV ad for its sequel, Cosmic Ark.
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Did you notice who the older brother was in that commercial? That is Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) from A Christmas Story!
Update: Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Logan who correctly pointed that the older brother in the ad isn’t Peter Billingsley but Corky Pigeon from Silver Spoons!

So if you are now all fired up for taking on the challenge of Cosmic Ark you might want to watch this segment of How To Beat Video Games that the Retroist posted a few years ago for some tips on mastering the game.

Imagic’s Atlantis TV Commercial (1982)

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Image courtesy of AtariAge.Com

Atlantis for the Atari 2600 was certainly one of my favorite titles back in my youth, it might have to do with the “Missile Command” style of play as has been described in the How To Beat Video Games: Atlantis video that the Retroist posted last August. But to be honest I think it was the storyline that hooked me the most. I could easily imagine myself while playing as the last commander struggling to buy time for the citizens of Atlantis to escape the destruction by the evil Gorgon Armada!

Of course this classic 1982 TV ad might have helped in that role-playing.
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Also of note as was mentioned by the esteemed Atari Adventure Square in the How to Beat Video Games post: “Always loved that you don’t die at the end of Atlantis, you escape into another video game.” The folks at Imagic had a sequel in mind, what would go on to become Cosmic Ark, they even hint at it in the Atlantis manual!

“Atlantis, its last installation devastated, explodes in a fury of fire and radiation.
But wait! A satellite streaks into space!
Where is it bound?
Has someone survived the Gorgon onslaught?
Can the Cosmic Ark repopulate the ocean metropolis?”

Dark Tower – Atlantis (1981)

A couple of days ago I posted the commercial for the Dark Tower board game and Retroist commenter, Marco, was kind enough to share his memories of the game from where he hails in the Netherlands. There the name of the game was Atlantis and my little bit of research has shown that there wasn’t any further differences to the game besides box art and the name.

I found out another reason this board game didn’t do well…Milton Bradley was sued shortly after releasing Dark Tower.

The all-knowing Wikipedia gives us this: “Dark Tower was the subject of trade secret litigation in 1985. Two independent game developers named Robert Burton and Allen Coleman submitted a game to Milton Bradley entitled “Triumph” that involved an electronic tower as the centerpiece. Milton Bradley rejected the game, but proceeded to release “Dark Tower” some time later. The inventors sued for misappropriation of trade secrets and won a jury verdict for over $700,000. The trial judge, however, vacated the jury’s judgement. Despite finding that Milton Bradley had likely “plagiarized the plaintiffs’ idea without so much as a by-your-leave” the judge proceeded to issue a directed verdict for the defendant because Burton and Graham had signed a contract waiving any contractual relationship (which arguably included any duty of confidentiality). The First Circuit Court of Appeals reversed, finding evidence that Milton Bradley entered an implied agreement to keep the game confidential and reinstated the damage award.”

A big tip of the hat to J. SE over at BoardGameGeek.Com for the photo of the Atlantis box art as well as a HUGE thanks to Marco for giving me the heads up on Atlantis in the first place!

Atari 2600 Atlantis On iPhone and iPad


This got a nice reaction in the Forums so I thought I would share it here for those who might own iPhones or iPads. Atlantis was a famous game published by Imagic in 1980s for the Atari 2600. Now that fantastic game has been faithfully recreated as a Universal release for the iPhone and iPad and is currently available in the App Store for all you “on the go” retro gaming lovers out there. See the game in action below then head over to the iTunes app store and pick up your copy today (99 cents).