Atari Club E.T. Contest

Do you have the mental fortitude to help E.T. find his way home? If so, you could have won an Atari 5200 back in 1983. This contest is great in that it is not just a “maze”. You need to carefully read the instruction and then proceed through the maze, picking up each piece of the phone, and the Reese’s Pieces along the way. The person with the highest number of Reese’s Pieces and all 3 pieces of the phone was crowned Lord High ET-ist, picked up in a spaceship and brought to the magical Atari factory where they will lunch with Nolan Bushnell and have high tea with Bentley Bear from Crystal Castles.


Join the Atari Club

One of the only perks of joining the Atari Club is that for only $1 you got a subscription to Atari Age magazine. It was just chock full of Atari related info and news. As a suburban kid who didn’t have access to stores that sold video games, this was my lifeline to a much larger video game playing world. I remember clipping a card very similar to the one featured below when I joined up. If I had only know what a nostalgia freak I would become as I got older I would have held onto my Atari Ages, but sadly they went out with the trash whenever the new issue came.