A Man For All Seasons Theatrical Poster (1966)

A big thanks to Retroist Regular, Atari Adventure Square, for being so kind as to send me this link to Paste Magazine.Com’s 100 Best Movie Posters.

Of the many fantastic posters showcased on that site, and you’ll be seeing some of them here in the future, I decided to pick this one as tonight is the 84th Annual Academy Awards and A Man For All Seasons took home the Oscar for best picture (The 39th recipient to do so) and Best Actor for the legendarily talented Paul Scofield among others.

[Via] Yarco TV’s YouTube Channel

Besides Paul Scofield it boasts Orson Welles, Leo McKern, Nigel Davenport, Susannah York, Wendy Hiller, Robert Shaw, and a young John Hurt in it’s cast. If you’ve not had the pleasure of viewing this classic film I would recommend you pick it up and give it a watch.

Many thanks as always to the ever impressive IMP Awards for the original theatrical poster you see up top.

The Vic Sage Arcade Game By Encom?

Retroist Regular, Atari Adventure Square was kind enough to send this project he was working on last week, made a very nice Holiday gift if I do say so myself. With Tron: Uprising set to hit the airwaves in a couple of months, perhaps if we pester Disney enough they’ll finally allow Encom to release the Vic Sage arcade game to my neck of the woods!

Speaking of Tron: Uprising, check out these brief new clips from a recent Disney XD commercial.


I really like Bruce Boxleitner’s dialogue in that clip, I expect this series to fill in some blanks between the original Tron and Tron: Legacy, I’ve learned a little bit about the series but I won’t post anything so I can avoid possible spoilers. I also really, really hope they have some toys coming out for it.

A huge thanks to Atari Adventure Square for the wonderful art and to PCzuelo180 for posting this commercial over on YouTube!

Alien Trailer (1979)

I was inspired by Atari Adventure Square’s comment yesterday concerning the Alien Vault release to bookstores. For those that didn’t see the comment yet:

“…the cracking egg trailer is one of my favorites, as it wordlessly confounds and astounds and makes you so curious about the movie, without spoiling the content.”

It seemed quite appropriate to share that masterful trailer with you today!

Thanks to IMP Awards for one of the original posters, a 5th version of the theatrical poster in fact. Thanks as well to Hitmon Tom for posting that trailer over on YouTube!