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Celebrate Atari Day With This 1981 Inside Atari Promo Video!

Goodness gracious. I was so busy celebrating my Wife’s birthday that I neglected to share an Atari Day post! So let us celebrate a belated Atari Day by watching this 1981 promotional video entitled Inside Atari.
Inside Atari

This is most certainly a nice piece of history for the legendary company. By 1981 Atari had three separate divisions going full bore. They had their arcade division releasing titles that helped make the Golden Age of Arcades so memorable. As well as the home console division with the Atari VCS or 2600 as it became known once the 5200 was released a year later – which sold like hotcakes. Atari had as well at this point released the Atari 400 and 800 home computers.

Things were looking absolutely grand for Atari in 1981. Which is why Inside Atari was regularly seen at consumer electronic shows. To say nothing of course of aiding in the wooing of potential investors.
Inside Atari - Global Reach

In addition to Inside Atari coming across as a visual pep rally. There are some wonderful nuggets to be gleaned. For example in this screenshot you can see some rom chips for Defender, Pac-Man, Yar’s Revenge, and Graves Manor.

That last one is more than a little noteworthy as it is one of the four original names for 1981’s Haunted House !

Furthermore if you look quickly you can spy some interesting artwork on display. Like this piece for the port of Pac-Man. Which I might add I had not seen before until the release of Tim Lapetino’s stellar Art of Atari tome last year.

All in all Inside Atari runs about five and a half minutes. So obviously it will not be the most in-depth exposé on the workings of the company. It will however give you that perfect snapshot of the glory days of Atari as an entertainment juggernaut.

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I hope you enjoyed watching Inside Atari. But remember that every 26th of the month is when we celebrate Atari Day!

Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

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Happy Atari Day! Celebrate With This Atari Bumper For Superman!

While a very wise man has pointed out that every single day of the month should be recognized as Atari Day, a large group of fans have appointed the 26th of every month as Atari Day. Yet…somehow it is the 29th of May and I failed…FAILED…to share this great TV bumper for that legendary company, presented during the airing of 1978’s Superman on what I believe to be ABC back on Sunday February 7th as well as Monday the 8th, 1982.
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The reason for the splitting up of the film is that ABC had secured the rights to air on TV a a cut of the film that was a little over 3 hours long. It appears that Atari was the main sponsor for this event and it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The company wasn’t just trying to get the word out on their 5200 system but even back in 1978/1979 after Superman the movie had become such a box office hit, Atari had produced a Superman game for the Atari 2600.

Image courtesy of AtariAge.

Image courtesy of AtariAge.

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Which I can assure you I was playing at that time still…because no matter what the haters think…Superman for the 2600 is an awesome game. I would like to thank AtariAge as always for the awesome box art scan used up above.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O's Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

To learn even more about the fun of Atari Day be sure to hop on over and check out fellow Retroist writer Atari I/O’s site by following the link here!

Happy Atari Day! Enjoy MTV’s Exclusive Pole Position TV Commercial!

It’s the 26th of the month so you know what that means…it’s Atari Day! So what better way to celebrate all things Atari than taking just a moment to watch this INSANE MTV commercial for the home port of Pole Position.

Pole Position B

Now the Retroist has shared a version of this ad before but I don’t recall seeing one this long…and brutal. So while you are out and about today make sure not to anger the Deity of Pole Position because it doesn’t look like there is a safe way out of that universe.

Pole Position C

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Image courtesy of Atari I/O's Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

To learn even more about the fun of Atari Day be sure to hop on over and check out fellow Retroist writer Atari I/O’s site by following the link here!

After 29 Years…You Can Finally Buy Tempest For Your Atari 5200!

About three weeks ago the always impressive AtariAge made available a port of the classic arcade game Tempest for the Atari 5200! Follow the link provided to secure your own copy from AtariAge. Another exciting bit of news is that cartridge was cancelled back in the day but in 1999 the prototype was found and the original programmer, Keithen Hayenga, finished up the job he started 29 years earlier.

From the Press Release: “The hit Atari coin-op finally comes home in this exciting and challenging 3-D game for your Atari 5200 System. You control the “Blaster”, patrolling the rim of an electric “tube” playfield, in a constant battle with the myriad enemies that are making their way up the tube’s rails.

Your enemies are fast, varied and devious. Each class of enemy has its own special attack. All you have are your wits, your Blaster and your devastating, but limited, SUPER ZAPPER. Destroy every enemy and you will warp through the liberated tube, on to an even more challenging one.

Tempest was Atari’s first color vector arcade game, released to arcades in 1980. Known for its frantic, addictive gameplay, Tempest was one of Atari’s most successful vector arcade games. Versions of Tempest were being developed for Atari’s 2600 and 5200 game consoles, but they were never completed or released commercially. A box for the 5200 version of Tempest is actually visible in the 1984 movie Cloak & Dagger.

For 15 years, the existence of an Atari 5200 version of Tempest was thought to be only myth. No prototypes had ever surfaced. A crude 2600 version had come to light, along with a prototype box. Then, in 1999, an unfinished working 5200 prototype appeared on eBay. The game was eventually dumped and the binary freely distributed around the Internet. Another decade has gone by since the game’s discovery, and the original Atari 5200 Tempest programmer, Keithen Hayenga, worked to complete Tempest so it could finally see the light of day in completed form!

You can read about the “unfinished” 5200 prototype on

Additional Information

Tempest 5200 includes the game cartridge with glossy label, twelve page full-color, glossy manual, professionally offset printed box using chipboard paper stock, and cartridge insert to keep the cartridge in place. Only 250 boxed copies of Tempest will be produced! After that, the game will be sold without the box. If you want a boxed copy of the game, don’t wait too long!”

Number of Players 1 – 2
Controller Atari 5200 Joystick Controller or Atari 5200 Trak-Ball Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming Keithen Hayenga
Additional Programming Ken Van Mersbergen, Dennis Debro
Graphics Michael Kosaka
Box, Manual, and Label Design George Reese, David Exton