expedition hoth

Models from The Empire Strikes Back

As I previously stated, one of my personal highlights of the Special Effects 2 exhibit at the Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry back in 1996 were all the Star Wars-related props and models. Here are two that you might recognize from the Battle of Hoth.

The first is, of course, an AT-AT — aka a “snow walker” — which was used by the Empire to launch a ground attack against the rebel base on Hoth. Depending on the scale of the other models in the shot, AT-AT models of all different sizes were used. Some of them were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This one is one of the larger models used. In the land before CGI, all the models in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back were animated using traditional stop motion techniques.

In the case next to the AT-AT was another Hoth ship, a Rebel Snowspeeder. If you look real hard — okay, you don’t have to look that hard — you’ll see me and my camcorder being reflected in the glass.

Gingerbread AT-AT By Blackmarket Bakery!

“That armor’s too thick for blasters! Let’s try a tall glass of milk!”

That mighty fine piece of The Empire Strikes Back culinary delight comes to us from the folks at Blackmarket Bakery, this artwork is currently on display at Califonia’s Discovery Science Center!

A very big thanks to The Daily What Geeks for the heads up. Now…I have to go bake some gingerbread cookies.