Colorful Vintage Moon Maps

We had a stack of old National Geographics in my house when I was growing up and I just adored the maps that would sometimes be included. One I particularly remembering coveting was a gray map of the moon which I hung above my bed. I thought that map was the greatest thing since sliced bread and then the other day I am surfing the web and I spot these beautiful scans of colorful moon maps from the 1970s. This is sliced bread that is pre-buttered.

Warning, looking at these maps can be very absorbing and may result in lost time.

The Dark Side of the Moon Ain’t So Dark [@] the adventure life

Way Out Sounds from Saturn


When I was a young kid we still had a giant hi-fi stereo in my house and the core of my family’s music listening was not the new fangled 8 track system, but the tried and true turntable. Of course my parents’ taste in music consisted of albums along the line of Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ Whipped Cream & Other Delights, so it wasn’t the most thrilling musical lineup for a young kid.

I remember digging through the piles of records one day when I found a weird record that consisted of “space sounds”. I am not too clear on the albums origins and I have been trying to track it down for a while. They were electronic sound effects, which I assume were fake, that were supposed to simulate the sounds of our planetary neighbors. It was awesome!

I had basically given up home of hearing anything like these recordings ever again. Luckily I saw this post about the NASA website this morning “œEerie Sounds of Saturn’s Radio Emissions”. This thing had been out for 2 years! How could I have missed this?

It was exactly as I remembered, and boy did it take me back to those early years. Back when I thought the Jetsons was a peak into the future and I would own a summer house on Mars by the time I was 25. It’s not the future I predicted, but at least I can hear the sweet sounds of our distant planet for real now. Baby steps.

Enjoy the Creepy yet beautiful sounds of Saturn.