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BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Ian Miller (Titan Books)

When the ol’ Rollickin’ Retroist sent me Titan Books’ The Art of Ian Miller to review I had but one thought; “Who in the hairy hells is Ian Miller?” Well dear fiends, after thumbing through this lavish tome, I simply … Continue reading

Retro Signs on sale at Hobby Lobby

When I was a kid I associated Hobby Lobby with hobbies. I mostly remember them mostly selling art supplies and toy models and fabric. These days they sell a lot more than that, including lots of home decorating signs. Last … Continue reading

Easy Way to Draw by Walter Lantz

As a kid, even more than Disney and Warner Brothers, I loved Woody Woodpecker cartoons. I liked Woody’s attitude; he was a little edge and a little sarcastic but he usually still came out ahead in the end. Also when … Continue reading

Art of Bits, Bits of Art: Fine Art from Classic Video Games

Last week via Facebook I received an invite to an art show titled “Art of Bits, Bits of Art,” which took place at a local art gallery in Oklahoma City. The show consisted of works of art dedicated to classic … Continue reading

Dave Finch’s Strawberry Shortcake – Warrior Princess

This painting by Dave Finch has turned my perception of a famous 80s icon upside down. He single-handedly turns Strawberry Shortcake from passive goody two-shoes to berry scented warrior princess and now I will never look at the diminutive redhead … Continue reading

The Count in “The Mysteries Of Arithmomania” by Hillary White

If you ask me, The Count is under appreciated. This work by Hillary White is based on Rene Magritte’s “The Mysteries Of The Horizon” and is wonderful. [via] Flickr

Merry Christmas from the Metaluna Mutant

One of the worst things about Christmas is accidentally giving someone a gift that they already have. I eliminated that possibility with my father this year by making him an 8′ tall Metaluna Mutant for Christmas. My Dad is a … Continue reading