Last Starfighter Sequel - Matt Allsop - Gary Whitta

Are We Getting A Last Starfighter Sequel?

Did you hear that incredibly high pitched noise earlier today? That was probably me as I read the news we might be getting a Last Starfighter sequel. The news came from Gary Whitta’s official Twitter feed on the 4th. I heard the news however thanks to Den of Geek! yesterday morning. In fact I was working at the arcade and literally ran down the row of arcade cabinets, that were popular when the original film was released, all but shouted out that a Last Starfighter sequel was in the works!
Last Starfighter Sequel - 1984 poster

However, there was some confusion for a bit after Whitta shared some beautiful artwork by Matt Allsopp. Was this upcoming film going to be a sequel or a reboot? Thanks to an interview with io9, we know it is actually both:
“…but right now we have a fully developed story that is a combination of reboot and sequel that we both think honors the legacy of the original film while passing the torch to a new generation.”

Last Starfighter Sequel - Matt Allsopp - Gary Whitta

All concept art courtesy of Gary Whitta.

Of course if you are a fan of the 1984 film, you owe it to yourself to hop on over and read that interview on io9. Gary Whitta is co-writing the script for the Last Starfighter sequel with Jonathan Betuel. If that name happened to ring a bell it’s probably because Jonathan so happens to have been the screenwriter for the 1984 movie. As well as penning the script and directing My Science Project, then acting as producer and writer for Freddy’s Nightmares!

[Via] Night of the Trailers

That isn’t to say that Gary Whitta isn’t a recognizable name however. To name a few projects the screenwriter and author has had a hand in, The Book of Eli, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and 4 episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.

Beyond these amazing pieces of art by Matt Allsopp, we literally have nothing else to go on. Besides that interview of course, which is reassuring to read. It most certainly sounds like Whitta is truly a fan of the original movie. While the possibility of seeing the Last Starfighter sequel is probably years away. This type of news definitely puts a spring in your step, right?

While we are waiting for a Last Starfighter sequel, why not listen to the original soundtrack?

Craig Safan’s score for the original film is easily in my top ten soundtracks of all time.

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Diary-of-an-Arcade-Employee-Ep-028-Space Invaders

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast 028 (Space Invaders)

Two Diary podcasts in one month, have I gone insane? Some of you listeners might think that is indeed the case but today sees the release of Ready Player One. Judging by the trailers it appears that the classic 1978 Space Invaders makes an appearance. Which is of course why I decided to release this latest Diary podcast today. Because what better way to spend your time in line for the new Spielberg film than listening to the history of Space Invaders?
Space Invaders - Ready Player One

In this show, I naturally give you info on the origins of Space Invaders. As well as what I hope is a fascinating look at the intent of it’s creator, Tomohiro Nishikado. In addition, this episode is a bit longer than the usual Diary podcast. The reason being of course that such a monumental and groundbreaking arcade title has a lot to discuss.

I do share my first encounter with the legendary game in my youth. Furthermore I share the shocking night we received the game at the arcade. I have also managed to find a few audible treats for your listening pleasure as well.
Space Invaders - Arkadia Retrocade

In all honesty, my friends. I probably could have gone an entire hour with this episode. Interviews with Nishikado in USA Today, merchandising, home ports, and the legacy of Space Invaders. The game simply helped to change the landscape for video games as much as the likes of Pong or Pac-Man. This episode, unlike any other I found myself having too much information on the game!
Space Invaders - Arcade Game

If you have any suggestions for future games to cover or comments on the show itself you may email them to me at You can also contact me on Twitter and of course on Facebook. You can also keep up to date on what is going down at the Arkadia Retrocade by making sure to “Like” their Facebook Page. If you need a daily fix you can check out the Official Diary of an Arcade Employee Facebook page too.

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Now since Ready Player One motivated me to record this podcast covering Space Invaders. Why not watch the latest trailer?

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Flicky - Christopher Tupa

Retro Arcade Art By CTupa: Flicky (1984)

For this week’s Retro Arcade Art project, Christopher Tupa, has chosen another favorite of mine. Sega’s Flicky, which was originally released to the arcades in 1984. However if I am being honest, I in fact didn’t know anything about the game until we managed to get the cabinet for the arcade. This was a couple of years back now and one thing is for sure. Flicky has one of the cutest cast of characters you have ever seen.

While Flicky was developed by Sega it was released in the states by Bally/Midway. The game is a side-scroller in addition to being a platformer. Think Super Mario Bros. or even 1980’s Space Panic. The goal of Flicky is heartwarming as it is simple. Players guide the titular hero around the stage to pick up her lost chicks, which are called PioPios or chirps.

Furthermore, the PioPios that the Player comes in contact with will trail behind their Mother in a row. The end goal being to get all those little chirps to the exit on the level.
Flicky - PioPio Chain

This is easier said than done of course, as you must also be wary of the cats on the prowl. If they manage to snag a PioPio as you are racing around the level, the chirp will be left behind. Not eaten I thankfully need to add, but you will have to attempt to pick the chick back up. Which can easily result in a loss of your life as the cats are trying to leap up and take Flicky out.

Our protagonist does indeed have a way to defend herself. That is thanks to the many items scattered about the stages. Telephones, coffee cups, flower pots as well as bottles. You pick up these items like you do with the PioPios. Just come in contact with them, however when you jump you will toss them in front of you. When an object hits a prowling cat they will be knocked end over end, hopefully buying Flicky enough time to reach the exit before the cat returns!
Flicky - Cat Knocked Over

Besides the constant menace of the cats. The Player will have to be careful of the green iguanas to boot. This threat can also be dispatched with a thrown object. It can become a bit much to say the least. Attempting to keep those chirps together so you get a better score while avoiding the enemies.
Flicky - Iguana

There are bonus rounds in the game, I think that are designed to show you how rotten the cats are. Flicky is given a net and must attempt to catch the chirps that have been catapulted into the air!
Flicky - Bonus Round

Enough of the basics of Flicky, ready to see the game in action?

[Via] Dangorou Nishida

As always with CTupa’s Retro Arcade Art project, you can purchase the artwork featured in this post. The originals are ink and watercolor and are 5″x7″ on 8.5″x11″ size paper. You can hop on over to Christopher’s Official Site to contact him as well as check out more artwork from his project!

I hope you won’t forget to check out CTupa’s previous entries in his Retro Arcade Art project as well!


Finish The Game With The LEGO TRON: Legacy Set!

It certainly isn’t every day you find out that a LEGO TRON: Legacy set is being released, right? That is exactly what happened though when I got to work yesterday and checked my messages. As you surely could expect, everyone here at the arcade equally lost their minds. On an average day we probably bring up TRON or TRON: Legacy multiple times a day. I suppose we are just of that age where the dream of working at an arcade really seemed like the most magical job ever.
LEGO TRON - Arkadia Retrocade

If you’ve listened to any of my Diary of an Arcade Employee podcasts, you know that it truly is. Even when I’m down on my hands and knees scrubbing bathroom floors. The truth of the matter is I am in fact living the dream. Not that securing this LEGO TRON: Legacy set wouldn’t make it just a bit better.
LEGO TRON - Legacy

You can hop on over to the official LEGO site and get a better look at the set. It looks like it is being released on March 31st. This official LEGO TRON: Legacy set is from LEGO Ideas, which began in 2008, as well as giving 1% of royalties to the designers. In this case the original designers were the BrickBros UK after getting 10,000 votes that is. Thankfully Disney and LEGO were able to come together and now we totally have an TRON set about to be released.
LEGO TRON - BrickBros UK

LEGO TRON - Rinzler - Identity Disc
Contents of the LEGO TRON: Legacy set include:

  • Includes 3 LEGO minifigures: Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler.
  • Features 2 buildable Light Cycles for Sam Flynn and Rinzler, and a TRON grid/display base.
  • Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle features a minifigure seat, authentic features and assorted translucent-blue light-style elements, including power stream effects.
  • Rinzler’s Light Cycle features a minifigure seat, authentic features and assorted translucent-orange light-style elements, including power stream effects.
  • TRON grid/display base features 2 detachable parts, attachment points for the 2 Light Cycles and translucent-blue elements.
  • Divide the grid to recreate the Light Cycle chase scene from Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie, or use it to role-play the disc battle scene with the minifigures.
  • Includes Quorra’s sword.
  • Accessory elements include Sam Flynn and Quorra’s blue Identity Discs, and Rinzler’s 2 orange Identity Discs.
  • Attach the discs to the back of each minifigure.
  • This construction toy includes a booklet with building instructions, information about the set’s fan creator and LEGO designers, and the lowdown on Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie and its main characters.
  • Each Light Cycle measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 6″ (17cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide.
  • TRON grid/display base measures over 8″ (22cm) wide and 3″ (9cm) deep.

LEGO TRON - Lightcycle Wall

Now the real question is if we are getting more LEGO TRON products in the future?

[Via] Disney Movie Trailers

I’m not talking about just TRON: Legacy of course. Perhaps this is the first step in opening up the Grid to products from both the original movie…

[Via] Tate Smith

…and even the underappreciated but amazing TRON: Uprising?

[Via] The CGBros