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Get Ready For Archie Meets Batman ’66!

That’s right! Archie Andrews, that nice guy from that quaint town of Riverdale is going to meet Batman! But not just any Batman, the Batman made famous by actor Adam West. I was able to get a hold of comic book artist Dan Parent who, along with J. Bone, worked on the cover for the first issue in this series.
Archie Meets Batman '66 - Dan Parent - J. Bone

There will be 6 issues in all and if you’re wondering, it will take place in 1966. I asked Dan all the usual ridiculous questions like… “Is time travel involved?” and “is this a dream sequence?” While he was mum on details, he said that it takes place in both Gotham and Riverdale in 1966. This is a joint publishing project between Archie Comics and DC. This isn’t the first time these two companies have worked together. As I recall, there was Tiny Titians/Little Archie and His Pals (like Teen Titans). Anyway, the first issue of Archie meets Batman ’66 comes out in July.

Archie Meets Batman '66 - Francesco Francavilla

(It should be noted there will be many variant covers. Including this one by Francesco Francavilla! – Vic)

If you’re interested in Dan Parent’s other work, he currently has a Kickstarter campaign for his comic book series DIE KITTY DIE which he does with fellow artist & writer Fernando Ruiz. This comic book follows the life of a witch, Kitty Ravencraft, who exist both in comic books and the real world (inside the comic)… As you can guess from the title – people, monsters and things are constantly trying to kill her. It’s basically horror – comedy at it’s finest with plenty of references to pop culture of today and yesteryear. Lots of nostalgia! I recommend you take a look.
Archie Meets Batman '66 - Die Kitty Die

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Retro Radio Memories Ep. 84 (The Black Hood)

The Black Hood is the subject of today’s episode of Retro Radio Memories. With October having passed and in light of the Projectionist holding down the fort on all things horror. I felt the best subject matter for this week was something heroic…make that super-heroic as a matter of fact.

Of course picking this show also has a little something to do with Karen of the Between the Pages Blog. Who is not to mention a fellow Author for The Retroist. In fact it was a few months back she located this Old Time Radio show. Which came as quite a surprise to us both – as being comic book fans neither of us realized a show for The Black Hood existed!

The Black Hood

Image courtesy of MightyCrusaders.Net

Now the character actually got his start back in the ninth issue of Top-Notch Comics. This character’s alter ego was one Matthew Burland. Who thanks to the mysterious training of a hermit was able to fight crime. To be a beacon against the forces of Evil and Darkness.

Furthermore the character has managed throughout the years to continue to evolve. As well as pop up at different comic book publishing companies. Beginning with MLJ Comics – which you might very well know by it’s later name. Archie Comics Publications, Inc.
Archies 1969 - Sugar Sugar

The role of The Black Hood was eventually passed from Matthew ‘Kip’ Burland to his Nephew. Who is slain by a Policeman in the latest version of the character that debuted in February of 2015. The current wearer of the hood is Officer Greg Hettinger. It also bears noting that the current version of the vigilante is quite a bit darker.

But which Black Hood is in the radio show?

The radio series began airing on the Mutual Broadcasting System back on July 5th of 1943. It aired Monday through Friday at 5:15pm. It only lasted until January of 1944 but had produced 120 episodes. Sadly only the episode today entitled “Emerald Voodoo Ring” has managed to survive.

As for which version of The Black Hood you will hear today. It is Matthew ‘Kip’ Burland of course. A rookie cop who with the aid of his love, Barbara Sutton, must contend with a mystery. A mystery involving a practioneer of voodoo named Wamba and someone known as the Miracle Man.

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