Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast Episode 019 (Zaxxon)

Welcome friends to the 19th Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast. For this show I discuss Sega/Gremlin’s 1982 arcade classic “Zaxxon” and we also have a special guest for this episode, John Monkus – one of the chief techs at the arcade. I also made sure to bring a few vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure.

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Our new ending theme entitled “River Raid” was graciously provided by the talented Tony Longworth, you can visit his official site by clicking that link and make sure to hop on over to his SoundCloud Page!

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Aliens, minus Sigourney Weaver

Konami's Aliens

Browsing around The Arcade Flyer Archive recently, I found this curious image featuring an actress who looks nothing like Sigourney Weaver. In this 1990 arcade game, Konami presumably forgot which actress starred as Ellen Ripley and gave its American audience a blonde with little resemblance to the original character.

Despite such changes, the game was a lot of fun, as you’ll see from this video:

Learn more about the game at the Xenopedia.

Q*Bert, previously known as @!#?@!


Browsing around Youtube on my lunch break, I stumbled upon the “John’s Arcade Game Reviews and Tech” channel which has some really cool videos. Amongst them was this fascinating trip through the LA home and arcade of Koolmoecraig – a person who has some awesome machines, including a prototype Q*Bert Arcade game! Also look out for Sega’s Razmatazz arcade game (the sequel to Carnival) and lots more.

As someone who owns zero full size arcade games, consider me very jealous!

RoboCop Arcade Game

robocop arcade

Back when I was collecting arcade games, I picked this one up for $100. The oddest thing was, this was the second RoboCop machine I owned. The first one was not in an original cabinet and did not have a marquee. I tried selling the uglier one when I bought this one but ended up getting a great offer on the good-looking one, so I sold it and kept the ugly one. I didn’t think RoboCop would mind.

The arcade version of RoboCop debuted in 1988, one year after the movie was released. RoboCop is a simple side-scroller in which players guide RoboCop through a series of levels while shooting evil denizens of Motor City. The game was ported to several home systems including the NES, Commodore 64, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, and IBM (DOS). Several sequels followed, including RoboCop 2, RoboCop 3, and RoboCop vs. the Terminator for both 8 and 16-bit consoles.