Do! Run Run (1984)

As always I want to give a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for not only the flyers you see below but for their excellent collection in general, these are works of art of course and it makes me happy to see someone doing their part to catalog them for future generations.

Sadly I have to admit that I’ve never seen Do! Run Run in the wilds of the arcade in my youth. If it wasn’t for the great C.A.D.E.R.S Facebook Group submitting the YouTube video below I probably still wouldn’t have been aware of the game!

Do! Run Run was the 4th and final arcade title of Mr. Do!, Universal’s video game Icon. In Japan it was known as Super Pierot. The arcade game’s title is indeed a reference to the popular song Da Doo Ron Ron:

Thanks to DigiHatesMakingNames for the Do! Run Run arcade video and to SixtiesPopGold for the excellent vid of the Crystals!

Burger Time By Dave Perillo!

Okay, okay. I thought the obviously talented Dave Perillo had outdone himself with that Muppet Show print from this morning…that I’m still upset sold out. Now he goes and creates a faux vintage advertisement for none other than Chef Peter Pepper from Burger Time! Dave did this for the Gallery 1988: Old School Video Game Show that opened last night and will run until October 8th.

214 Pier Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405

You know this brings up a question I have…is it BurgerTime or Burger Time? If you go by the original flyers from Arcade Flyer Archive it’s all smashed together and yet the Japanese exclusive Super Burger Time has it separated. What do you feel is the answer, dear readers?

Make sure to visit Dave’s own web site by clicking his link up top to visit Montygog’s Art-O-Rama! and grab your favorite beverage as you peruse his incredible artwork.

Primal Rage (1994)

Back in my early adulthood I was fascinated by the fighting arcade hit, Mortal Kombat. I wasn’t any good at it mind you but I thought it was at least an interesting game. Then came Mortal Kombat II in 1993 and after playing my first game as Kung Lao I was hooked, and I can tell you that hook is still deep in me today.

There was another fighting game during that time, a year later actually that sunk it’s claws into me just as deeply. I played it for the first time at a gas station in my neck of the woods and with it’s stop motion characters it captivated me but like Mortal Kombat I never became very good at it. That was Atari’s Primal Rage.

Now when I say I became captivated by it…let me point out that I picked up the comic book series and even the Novel to the game by John Vornholt. I…I had a lot of time on my hands.

Primal Rage: The Avatars supposedly came about when Atari decided to cancel Primal Rage II and wanted to keep the interest in the property going. Do you remember the toys from the game?

Thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned Flyers and to track666 for uploading the toy commercial on YouTube.

Sinistar Arcade Flyer (1982)

Sinistar is an absolute classic of the arcades back in my youth and still popular in culture if South Park’s Imaginationland and the popular World of Warcraft are including them in their works. The game was developed by Sam Dicker, Jack Haeger, Noah Falstein, RJ Mical and Richard Witt. The voice of Sinistar was done by John Doremus, who had become well known for his radio show “The Passing Parade” and in 1964 his company created the idea for in-flight music on airlines.

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for this wonderful collection of scanned Sinistar images.

Thanks to GlassDarkly for uploading these great segments of interview with RJ Mical from the William’s Greatest Hits 1!

Star Castle At 1984 Arcade!

Fellow Retroist writer, Flack and I have gone on record of stating how much we enjoyed our visit to the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri.

Well, thanks to infarc over at YouTube you can not only get a little walk through of the Arcade but you can watch a video warrior test his mettle on the Star Castle machine they have there.

Thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the scanned Flyer.