Crystal Castles Arcade Flyer (1983)

Crystal Castles - Atari - Arcade Flyers Archive
Oh the many fond memories I have of playing this classic Atari Trak-Ball arcade game at my local Showbiz Pizza. The first time I got to see this game in action wasn’t at the arcade actually but the TBS arcade game show Starcade, I was immediately hooked by it’s rather cartoon-like visuals and jaunty opening tune.
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Thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive we can take a look at some of the various flyers that Atari released to Arcade owners to get them excited about their new game.

Crystal Castles B - Atari - Arcade Flyers Archive

Crystal Castles Info - Atari - Arcade Flyers Archive

That second Flyer image though makes me think one thing…Bentley Bear is drunk!
Bentley Bear Is Drunk

The Six Million Dollar Man Pinball Table (1978)

I was browsing through YouTube this morning and stumbled across a video for the Six Million Dollar Man pinball table, to be honest I wasn’t aware of said pinball table. Thanks to our friends over at the Arcade Flyer Archive I was able to grab these scanned flyers for it.

Here is that video I mentioned, it’s a music video of sorts from Strangers Pass guitarist/singer Rob Sadowski, playing on the machine he restored.

For a bit brighter view of the table, check out this video by Seeburg Sam.

It looks pretty fun to me. I wonder if there might be a frequent visitor to the Retroist that might get a kick out of this post. ;)

Galaxian Arcade Flyer (1980)

Though published by Namco in 1979 in Japan, Galaxian, was released in the United States by Midway in 1980. While the game was highly popular it’s sequel from 1981 is better known, that is of course Galaga. There was a third game in the series released in 1984 entitled Gaplus.

It’s funny. In my neck of the woods, I didn’t get to play Galaxian until I first saw Galaga. This particular Galaxian machine was at a gas station and while playing it I kept thinking, “What a rip off of Galaga!”.

A huge thank you as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive!

Pleiades Arcade Flyer (1981)

Thanks to Doug’s awesome Nightmares: Bishop of Battle post last week I received an e-mail from fellow Retroist fan, Dax. He wanted to know if the game that Emilio Estevez is hustling on was in fact a real arcade game or just made up for the Bishop of Battle segment. That is indeed a real game and it was called Pleiades or Pleiads depending on which country you played it. It was released into the wilds of the arcades back in 1981 by Tehkan (Which later became Tecmo) and Centuri…and it is “based” on the arcade title Phoenix.

Beside being featured in Nightmares, Pleiades also made an appearance in Blood Simple. For a quick look at the gameplay and cabinet check out the video by CenturiNet posted below.

A big thanks to the always impressive Arcade Flyer Archive for the scanned Flyers up top.

Midway’s Space Zap Arcade Flyer (1980)

During the Retroist Arcade Meet Up last week, our very own Plcary asked the gurus of 1984 if they remembered an arcade game where you were positioned in the center of the screen and had to defeat wave after wave of enemies as they came rushing at you, not using a joystick but four directional buttons and a firing button. The gang at 1984 and myself were stumped on this one, but Plcary kept at it and found out the name of the arcade game and it is Midway’s Space Zap from back in 1980.

Sadly this is yet another arcade title that I didn’t have the opportunity to ever play in wilds of Showbiz Pizza or Games People Play in my Youth. Looking at the video below, it sure looks like I missed out on a good one.

A huge thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned Flyers above as well to We Love 80s 2 over on YouTube for uploading his video on YouTube. Of course another big thanks to Plcary for passing on the name of the game in the first place!