Super-Team Family Presents… Robotman and RoboCop

Robotman and Robocop

I was browsing through the many images filling my Pinterest wall this morning and I noticed a series of “team-up” images for comics. Iron Man and James Bond, Snoopy Vs. Enemy Ace and many more interesting but unlikely creations.

Following the links in the images brought me to Super-Team Family… The Lost Issues, a website dedicated to the greatest team-ups that never happened… but should have! And what a site! There are more than 1000 team-ups to view in this blog, and all appear to have been created by Ross Pearsall.

Presented above is my favourite of his RoboCop mashups with Alex Murphy and Cliff Steele pairing for The Ultron Ultimatum! Robocop also has fun with Batman, Spider-Man and The Thing in other covers.

Below are a couple of other covers to get you hooked. Aquaman and Godzilla and Conan Versus Predator are both comics that I would definitely read!

Super Team Family

For more of the same, check out Super-Team Family… The Lost Issues.

Kenner Super Powers Commercial (1983)

Along with Hasbro’s The Transformers, the Kenner Super Powers Collection ranks up there easily in the top 5 list of my favorite toys. I didn’t have a lot of them when I was younger though, in fact I had just Aquaman and Darkseid.

What? You think Aquaman couldn’t take Darkseid in a fight? Yeah…your right but here is an awesome commercial from back in 1983 that showcases one of the toys I desperately wanted at the time.

Is it just me or did Batman just really blow off the rest of the Super Friends?

A big thanks to Seanmc31076 for uploading this commercial over on YouTube!

The Super Powers Collection Videos

The Super Powers Collection was a line of action figures from the 1980s based on DC Comics superheroes and supervillains that was created by Kenner Toys. Warner Home Video would use their release as an opportunity to issue episodes of the Superman, Batman, Superboy, and Aquaman produced by Filmation in 1966 on home video in 1985. They would release them again in 1996.

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