30 years of the iconic Apple Mac

Mac Icons

In February 2014, the Apple Macintosh turned 30 and Apple celebrated with a very nice little microsite that, amongst it’s many photos and anecdotes, included a small icon for each of its machines. At the time I thought that the icons were really cool and I wasn’t the only one!

Graphics website Nice F’ing Graphics decided that the icons were so good that they needed to be turned into vector images and shared with the world!

Vector Mac

Whilst I have no use for the Illustrator file that they shared, the white-on-black icons are a thing of beauty and I’d happily turn some of these into wall art!

Apple Mac

How many of the icons here do you recognize? And which is your favorite? For me it has to be 1998’s iMac. At the time, the iMac blew me away and I coveted the machine for years. The Apple microsite for 1998 is a great read too, detailing a trip to the Isle of Man to provide kids with internet access for the first time – all from a bus full of Mac’s!