Did You Know The Six Million Dollar Man Was Based On A 1972 Novel?

I have very fond memories of watching the Six Million Dollar Man in my youth, it was one of those programs that I think my Father was grateful was as entertaining for him as it was for me. I was lucky enough to have the a few of the toys and even the board game but I do also happen to remember being afraid of the famous Bigfoot fight, even if the big guy was actually played by Andre the Giant!

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I will admit I was never aware that it was based on a novel entitled Cyborg by Martin Caidin from back in 1972, I guess I still wouldn’t have known if someone hadn’t donated the book to the arcade last week! Apparently even the TV series was known as Cyborg during the pre-production phase before it was picked up as a TV movie of the week and was changed to The Six Million Dollar Man…to be honest that is a catchier title to my mind.

Six Million Dollar Man - Warner Books
Six Million Dollar Man - Back Cover

Caidin wrote four novels in total with the sequels to Cyborg being Operation Nuke, High Crystal and Cyborg IV. Like I said I didn’t know about the Six Million Dollar Man‘s origin in book form but I think I’m going to have to see if I can’t get my hands on the series.