Retroist And Voyageur Press: Alien Vault Giveaway Winner!

We have our winner for the Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film giveaway thanks to our friends over at Voyageur Press!

Join me in giving a hearty congrats to Todd, he’ll be receiving Ian Nathan’s fantastic tome of knowledge concerning Ridley Scott’s 1979 Horror/Sci-Fi masterpiece.

I’ll be getting that out in the mail on Monday, but Todd is not the only winner today, a bit later I’ll announce the winner of the Phase 7 DVD giveaway as well as the William Castle giveaway winners!

Congrats again, Todd!

Retroist And Voyageur Press: Alien Vault Giveaway!

Thanks to our friends over at Voyageur Press who have graciously provided us with a copy of Ian Nathan’s definitive behind the scenes book for Alien, entitled Alien: Vault, to giveaway to a lucky fan of Ridley Scott’s Horror/Sci-Fi masterpiece.

You can check out my review of the book that I posted last week, here. So I’m sure the question your are asking yourself is how you might be able to obtain a copy of the book for yourself? You need merely leave your answer to this question in the comments section:

“Is Alien a Horror or Sci-Fi film?”

That question might make a little more sense if you read my review. So leave your personal answer in the comments and we will pick one lucky visitor to the site to receive this very awesome book. Thank you again to Voyageur Press for allowing us the opportunity to have this giveaway!

Alien Trailer (1979)

I was inspired by Atari Adventure Square’s comment yesterday concerning the Alien Vault release to bookstores. For those that didn’t see the comment yet:

“…the cracking egg trailer is one of my favorites, as it wordlessly confounds and astounds and makes you so curious about the movie, without spoiling the content.”

It seemed quite appropriate to share that masterful trailer with you today!

Thanks to IMP Awards for one of the original posters, a 5th version of the theatrical poster in fact. Thanks as well to Hitmon Tom for posting that trailer over on YouTube!