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Ian Fleming's Welcome to My Nightmare

Ian Fleming’s Welcome to My Nightmare

Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like yourself, a day where you could be any one of a myriad of fictional characters or Victorian serial killers, or maybe a day where you just need to gather a bevy of bodacious babes in a garage and film a cut rate music video? For Vincent Dawn (and truth be told for the Ouija Board Kid as well) that’s a Tuesday…a Tuesday that thankfully directorial god Claudio Fragasso (whom you may remember from such cinematic fried gold as Zombi 3 and Troll 2) was there to document it all through the unflinching cyclopean eye of his camera, well that and the rest of the week where Vince turned into a slavering lycanthropic beast.

Alice Cooper Halloween Horror Nights 2011 Announcement!

I know that I am not in the minority here when I agree that Summer is a perfect time to turn your attention to Horror Movies…don’t believe me? Just you take a moment and read our own Daniel Th1rte3n’s wonderful post on the subject!

Even in these days of triple digit heat if I stop long enough I can sometimes hear just the faintest whispers of the songs of the Autumn People on the winds. I might even catch the quick scent of decaying leaves and I’m almost, almost mind you, transported immediately to October 31st. Laughing and running knee-deep through the fallen leaves of my youth with the taste of Tootsie-Rolls in my mouth, so jam packed that it’s become a chocolate glue.

Then it’s gone again and Summer’s oppressive heat is back. But even in this time of year there is the promise of Horror to come thanks to Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando with their Halloween Horror Nights! Who better than the Studio who gave life to the legendary Universal Monsters to bring us thrills and chills all these many years?

A big thanks to Famous Monsters of Filmland for this announcement by Alice Cooper himself on the creation of a Maze in his honor at the Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights!