Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Revenge (1955)

Welcome back, dear viewers. For your viewing entertainment this evening I have chosen the very first episodic television offering from Alfred Hitchcock Presents called ‘Revenge’.

An apt title I can assure you as the story concerns Vera Miles who portrays a young woman living with her husband in their little trailer near the sea. They are there so she might rest from the small nervous breakdown she suffered before they were married. Unfortunately while her Husband is away at work she finds herself attacked by a stranger in a gray suit. What else can her beloved Carl do but go forth and seek revenge on the man who assaulted her?

Revenge was originally broadcast on October 2, 1955 and is one of the few episodes that Ol’ Hitch directed himself. I hope you will turn down the lights and gather among your most loved ones and share in the terror of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Heh, heh.

Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “Man From The South” (1960)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights! This evening for your viewing enjoyment we have episode 15 from Season 5 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents entitled ‘Man From The South”. This 1960 episode stars Steve McQueen (The Great Escape, Bullitt) as a young man who runs afoul of Peter Lorre (M, Casablanca), an unpleasant man who plays on the young man’s own greed and wish to impress a woman he has just met, played by McQueen’s then wife Neile Adams, by offering him a rather gruesome wager.

So turn off the lights and get comfy, grab your favorite beverage and snack as you join us with Saturday Frights and the “Man From The South”!
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As always, a huge thanks to Sean Hartter for the awesome artwork you see up top!