The Flight of the Navigator Spaceship Supercut

There are many spaceships that I admire in popular culture. The Enterprise, the X-Wing, Starbug and the TARDIS are all up there, jostling for position, but I think at the top of the list for me has to be the chrome ship from Flight of the Navigator.

I remember the sense of awe I felt as the ship flew 20 miles up in an instant, and my jaw dropped to the ground as it came back again, before taking off horizontally. “Trimaxion Drone Ship”, as the ship referred to itself, was astonishing and the flight scenes throughout the film will live long in my memory.

If you’ve not seen the movie, you really owe it to yourself to track it down! It’s actually a great film and the special effects remain remarkably good for a film that is almost 30 years old.

If you’re interested, you might also enjoy the minimalist poster that I created recently for this film.