Weird Al “Interviews” Madonna (1985)

This “interview” for Madonna was from AL-TV from way back in 1985. I really do not know why the powers that be did not jump on the gem of entertainment that AL-TV and make it a regular late night weekly show. My friends and I would talk about episodes for weeks after we saw them, we could never get enough Al.

Well that boat has sailed, but at least they should release these gems on DVD.

Al TV News

While “Weird Al” has has done an Al TV specials as recently as 2006. I think the most magical ones were the ones back in the 1980s on Mtv. One of my favorite segments from the show, and I would savor the entire show, was his Al TV News Segments. They were spot on in their commentary and across the board funny. They should have been a regular fixture on the music channel (perhaps they should still could be?) Here is the Al TV News from the 1987, 1988 and 1992 specials.