This Appeal To Have Airbags In Your Car Has All The Feels

Before airbags became standard in every car manufactured, they were an option prior to the early 1990s. In this 1991 Allstate commercial, a group of real people inform viewers that they alive because of the airbags that were a thing in their cars.

These are real people who survived, and simply saying “I’m alive” is enough to give you the feels and remind you of safety that comes from having an airbag deploy during a crash. But it’s the diversity of the group – younger drivers, experienced drivers, even child passengers – that reminds you how instrumental the bags were to allowing these people to tell you about their survival.

Screenshot (143)
Screenshot (144)
Screenshot (147)

But it’s the last image that ensures you’re an emotional mess and ready to jump all over having an airbag…
Screenshot (149)
“We’re Alive.”
…and I’m a sobbing mess.

[Uploaded by Allison Venezio]

The commercial is a friendly reminder from Allstate about the importance of airbags, and the fine print reminds you to use them with seat belts. Which could be a whole other commercial altogether. But for the purpose of this message, airbags are vital to life…and people saved by them provide all the feels.

Screenshot (148)

Shouldn’t all messages be this informative, vital, and emotionally-charged?

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