Hostess Comic Book Ads

I’m still on my quest to read through the entire 1980s run of The Amazing Spider-Man. In the early 80s issues, I found several Hostess ads. These are my favorite type of comic ads as they are comics in themselves. I do mourn since Hostess cakes are now no more. But I still have to delight in these ads as well because I realize now that they not only made me drool for Hostess, but they also shaped my view of life (as so much of the early 80s media did). I really thought that I would someday foil a robber by dropping a pack of Twinkies in his hand. I know now that I am more likely to be the robber who is so foiled. But even if that somehow happened, I think I’d be happy.







Paperback Book Ads FROM Paperback Books

I found the Fighting Fantasy Books on Kindle, but I still wanted a hard copy for old time’s sake. So I ordered a first-printing Deathtrap Dungeon, the printing I had checked out from the library as a kid and still remembered today. When it arrived today, I was surprised to find it was much thinner than I remembered. I guess I have grown over the years and things don’t look as big to me as they did then. I was also surprised and delighted to find advertisements for other books in the back. Paperback books, particulary of the horror/sci-fi variety (i.e., the variety I read) had ads in the back for other books. I almost never saw these books outside of these advertisements; I was limited to what the library had back then, so if the library didn’t get it, neither did I. But I always liked seeing them advertised, seeing that there was more excitement and adventure to be had out there. Here’s the ads I found in Deathtrap Dungeon: