Z-Machine Wednesday: Adventureland (1978)

A huge thanks to Moby Games for the above box art image for the classic Adventureland title by Scott Adams from way back in 1978. The very first text game to be published for personal computers and also the first adventure game made available for use on personal computers! It was the first of what would be 12 titles in the Adventure series, published by Adam’s Adventure International.

Tasked with collecting 13 lost artifacts, the player had to find:

1) A magic mirror
2) A Dragon’s Egg
3) A Golden Net
4) A statue of Babe, Paul Bunyan’s Blue Ox
5) A jeweled fruit
6) A golden fish
7) “Royal Honey”
8) A magic carpet
9) A diamond necklace
10) A diamond bracelet
11) Rubies
12) A Crown
13) The Firestone

In 1982 it was re-released with the addition of graphics.

I would like to thank Matt Chat for uploading the Scott Adams interview below: