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Check Out The Rogue One…VHS Trailer?!

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit theaters in December of 2016. It kind of became a big deal. Like over a billion dollars worth of a big deal in fact at the box office. Of course it was easy to see why, a likeable collection of rascals. As well as being an entertaining movie that helped to give a backstory to the events of 1977’s Star Wars.

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Now for myself I absolutely enjoyed this different, grittier look at the Star Wars universe. Having said that I would certainly not want every single new film in the franchise to echo this type of tale. I found Rogue One to be not only thrilling but a moving story of hope. I would point out that in addition to its message of hope it included the awesome new character that is Admiral Raddus. Of course as I have demonstrated in past posts – I am rather partial to the Mon Calamari.
Rogue One - Admiral Raddus

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Overall I felt that Rogue One managed to capture a little of the feel of the original Star Wars. That was helped and occasionally…hindered…by unexpected cameos. However with the film available right this minute on digital with DVD and Blu-Ray expected to hit shelves on April 4th. An enterprising artist, Damien Kazan, decided to put together a trailer.
Rogue One

A trailer I should add that looks like it was released in the early days of VHS trailers. If you have not seen the film for yourself yet, there are some things that might be considered SPOILERS!

I want to thank the one and only Daniel XIII, for the heads up on this fan trailer for Rogue One. After watching it I felt I needed to share it with you all – hopefully it will give your day a little boost.

How close was the Rogue One VHS trailer to the original Star Wars home trailer?

Thanks to Plains Video you can see for yourself. I can recall seeing a similar running announcement at a local video store of my youth!

Erik Bauersfeld Reveals The Story Behind Admiral Ackbar’s Voice.

Erik Bauersfeld is a well known dramatist for radio but perhaps more famously he is known as being the voice for the GREATEST Star Wars character of all time, Admiral Ackbar. Erik also happened to be the voice of Jabba the Hutt’s majordomo, Bib Fortuna. Though sadly as you’ll learn from the video below he never received any actual credit in the films for his voice over work when they were originally released, thankfully that has been fixed in the DVD release of Return of the Jedi.

Thanks to io9 for the heads up on this story!

[Via] Peter Hartlaub’s YouTube Channel

You can check out Peter’s own blog post about it all, he is the one interviewing Erik in the video above.

To learn more about Erik Bauersfeld you should check out!

[Via] Itmon’s deivantART page.

Admiral Ackbar By Itmon!

I’ve said before on the site that my favorite characters in movies, books, and comics tend to be the “background” characters, not the folks in the white hot spotlight, not necessarily the “heroes”. Like in the first Jurassic Park film how Robert Muldoon is my favorite character or Everett (Marc Alaimo) from Total Recall or Duncan Idaho (Granted he becomes a major character in the later books) from Frank Herbert’s Dune…they may only have a handful of lines in the film or book but something about how the character is presented makes me want to know more and more.

Anyway, back in my youth when I watched Return of the Jedi, my Sweet Tarts addled brain went nuclear as soon as I saw the good Admiral appear on screen. My love for the character would only be ingrained deeper into my psyche with the assault on the second Death Star and his memorable scene posted below.

Itmon over at deviantART is also a big fan of the Mon Calamari military leader judging by his incredible illustration.

Itmon has this to say on his artwork, “I’ve always liked this character ever since he was the advance mail-away figure for Winter ’82 before Return of the Jedi came out in theatres. He was the first glimpse of what the new movie would offer and I remember getting him in the mail and loving it (but hating that wand/cane/weapon? thing he carried).”

A big thanks to Red Director over on YouTube for uploading that scene from Return of the Jedi!