Intellivision Comic Book Ads

I never had an Intellivision. I never even saw one. I saw these ads for Intellivision games, though. I didn’t know they were for Intellivision games, but I knew whatever games they were advertising were awesome. The He-Man one really just gets by on the strength of He-Man (which is, of course, a lot of strength), but the AD&D one is entrancing. Look at all the danger coming at that guy from every angle. I spent a lot of time looking at this ad in the 80s, wondering what would happen next and what I would do if (when) I was in his elfen shoes.



AD&D Comic Book Ads

Comics of the mid-80s were filled with ads for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons supplements. I never got to play any of these supplements. I never got to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I never even got to play regular Dungeons and Dragons. But I did spend a lot of time looking at these ads and dreaming of what I could get to do if I ever did get a chance to play. Here are just a few of those ads that kept me dreaming.