Darren McGavin On Larry King (1992)

I do believe that once or twice on the Retroist there have been those of us that have declared our love for the late Darren McGavin. A wonderful actor that left behind a fantastic legacy when he passed away back in 2006. He was in numerous TV series and films such as Mike Hammer, The Man with the Golden Arm, The Natural, and of course the beloved A Christmas Story to name a few.

With 181 acting credits it is quite hard to stop and shine a spotlight on his most important acting gig but I think it is a safe bet to say he is best remembered for his role as that wisecracking street reporter, Carl Kolchak, who to his dismay constantly found himself thrust into the dangerous world of the supernatural each week in Kolchak: The Night Stalker.
kolchak the night stalker
Thanks to Videoholic’s YouTube channel we can watch this almost 5 minute clip with McGavin on the Larry King Show discussing a bit about his career. Sadly they do not bring up the Night Stalker but the actor does address the reason he wasn’t credited in 1984’s The Natural as well as why he enjoyed being an actor.

Of course if you need to know more about Kolchak: The Night Stalker why not listen to episode #60 of the Retroist Podcast?

Real Leg Lamps

As a ten-year-old kid the first time I saw A Christmas Story, my reaction to Mr. Parker’s leg lamp was much like Ralphie’s. I too wanted one to illuminate our front window. Today, thanks to the Internet, this goal is now within reach.

Amazon has several models of the lamp to choose from, the biggest of which is this 45″ tall one that looks pretty close to the one that appeared in the movie. That one will set you back $150, plus shipping. If you’re looking for something to sit on your desk instead, there’s a 26″ model for $80 and a 20″ model for $40. For those with limited funds and/or space can pick up the nightlight version for only $12.99.

Major awards for everybody!

Enter A Christmas Story’s I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! Video Contest

Love A Christmas Story? Of course you do, well good news, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, invites everyone to get into the holiday spirit by recreating their favorite scene from the classic holiday comedy, A Christmas Story, with the “A Christmas Story: I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! Video Contest.” The contest features celebrity judge Ian Petrella, who starred as the lovable and hilarious Randy Parker, Ralphie’s younger brother, in the film and will give fans the chance to win the ultimate A Christmas Story experience. A trip to the real A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio, with a VIP Chinese dinner included!

To enter you just need to recreate your favorite scene from the movie and submit it at the official contest site. I could try to explain to you the what and how to make your own video, but why would I when A Christmas Story star Ian Petrella, has already got that covered.

Good luck!

Before he tackled Black Bart…

By now, everyone is familiar with the bespectacled face of young Ralphie Parker, but many might not be familiar with his work prior to A Christmas Story. Peter Billingsley already had a budding career making commercials for Hershey’s Syrup…staring as ‘Messy Marvin’. Who could have guessed that making a mess of your chocolate milk could lead to starring in one of the most celebrated Christmas movies of all time?