Pac-Man Washes Down Power Pellets With 7-Up

During the summer of 2011, 7-Up released retro-style bottles and cans of the famous beverage and added real sugar. After watching this commercial I hope 7-Up brings the bottles back again. Every time I went to the grocery store I bought a six-pack of it.

Pac-Man is the perfect “spokescharacter” for a beverage. He gets a lot of exercise and eats quite a bit so I’m sure he’s constantly thirsty. I can see Pac-Man being a distant relative of the 7-Up Spot. Add an altered version of Kim Carnes’ giant hit “Bette Davis Eyes” and you have a very effective 1980s TV commercial.

Have a 7-Up this Christmas

I often look back at Christmas commercials from my youth with fond feelings.  Holiday commercials were more magical then.  Perhaps it’s the lack of fancy computer generated imagery that made them more fun.  Regardless, seeing these Christmas elves enjoying a cold can of 7-Up, in the snow, makes me want to get outside and have one too.

I will be wearing a thick coat though..

7-Up Gold Was Gold


Around 1988, Dr. Pepper was trying to create something new: a hybrid of ginger ale and Dr. Pepper. But then the company got taken over by 7-Up, who liked the light-colored, highly caffeinated, spicy/sugary ginger ale concoction enough to release it as a 7-Up product. That was a big deal, as 7-Up had never really released a brand extension at the time. And so, 7-Up Gold tanked. It didn’t really taste like 7-Up. It tasted like cinnamon ginger ale.