Pac-Man Washes Down Power Pellets With 7-Up

During the summer of 2011, 7-Up released retro-style bottles and cans of the famous beverage and added real sugar. After watching this commercial I hope 7-Up brings the bottles back again. Every time I went to the grocery store I bought a six-pack of it.

Pac-Man is the perfect “spokescharacter” for a beverage. He gets a lot of exercise and eats quite a bit so I’m sure he’s constantly thirsty. I can see Pac-Man being a distant relative of the 7-Up Spot. Add an altered version of Kim Carnes’ giant hit “Bette Davis Eyes” and you have a very effective 1980s TV commercial.

7-Up Gold Was Gold


Around 1988, Dr. Pepper was trying to create something new: a hybrid of ginger ale and Dr. Pepper. But then the company got taken over by 7-Up, who liked the light-colored, highly caffeinated, spicy/sugary ginger ale concoction enough to release it as a 7-Up product. That was a big deal, as 7-Up had never really released a brand extension at the time. And so, 7-Up Gold tanked. It didn’t really taste like 7-Up. It tasted like cinnamon ginger ale.

7-UP Dots