Zim Animation Teases 3D Intros To He-Man And More!

You might remember Zim Animation from the post I shared on Halloween two years ago. It was a 3D computer rendered version of the intro to the classic Real Ghostbusters cartoon. But that wasn’t the only bit of awesome retro inspired 3D work that Zim Animation has produced.

Why back in 2014 he in fact delivered the 3D intro to the 19802 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

It appears that Zim Animation though is more than willing to keep bringing us 3D versions of popular animated series. To prove this the Vancouver, Canada based animation team have put together this short teaser. With the idea in mind that they will eventually include short clips – mashed together with various classic characters. Like the Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, and Batman.
Zim Animation

One can hope that in addition we might see some of the Transformers included as well! Furthermore is it too far a stretch to believe that G.I. Joe might make up the roster of retro cartoons to make the cut?

Without further ado here is Zim Animation’s 3D Remake Mashup!

With what we could see in that teaser – I assume this new project will look like someone is flipping channels. If you want to help support Zim Animation in this new project, you can totally visit their Patreon Page. Moreover make sure to check out the awesome rewards for pledging your support to this endeavor. Reward such as first looks at the work in progress and communication with the animators as well!

3D Comics Starring The Three Stooges

I enjoy the novelty of 3D, I am not so sure it should ever replace non-3D entertainment, but I like for it to occasionally rear its head. 3D comics have always been particularly fascinating to me. So I ask you, why is it that 3D mania is burning through movie theaters, but has yet to make a real dent in the print world. Your telling me they cannot do something awesome in print nowadays and make some Special Edition comics? They LOVE to make special edition comics.

I bring this up because I stumbled upon this comic of The Three Stooges in 3D on Hake’s. Which I now want.

3d 3 stooges

The Three Stooges in 3D

N64 problems but Atari Ain’t One


Nintendo’s crossover to 3d was full of strained missteps. In the realm of technological capability and the main area that consoles were fighting over, AESTHETICS. lets take some of the early games;

featuresKiller instinct gold, in my mind graphically dull compared to the Snes version and due to the N64’s memory limitations it did not feature the different endings that the arcade had.

pilotwingsPilotwings 64, still a great game today but it didn’t move on enough from the original on the SNES and although true 3d (the SNES used mode 7 graphics) the SNES version was a much more enticing game to look at and sometimes you forgot that it wasn’t 3d.

Clay FighterClayFighter 63 1/3, was rehashed so many times for many reasons like trying to fit in new characters that the the N64 had no memory left so the graphics took a hit and they even deleted the entire combo system.

(I am aware that I am missing out some titles, I will get back to them.)

I don’t think it was unfair for N64 owners to expect something special from the new console. Advertising everywhere was telling us that this was the big one, the 5th generation (yes the n64 was the 5th generation argue all you like) and the Ps1 was gaining some real momentum. Over here in Europe we got the N64 almost a full year after the Ps1. We were wetting ourselves in anticipation of what the console could do.

Lets talk about storage, (I think we will all agree) its not something the N64 excels at. The N64 couldn’t handle as many textures as the the Ps1 because of the ROM cartridge and trying to fit textures, 3d rotation and a lengthy game on them meant that finding room for sound was near impossible. Where as the Ps1 could sample real recordings the N64 fell a little short.

Let me interject here, I LOVE the N64 I own 5 of them and have a large catalogue of games for them which I play more often than my Ps1 and Saturn combined. I’m just trying to be objective and paint the fullest picture I can of the console at its release date. With that in mind let me tell you why I love it and why (despite its limitations) you should love it too in my next post:

N64 problems but Sony aint one