Nickelodeon’s Standby: Lights, Camera, Action Promo

This 30 second promo for what I believe is the 1985 season of Nickelodeon’s Standby: Lights, Camera, Action shows the humor and perhaps a little of the attitude that made sure that my TV channel dial was almost constantly set on it most of the day.

[Via] WRFB79

As I mentioned in the Return of the Jedi post that along with seeing Leonard Nimoy it didn’t hurt that I was getting a healthy dose of behind the scenes info like when they visited the set of 1984’s 2010! Interviews with Writer and Director Peter Hyams as well actors John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, and Roy Scheider kept me glued to the TV set when the program was on, of course them showcasing the humorous (for the viewers) technical goofs didn’t hurt either.

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