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Retroist Roseanne Podcast

Retroist Roseanne Podcast

This week’s Retroist Podcast is about a show that recently returned after a long break, “Roseanne.” on the Retroist Roseanne Podcast I start off talking about why I watched Roseanne during its first run and why I will be checking out the reboots. I tried recording this show a few […]

Donkey Kong Country VHS Promo (1995)

In 1995, Nintendo Power sent out promotional VHS tapes for their upcoming SNES game, Donkey Kong Country. The video features high energy young people in hats, bananas and a rock-n-roll attitude that seems almost quaint now. So let me ask you two things. Are you extreme enough to enjoy this […]

The Tick Loves Santa Christmas Episode (1995)

I have long thought that Ben Edlund (Firefly, Angel, the Venture Bros., Supernatural) trapped lightning in a bottle when he came up with the nigh-invulnerable blue hued superhero, the Tick. I was a fan of the comics and I certainly found myself giggling on Saturday Mornings while watching the animated […]