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Have You Heard This Version of “Beginnings”?

Just to recap (because this isn’t the “Beginnings” of my Chicago love): Chicago, love Chicago, Chicago, Jason Scheff = hot, love their music, love Chicago. Chicago, Chicago, freakin’ Chicago! Spoiler alert: This is about one of their live performances. Back out now. So, you’re still here. That’s good! Not The […]

Retroist Roseanne Podcast

Retroist Roseanne Podcast

This week’s Retroist Podcast is about a show that recently returned after a long break, “Roseanne.” on the Retroist Roseanne Podcast I start off talking about why I watched Roseanne during its first run and why I will be checking out the reboots. I tried recording this show a few […]

Chicago Did Hip Hop?!

Oh hell yeah, Chicago did Hip Hop! The Stone of Sisyphus Rolls On… Returning to roots is not always a bad thing. However, if you’re Chicago, and your record label doesn’t like change, then, well…your album gets shelved. I received the Chicago album Stone of Sisyphus as a birthday present. When I […]