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Are You Ready For ReBoot: The Guardian Code?

ReBoot blew me away when it debuted on ABC one Saturday morning in 1994. With my love of all things video games and computer related, Mainframe Entertainment, Alliance Communications and BLT Productions certainly captured my attention. In that year I was working a full time job but I made sure I was up and watching ReBoot every week. Which is why of course the news of a…reboot… took me by surprise. As well as the fact that ReBoot: The Guardian Code is totally going live on Netflix on March 30th!
ReBoot: The Guardian Code - Mainframe

When I think about the original series, I generally recall the humor and winks to popular culture the show managed to include in almost every episode. Whether that be throwbacks to the popular video games of the day. Or even film franchises such as the James Bond series, including a fantastic song intro from the third episode of Season three. Firewall!

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Granted the animation might seem a little dated by today’s standards. I can assure you though it was pretty amazing stuff back in ’94. Of course it was the characters and story line that made so many fans. I think it is safe to say that the show borrowed a few elements from the likes of 1982’s TRON. A lone Guardian named Bob, whose mission was to protect the inhabitants of a city called Mainframe. Not just from the wicked deeds of Megabyte and his Sister, Hexadecimal. But from those of us playing video games, the Users.

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Now then, we have a new series. Entitled Reboot: The Guardian Code. Immediately upon watching it I paused the official trailer. Some things have certainly changed in this updated version…like it has live action elements!
ReBoot: The Guardian Code - Bad guy

That took me quite but surprise. Granted this show is being aimed at an audience younger than myself. I will admit I am okay with this as it also appears to possibly have ties to the original series. At the very least it looks like Megabyte has been resurrected by the series’ mysterious villain.
ReBoot: The Guardian Code - Megabyte

Much like the first series did with borrowing elements of TRON it seems that ReBoot: The Guardian Code will do the same. Although in this case it is a mix of TRON: Legacy, Pacific Rim and even Ready Player One.
ReBoot: The Guardian Code - Guardians

ReBoot: The Guardian Code - Firewall

Which seems quite appropriate, friends. As Ready Player One of course hits theaters on March 30th. Which I am sure that Netflix is very well aware of. Will it be any good? I have no idea but I am certainly going to at least give it a chance. Things always change and I for one won’t begrudge a new generation their own joy of being introduced to ReBoot.

I’ve talked a bit about the first series, so without further ado, check out the trailer for ReBoot: The Guardian Code!

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Did You Know “The Baby-Sitters Club” Had Their Own Album?

That’s right – those baby-sitters and their Stoneybrook-based club had an album!

One Great Idea After Another…

I’ve been (nostalgically) going back through the Baby-Sitters Club book series since last August. My inspiration came from it being the 30th anniversary of the first book. The series has captivated me as much as an adult as it did when I was nine years old. I know it seems strange to enjoy the adventures of teenage girls navigating through life and running the ultimate business, but I always liked how wholesome the stories are, and how well they hold up. While the covers of the books feel dated, the stories are timeless.

I read the first eighty-eight books between 1992 and 1995, when I decided it was time to leave this important part of my elementary school life behind. I was starting seventh grade, and I guess I felt it wasn’t “cool” to read the books anymore. When I started reading the books, I was young enough to be a baby-sitting charge, but by the time I stopped reading, I was older than the club’s two youngest members (though I was in the same grade as them). I was also baby-sitting myself by that time – I watched my own version of the Rodowsky boys, but thankfully I didn’t have a Jackie Rodowsky on my hands!


Of Course, The Baby-Sitters  Club Had a TV Show

Because one great idea deserves another!

Like other popular books series of the time (think Ramona Quimby and those Sweet Valley Twins), the baby-sitters also had their own show – it ran for 13 episodes across one season. It also had the distinction of having the most catchy theme song of them all…

Uploaded by Allison Venezio

This song, I should mention, is now stuck in your head. It’s so catchy!

I’ll definitely have to go into more depth with the television show at some point – I own the episodes (and I’ve written recaps for several), but I gotta talk about the soundtrack.

Songs For My Best Friends

The Baby-Sitters Club: Songs for My Best Friends is a 12-song soundtrack featuring nine tracks specifically written for the series, as well as the ultra-catchy theme for the TV show, “Say Hello To Your Friends.” The album was released on October 13, 1992, featuring the vocal stylings of “The Baby-Sitters Club,” featuring Kelly Sachs. Tracks 1-9 were written by Sachs, Jeff Barry, and Lisa Spiro, while “Say Hello To Your Friends” was written by Glen Roven. It’s also not the version from the TV show, but a remixed version.

The tracks are a flowery assortment of happy, perky tunes, mixed with love, friendship, and empowerment tunes, a reminder that education is important, and of course, the show’s theme song (though a different arrangement of the one heard on the TV show).

Just look at this track listing! Those titles!

1. Dance

2. Good Time

3. In Your Shoes

4. Him

5. We Will Inherit The Earth

6. Dear Diary

7. Telephone Talk

8. School is Cool

9. Slumber Party

10. Say Hello To Your Friends

So…how does it sound?

It’s So 1980s Dance!

The songs have a very Debbie Gibson/1980s teenybopper-esque sound. Considering that this was from 1992, that’s probably not what your average eight-year-old in 1992 liked.

Me, on the other hand…

If I had known this existed, it would have been in regular rotation in my Walkman, right alongside my Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. That’s my eclectic music taste for you! I’ve always had it!

So you know it is awesome!

Why didn’t I know this existed?!

Of course, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share my new music find with you?

Uploaded by Larry TGroce

Say hello to your flowery, perky earworm!

More Baby-Sitters Club Reads…By Me!

Oh, and if you want to see some of my Baby-Sitters Club recaps over on my blog…

I celebrated my 500th blog post by recapping Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage, Halloween with a not-so-Halloween (but still, Halloween-esque) recap of Dawn and the Haunted House , and Christmas with an actual Christmas episode recap (The Baby-Sitters Special Christmas). I also wrote about a Valentine’s Day-themed novel, and my first Goodreads review on my most recent read from the final series of books.

But this is the post that got this whole crazy train of BSC excitement going!

Say hello to your girlie nightmare, friends!!!  :-)


I’m Gonna Teach You, Teach You, Teach You…About the Electric Side Music Video!

Did you know that the Electric Slide was a dance before the 1990s, and even before the 1980s? Did you know the song associated with this dance actually came out in 1982?


Well, let me teach you, teach you, teach you, teach you about the Electric Slide…song and music video!

Earworms – catch the excitement!

Last week, one of my co-workers (I’m not sure how she would feel if I mentioned her name, so I’ll keep her anonymous) asked me to find “The Electric Slide Song” for a weekend program she oversees. The goal was to get the people who participate in the program to dance as exercise, and the theme was the letter “E.” If there is one thing I’ve learned working in an agency that supports and advocates for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, it’s that the people this agency supports love to dance. And when I say love, they’re like kids in one unending dance recital, except they want to be there. And there aren’t any costumes or makeup.

Screenshot (31)

You know, like this!

So, naturally, I went straight to You Tube to find the song, and we were treated to what I can only believe is one of the biggest ’90s assault on the eyes and ears I’ve witnessed since the last time I made this claim (which probably wasn’t all that long ago, but memory doesn’t serve, so just run with me). I mean, we know what to expect with the song, we’ve been hearing it at every school dance, prom, wedding, and special occasion we’ve been to since the 1990s. But then there’s the music video that accompanies it. And there’s a story about this dance.


You REALLY didn’t think I was going to just let you get away with watching a music video (or a bunch of GIPHY Overloads), right?
Screenshot (30)

“The Electric Slide” actually began its life with a song that is actually called “Electric Boogie,” and it’s sung by a woman named Marcia Griffiths, from her 1982 album Carousel. My co-worker was right about her having “island” accent – Marcia hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and for several years, she performed in a female vocal group called I Threes, who were backing vocalists for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Screenshot (32)

She also likes wearing hats with lots of decorations and pointing at the camera.

“Electric Boogie” was originally recorded in 1980, but wasn’t released until 1982, and while it was a hit upon release, it actually peaked at #51 (the highest it went on the Billboard Hot 100) in 1990, and became the staple of every event you went to thereafter.

Screenshot (34)

One could never escape the group of people doing the four-walled dance – think flash mob but more ’90s. The dance itself was actually created in 1976 by Ric Silver to Marcia Griffiths’ demo version of this song. It has 22 steps, and prior to May 22, 2007, if you want to do the 18-step version (or any of the other versions, including the original), Ric Silver would have made sure a DMCA-based takedown happened to you. This is no longer an issue, as the dance now has a Creative Commons license. Which means if you’d like to post yourself trying this dance (or any of its variants), credit Mr. Silver as the choreographer.

Or just be like me and believe you can create your own dance. No, I don’t have any videos of me self-choreographing or doing The Electric Slide.

Or this.

giphy (2)

They’re doing the NSFW/NSFGF (GF = Group Functions) version, which is not based on the Electric Slide, but instead based on some leftover moves from Breakin’.

giphy (1)

As I said, “Electric Boogie” reached its peak on the charts in 1990, so obviously, this was grounds for a music video, featuring Marcia Griffith and a bunch of dancers. And if nightmares could be made of neon, Zuba pants and spandex…yeah, there are plenty of those.

And now that you have the song and dance stuck in your head, the images of Electric Slide Flash Mob Glory are also stuck with you.

giphy (1)

Let’s just say I taught you, taught you, taught you, something you didn’t even know!

Allison would also like to teach you, teach you, teach you, all about the obscure, while giving you a few heartstring-tuggers, over on her blog, Allison’s Written Words. You can also follow her blog on Facebook, and on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.

She hates The Electric Slide because she is awful with right and left…and can’t remember which way to turn during this dance. Perhaps someone should teach her, teach her, teach her…

She’ll stop, she promises.