Don’t backup your computers? Prepare to be eaten by this Nightmare Creature!

This guy is smiling and staring down at his printout without a clue. Little does he know that in the dense fog of his unbackedup computer room lurks a creature of nightmare. A half vampire/half Marvel Comics’ Skrull determined to eat his data and drink his blood.

I never used Ecosoft’s A(rchivist), but I respond to their fear based advertising like the sheep that I am. The image is great, but they have an equally interesting pitch on the ad (especially when manuals were actually useful). You buy the manual for A(rchivist) before buying the software and the cost of the manual comes out of the price of the software. I would have done this for a few games back in the eighties and nineties, when manuals were bulky enough to make for a couple of nights of bedtime reading.


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The AM Radio GoBot Firebird


While most people seem to fall on the Transformers side of the Transformer/GoBot debate, I would like to point out a GoBot that had a feature unlike any Transformer. The AM Radio GoBot was not only an awesome Firebird and fighting, but it was also a working AM radio. With him you had a toy that could crush Cy-Kill, but also a friend who could bring you news updates and “traffic on the ones”.

If Soundwave was an actual Walkman, I would say that Transformers still have an advantage, but he did not, and not one of the other Decepticons or Autobots we also a functioning radio. So advantage GoBots…

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The Ghosts from Pac-Man Dress up for Halloween

The title of this piece by James Duck is “Hiding in Plain Sight”. I think it shows what happens when the ghosts from Pac-Man try to blend in day-to-day society (they still sorta stick out).

Of course, this being the Halloween season, I cannot help but see this as these little guys’ attempt at costumes for Trick or Treating.


I know they be a real pain in the power to pellet to good ol’ Pac-Man, but Halloween is a time for ghosts, so I hope they get plenty of treats tomorrow.

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Imperial Esso shows you what it is like to change your Oil on the Moon (1986)


I give this commercial big points for creativity. Not a lot of oil companies go with a space-related theme and Imperial Esso completely leans into it. Things that deserve attention in this 30 second spot include:

  • The “Lunar” Landscape
  • The Moon Vehicle
  • The low gravity oil pour
  • and of course the robot. Who resembles a modified Omnibot 2000

Pure advertising magic…

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Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 022 (Halloween Special I)


Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! This week there was a small disaster in the Retroist Vault and we were unable to discuss the movie we had originally chosen, though thanks to some of our friends who answered our phone calls, you’ll get to find out all about their first horror movie experiences. So welcome to the first Saturday Frights Halloween Special!

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Want to hear some Epic Early Eighties Halloween/Friday the 13th Fan Fiction?


As I have mentioned here on the site, I am a big fan of the music and online work of “Weird Paul” Petroskey. His YouTube channel, is always especially fun and since discovering it I don’t think their has been a video posted up there I have not watched. The great thing about these videos is that you never know what to expect. Like this week, just in time for Halloween, “Weird Paul” dug up an epic multi-chapter work of fan fiction that he worked on for several years in the early to mid-1980s.

The story revolves around Paul and his pal as they tangle with Halloween‘s Michael Myers and Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, but that is just a small part of the bigger picture, because as our heroes tangle with this gruesome twosome, they also manage do some other amazing things like:

  • Get into a super 80s car chase with a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.
  • Be bodyguards for Weird Al.
  • Tangle with Leatherface.
  • Fight the guy from the movie, Pieces.
  • Learn martial arts in Hawaii.
  • and so much more…

If you are a fan of Paul and his offbeat style or just love retro horror, you are going to want to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Then make sure you upvote the video and share it with your friends so that Paul will share the full text of his wonderful story with the world.

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On The Cheap : A History Of Greydon Clark

My good pal and writing partner, Chris Valenziano, gave me this book as a birthday present. He and I are very big fans of Greydon and have met him several times over the years. I find him to be a warm spirit who speaks gently which betrays his tall and broad frame. His book, On The Cheap: My Life In Low Budget Filmmaking is a prize for any filmmakers whether they are fans of his films or not. For those not familiar, my Greydon Clark must list has Without Warning and Joysticks. Classics.


I’m a very slow reader, but I breezed through this in about three night sittings. Greydon’s details on his life “in the circus” – as he calls it – are very engaging. He does a great job of giving just enough to keep you on the hook without boring minutia and unlike other memoirs, has some very specific information about how the business operates. He outlines the process from creative to money to distribution, and explains how they work hand in hand. For anyone who has had the passion to make a film on their own, this book will be full of nods and grins with sympathy. For those who haven’t, it will be very educational. He formats the book like a script breakdown, so you really grasp each aspect of what went on during his film career with ease and clarity

Like great scripts, the book’s third act throws a real twist at you – one which I was not prepared for. At the end, I realized I had been engaged in something much more than just a “how to” in the world of filmmaking, I was seeing into the life of a man. How he risked everything time and time again to make films his way, but ultimately to find that we are not the director of our own life.

Right now, his book comes with a free DVD/BluRay from his personal library along with a personalized message. Great for you and great for any filmmaking fan!

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