Thank Goodness I know how to pronounce Chef Boyardee!

When I did have Chef Boyardee as a kid, it was usually over someone else’s house. My Mother was not a fan, she also pronounced it in a way that seemed weird to me, but I would learn later is how they had one point pronounced it in advertising. While I would say Boy – R – D, she would say it Boy-ar-dee with a completely different emphasis. You can hear an example of it in this vintage commercial from the fifties.

Nowadays I find myself missing how she said it and I find myself doing the same.

Star Trek Bowl And Plates 1

Beam Me Down A Second Helping, Scotty!

The other day while out and about in town I stopped by the local Vintage Stock, I try to drop in when I can and see if there is anything I need to add to my collection. The problem is I normally DO find things that would look good in my curio cabinets, like these 1979 Deka Star Trek: The Motion Picture bowl and plate.

Star Trek Bowl 1

Star Trek Bowl 5

Star Trek Bowl 2

Star Trek Bowl 3

Star Trek Bowl 4

Just a little research on line, it looks like there were a couple of different sets. My set seems to be missing the drinking tumbler and it appears there was another one that had a cereal bowl with two drinking cups. Still, I think they will look neat in one of the cabinets.

When Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out, my Father and I saw it at the Razorback Theater. I can still remember waiting in line to be let in and looking at all of the available merchandise on sale at the concession stand. They had sold out of the buttons for Scotty but I did walk away with a Captain Kirk pin, it is one of my two oldest movie pins still in my collection.

Captain Kirk Pin - Star Trek The Motion Picture


Tough Americans choose a Tough American Lock

I grew up in a town where bike theft wasn’t really much of a problem, but for a while bike locks became something of a status symbol as each kid tried to outdo the other in the quest for the safest lock. Ads like this must have capitalized on this as a trend back in those days and while I wanted to care about such things, I could never muster the resources for a serious lock like the “Tough American”. Instead, I had a thin chain with one of those spinning combination locks that had 3 digits.

A strong thief could have snapped the chain in half if they chose, but an even smarter thief had a decent chance of figuring out my 3 digit code, which, if memory serves me right was something like 0-1-2.


I wouldn’t want to mess with these “Masters of the Universe”

While I have a soft spot for He-Man’s villains, I am also a big fan of Ram Man. This piece by Joe Ng has a lot going for it. Great hero poses, wonderful characters choices including a great Orco and amazing coloring. But it is that very energetic looking Ram Man in the front that makes this piece for me. I always pictured him to be more like Marvel’s Juggernaut than the spring-loaded toy he is often portrayed as and I think this version give the impression of a Ram Man who can get in on the action with more than just his head.


Enjoy this selection of Retro Commercial for Skippers

I had never heard of “Skippers” until I moved to the Seattle area. I have seen several locations now in the Northwest, but I have still not tried any of them (I still cannot prioritize seafood over burgers or pizza).

This regional chain, which started in the late sixties, seems to be going pretty strong again today, although they seemed to have some difficulties about a decade ago. While they might be doing well now, but the best time for Skippers was in the eighties, when they ran commercials like these:


1965 Hudson City Savings Bank Envelope

Well, I finally got the ol’ scanner working again and I have decided to jump into my many boxes of ephemera. My first handful that I scooped out are largely related to Northern New Jersey, but I think that many of you will get a kick out of the material even if you do not recognize the material from first hand experience.

This is an envelope that is from 1965, which you can see from the postmark (5 cents…what a bargain). It is for a bank that still exists today, “Hudson City Savings Bank”. While the bank might still be around, I am pretty sure they do not have envelopes this cool anymore. I especially like the pattern on the inside of the envelope. It is all very classy.




The Sunshine Cab Company

I did not mean to start rewatch “Taxi”, but what started as just watching a couple of episodes has turned into a massive binge. Any why not? This is a high quality sitcom filled with great actors and wonderful writing. Naturally I started poking around online looking at “Taxi”-related websites and items and I found this very fine work by Noelle McClanahan.

Now the odds of us getting a Taxi comic or animated series are pretty steep, but if we ever did, something about this style seems to work for me. It is just bold enough to stress the characters’ essences without diverging too far from their original look