Doctor Who Space Invaders T-shirt

This is a fun little mashup on a t-shirt by Drew Wise of Doctor Who and the classic arcade game Space Invaders. While it looked great on a shirt, this is a mod I would not mind playing. I can picture the TARDIS-themed arcade cabinet and it fills me with glee.


[via] Drew Wise

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Ronald McDonald’s and the Chicken McNuggets’ First Case


I love these little Chicken McNuggets puppets and could watch them do just about anything and be entertained. Whoever wrote this particular commercial should win an award. It combines a silly noir theme, a grinning red clown and a “combing the town” joke seamlessly and caps it all off with an adorable 6 nugget sauce dip.

These little guys are the underrated heroes of McDonaldland.

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Freddy Krueger Was Orginally Going To Be Played…By David Warner?!

David Warner - Nightmare on Elm Street - Join You In The Sun
When Wes Craven was preparing to put on film his soon to be iconic supernatural serial killer in 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street it turns out that Robert Englund wasn’t the first actor chosen to stalk the Elm Street kids in their dreams. That honor originally went to the legendary David Warner of Time Bandits and Tron fame…
Time Bandits - Evil - David Warner
…of course when you’ve already played Evil I guess it’s not too difficult to imagine playing the likes of Freddy Krueger. Apparently a matter of timing with other commitments forced Warner to step down allowing the opportunity for Robert Englund to land the role.

I’m a big fan of David Warner and while there is a part of me that kind of wishes I could step into that Universe where he did portray the character…to be honest I think Englund was meant to play the part and I have a hard time imagining Warner’s portrayal of Krueger becoming such a gleefully one-liner spouting villain like in the Dream Warriors.
David Warner - Freddy Krueger - Join You In The Sun
A big thanks to Join You In The Sun for these awesome pics on Imgur of what David Warner’s make-up would have looked like!

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Cyndi Lauper Vibes Movie Promo


I am an unapologetic fan of the movie Vibes. I watch it at least once a year since picking it up on DVD a few years ago. I know it is not the most well-written 80s comedy, but Lauper delivers a great performance and the whole thing is just wacky fun.

The spirit of the fan can be summed up in this promo that Lauper did for the film when it was first released. If it doesn’t give you a chuckle than Vibes may not be for you.

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Photos of EPCOT Center from 1982

As I mentioned in a previous post, I kept a scrapbook of Disney related images that I would pull from magazines and newspapers. They aren’t very well-organized, but occasionally I get a good grouping that must have come around the same time or from the same source. Here I have some images from the opening of EPCOT Center in 1982. You get some great shots of the park including guests interacting with exhibits and “Behind the Scenes” stuff. I especially like the shot of the newspaper printer on Spaceship Earth, I have been stuck in front of that scene many times while riding that attraction when it has broken down.









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Christopher Walken and The Three Little Pigs

Exit Pig One

In 1993, Christopher Walken fulfilled a lifetime ambition to entertain children on the British TV series ‘Saturday Zoo’, hosted by Jonathan Ross. Here is the great man with his take on the Three Little Pigs.

Nearly 16 years later, Walken would return to a Ross show for another reading, though this time it would be something more contemporary:

After watching these two videos, it’s clear to me that Walken should be narrating more!

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Skittles Commercials of the 1980s


The very popular fruit flavored candy Skittles was introduced in the United States and an import in 1979 and all throughout the 1980s they ran memorable commercials. One the earliest ones I remember was this animated one from the very early eighties. It does not mention the rainbow, which would become a staple of future Skittles commercials, but you do get an island full of happy dancing Skittles on some sort of tropical island.

The rainbow starts to become prominent in their “Rainbow of Flavor” ads from 1982. This is also the year that domestic production of Skittles began in the U.S. So colorful! No wonder this candy captured the imagination of the candy buying public.

In 1986 we were already “Tasting the Rainbow”, with this upbeat and catchy commercial that will have you singing along…”Skittle Skittles bite sized candies. Taste the rainbow of fruit flavor!”

I would just like to applaud the uploader of this commercial, Kidsincorporated, the audio and visual quality are amazing.

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