Retro Radio Memories Ep 36

Retro Radio Memories Podcast – Episode 036 (Lights Out – Death Robbery)

Welcome to the 36th episode of the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. This week we have a 1947 episode of Lights Out entitled “Death Robbery” and starring Boris Karloff!

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Saturday Frights Ep 44

Saturday Frights Podcast Episode 044 (Madman)

Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault. All this month in celebration of October we will have a new episode every week and to start us off this time we will be discussing 1982’s cult movie “Madman”!

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Universal Monsters - Classic Movie Monsters - ReStickables

Leave A Universal Monster Everywhere You Go With These Reuseable Stickers!

Here is a fun idea for all of us Universal Monsters fans for this October. We need to scour the internet and purchase all of these 1982 Reusable foil stickers featuring our favorite monsters and wherever we happen to visit post one…in a legal spot and without vandalizing anything…to let other Retroist fans know we’ve been there!

Say like if you were going to visit the Monster-Mania Con this weekend?


You can hop on over to Embrace123’s Etsy shop to pick up this particular sticker pack.


In April 1986, This Was Happening On HBO

My parents often let the VCR record past the end of a movie or television show. I think everyone’s parents did . Heck, I’m guilty of it, and I’ve passed the bad habit on to how I set my DVR to record. Because let’s face it, you just never know what is going to show up at the end of a recording. And since this is a nostalgia website, there is always the distinct possibility that a gem is always hiding at the end of a program/movie that we recorded onto those big plastic boxes that hold so much film.

In 2007, I was home by myself on a regular day off from my job at a golf course – my brother and both of my parents were working, and it was raining, so there wasn’t much else to do. And I had (at the time) a one-year-old DVD recorder that was so much fun to use. So I figured, why not put it to work for me, and go through the videos in my parents’ VHS collection?

The result was so many gems of recordings…well, ok, gems to me. People see commercials and things they like to skip. I see memories. Lots and lots of memories.

One such tape my parents had in their collection was Bill Cosby: Himself (I know, that sounds a little timely, given the circumstances surrounding The Cos these days), and it was a recording they had made off of HBO in 1986. And since they were, well, my parents, they let the tape run about 90 seconds beyond the end of the comedy special.

And there were a magical ninety seconds.

Take my hand, and allow me to show you.

Coming up next on HBO…
Screenshot (94)
Comic Relief! Well, actually, it was a highlights reel of the first Comic Relief event, which aired on HBO on March 29, 1986. The once-yearly special boasted an impressive trio of hosts (Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams), and a lineup of headlining comedians, all to do one thing and one thing only – help the homeless. You knew it was a simpler time (in our perspective) when homelessness was the hot-button issue of the day. And this was during the Cold War.


But still, the best of Comic Relief, and my parents only taped this as proof of its very existence. What were they thinking?!

And this “Coming Up Next…” Segues itself into…
Screenshot (98)
Oh, wow. Does anyone else remember this show? Not Necessarily the News was initially a comedy special that aired on HBO in September 1982, was seen as a concept, and became a series that ran from August 1983 until August 1990. It featured sketches, parody news items, commercial parodies, and humor via overdubbing or editing actual news footage. Think Saturday Night Live, but uncensored.

Screenshot (95)
Oh, and Sniglets. The unexplained kind. Of the Universe.

This commercial is not promoting a specific episode, but the actual premiere of the upcoming season.

And that’s fine with me, the footage alone is nostalgic.
Screenshot (96)Screenshot (97)

And we go from “news” to sports with…

Screenshot (101)
HBO World Champion Boxing, and the Spinks versus Holmes rematch that was set to air on April 19, 1986. It was one fight in a series of fights being dubbed…

Screenshot (108)

But don’t take our word for it, let The Man With the Hair (aka Don King) tell you all about it!

Screenshot (102)

Seven games, seven fights, just like the World Series. Except without baseball bats. Oh, and it’s all about fighting.

Oh, and Holmes lost the fight. Sorry.

Screenshot (104)Screenshot (105)

And then we get an actual commercial for HBO that’s not promoting a movie, comedy special, or series. Just a regular commercial. In it, a guy is holding a party in his apartment, and is talking with the woman who was responsible for calling the cops on his last party…all because she couldn’t hear the movie she was watching on HBO. So she informed him that she no longer has this problem, ever since she bought…A VCR! Now she can start watching a movie (and tape it), and then she can finish it after she calls the cops.

HBO reminds viewers that if social commitments cause you to miss HBO programming, then to put them on your schedule.

Screenshot (103)

And really, are we keeping these people anonymous by not showing their faces? I feel like Nanny from the Muppet Babies wrote this commercial!

And finally, right before my parents realized they were still taping…

“Henry Winkler for Comic Relief.”

He has a book in his hands, but the tape had other plans…it cut off.

Screenshot (106)Screenshot (107)


And there you have it, the gems of parents leaving the VCR running.

But don’t take my carefully crafted words for it, just watch.

[Uploaded By] Allison Venezio

And there you have it, the best part about taping something off of television. Here’s to the parents before us who forgot to turn off the VCR.

And to items like this for keeping those memories alive…until it decides not to do the one and only job it was given.

DVD Recorder(1)

*Le Sigh*

Allison's Old DVD Recorder – Panasonic DMR-ES15 (2006-2014, when I finally junked it)

Allison’s Old DVD Recorder – Panasonic DMR-ES15 (2006-2014, when I finally junked it)

Allison loves nostalgia. You love nostalgia. It’s win-win, really. Come visit her at her blog, Allison’s Written Words to see what she has to say, both of the nostalgic sense, and the not-so-nostalgic sense.

She loved that DVD Recorder. She feels sad for two reasons – the DVD Recorder’s painful ending…and the fact that it can be seen in pictures.

Rick Baker 1- The Incredible Melting Man - Starlog

Rick Baker At Work On The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

It is only the second day of October and already down here in the Retroist Vault we have to prime the heating system every night before we go to bed. It certainly seems like the Autumn People that Ray Bradbury wrote so eloquently about have arrived and are planning for a lengthy stay.

That’s okay because it helps to get one in the mood to celebrate all of the wonderful spooky things there are in the month of October, right? Like taking a look at the work of Special Make-Up Effects artist extraordinaire Rick Baker as he works on some of his designs for the various stages of liquefying for 1977’s The Incredible Melting Man!

Rick Baker - The Incredible Melting Man - Starlog

[Via] TB

These images are courtesy of Starlog #11 over at the Internet Archive which you can hop on over and read at your leisure, the interview with Baker begins on page 66 but has all manner of awesome interviews with other Make-Up Effects artists like Stuart Freeborn (Star Wars) and John Chambers (The Island of Dr. Moreau).


Billy Zabka is VERY Enthusiastic about Clean Tiles in this 1984 Commercial for Tilex

When not excellently portraying bad boys in eighties films, the great Billy Zabka, played a young baseball player with a profound interest in tile care in this retro commercial for Tilex. After watching it, I think you will find that while you remember Billy for the toughness he brought to all of his characters in his movie work, you will be forever haunted by his delivery of the line, “Soap scum? What’s soap scum?”

The Munsters - Cheerios

Check Out This 1965 Cheerios Commercial Featuring The Munsters!

What better way to start the month long celebration of October here on the Retroist than with this 1965 TV ad for Cheerios featuring the Munsters?

In the commercial Eddie (Butch Patrick) is extolling the virtues of making Cheerios a part of your breakfast, pointing out that is the reason that Herman (Fred Gwynne) has such strength and energy to help around the house. Using clips from the 1964 series Grandpa (Al Lewis) and Lily (Yvonne De Carlo) are seen in the commercial as well!

[Via] Brainwerk