The Perfect Airline Spokesmen? Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali, of course.


The person who came up with this commercial concept was a genius. In a 1000 years, I do not think I would have ever put Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali together in an ad for an airline, but a brilliant person did just that in this TV spot for Braniff Airlines. Neither of them come across as “natural” in the ad and maybe that is the point of bringing Dali and Ford together for a “surreal” bit of advertising history.

Tell ‘em Dali baby!

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Behold The Power Of The Plazer Ray Gun! (1966)

Image courtesy of the

Image courtesy of the

Thanks to some photos posted by RetroArt over on his Facebook Page I was made aware of a futuristic ray gun toy called the Plazer Ray. While looking at that photo above I knew I would have to find out what it was all about. While I didn’t uncover any history beyond the fact that it seems to have been first advertised in a 1966 Montgomery Ward catalog and was made by the ‘Multiple Toymakers’ company, I did at least find this vintage TV commercial showing how the toy worked.

[Via] flerkinmax

Maybe RetroArt can give us the lowdown on this mighty toy weapon?

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New Retro Action Figures

2014-08-24 12.28.53

Last Friday was my birthday. Over the weekend I took some of the birthday money I received and drove over to Vintage Stock to see if they had anything I couldn’t live without. (Spoiler — Vintage Stock always has something I can’t live without!)

As you can see above, Vintage now carries a large collection of ReAction action figures. They had Doc and Marty from Back to the Future, Snake Plisskin from Escape From New York, and a couple of T800s (with skin and without) from the original Terminator.

2014-08-24 16.13.24

Just past the ReAction figures were these Twilight Zone figures from Bif Bang Pow! They had several to choose from, but when I spotted “The Gremlin” I knew he was the one I wanted. I took him home and unwrapped him, but he soon disappeared and I looked all over for him. A few minutes later, I finally found him…

2014-08-24 16.15.52

…on the wing, as usual.

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The Androbot B.O.B.

Androbot was a company founded by tech legend, Nolan Bushnell. The company’s mission was simple. To put an “intelligent robot” in every home in the 1980s. Topo was the Androbot that they started off with and while earlier models were very simple, they did start getting better as the years went by culminating in the TOPO 3.


This would lead to B.O.B or “Brains on Board”. B.O.B would have been that useful robot that we were all hoping for and you can see in this video, he could actually fetch items and do voice recognition.

Sadly due to the limitations of the technology at the time and the high price tag, sale were limited on Androbots and we never get the high-end robot experience that we deserved.

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Some Retro Photos of the Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ

The Bergen Mall opened up in 1957 and it was a favorite of my family long after much larger malls had eclipsed it. Now know as The Outlets at Bergen Town Center, the place is hardly recognizable to people who grew up going there. At some point in the 1990s, I was reading in the paper that they planned to redo the mall, so I grabbed a camera and went to take some photos. I went during what I would call “prime” shopping time and as you will see, the place was pretty empty. The only crowded area was the parking lot near the Shop Rite.

I recently dug up a few of these photos and scanned them. You will see some of the light fixtures, the lower level with its sort of famous mall chapel and the closed entrance to my childhood favorite, The Village Mall, where a lot of my RPG supplies originally came from. As I dig up more photos, I think I took two rolls of them, I will add them to this post.








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1985 NY Mets Promo on WWOR-TV Channel 9


WWOR-TV, which broadcasts from beautiful Secaucus, NJ, was your TV source for New York Mets games for a very long time. In this promo for the 1985 Mets, they parallel regular folks enjoying a baseball game with the players of the team.

The Mets would go on to finished second that year in National League East and this season would set the stage for the World Series Champion 1986 team.

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Retro Polish Movie Posters


I recently wrote about an unusual Italian ‘Battle For the Planet of the Apes’ movie poster. This got me thinking that there might be other films that have received similar treatment and so a search was started to find more oddities. Believe me when I say that what I found was a treasure trove of weirdness…

For example, the poster above is for the 1987 ‘Aliens’ – but you had guessed that, right? Those eyes weren’t fooling you?!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ received an impressive montage of images, replete with multiple swastika’s! And ‘Return of the Jedi’ has a new hero in C-3PO, where the golden protocol droid takes centre stage in some very nice artwork!

C-3PO Jedi!

My favourite from those I browsed through has to be this ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ poster. Peace Man!

Harry and the Hendersons

These posters and many many more can be found over at

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