Moby Dick meets Jaws

Ever looked at the cover of your copy of Moby Dick and thought…why doesn’t this look more like the movie poster for “Jaws?” Terry Fan did and he put together this wonderful art print that combines tension and drama of a well put together movie poster with a legendary novel. It is nice to see derivation giving back to inspiration.

[via] Terry Fan


Hershey’s American Icons Commercial

Using deceased or retired celebrities in advertising is nothing new. They have probably been doing it since selling stuff was invented. In the late eighties, Hershey’s created a commercial that ran A LOT. It pointed out that Hershey’s was “One of the all time greats” with a repetitive jingle and imagery of American sports and entertainment icons. Included are legends like Gene Kelly, Laurel & Hardy, Muhammad Ali, Shirley Temple, Howdy Doody, Chubby Checker, The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, and Betty Boop. All of whom (besides the fictional ones), probably ate a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar at some point in their lives.

Donkey Kong - VGMdb

Retro Records: Donkey Kong (1983)

Phillip Cary was kind enough to drop by the Arkadia Retrocade this week and left me two LP’s to add to my music library. One was Buckner and Garcia’s 1982 Pac-Man Fever album which will find a place of honor in my record collection, my original LP that I had in my youth suffered a horrible accident many years ago. The second album Phillip brought in was the 1983 Kid Stuff Records release of Donkey Kong featuring story and songs of how the big ape ended up at the top of a construction site with Mario hot on his heels.

Donkey Kong - Backside - Kid Stuff Records

The back cover is roughed up but the Track list for the LP is:

1 Donkey Kong Theme
2 No More Zoo For You
3 The Climber
4 On Top Of The World
5 Jump Up
6 Mario Delivers
7 Donkey Kong Theme (Reprise)

After the arcade closed for the night some of us stayed and listened to the album, it is quite a bit of goofy fun and brings back some good memories to be sure.

Donkey Kong Theme

No More Zoo For You

[Videos Via] Doctor Del

A big thanks to the VGMdbfor that awesome album cover up top.

Mario's Cement Factory

Behind the fantasy of Nintendo’s electronic games is an element of reality!

Amongst the fascinating stream of magazine adverts on the Old School Ads Twitter account recently was this great Nintendo 2-pager featuring their Game & Watch line as well as their superior Table Top games. I’m a huge Nintendo fan but I must confess that I know hardly anything about the Table Top devices. With that in mind, I went in search of a gameplay video, and this one for Mario’s Cement Factory gives you an idea of how it looked and played.

I also found some great box-art pictures over at the Game Scanner website:

Mario's Cement Factory
Mario's Cement Factory CM-72 Nintendo Tabletop

For more about Mario’s Cement Factory, take a look at In the Attic.


Which computer desk would you have gotten in 1982?

Most of my early computing was done sitting on the living room floor in front of my family’s TV. Eventually I got a small enough TV that I could wedge onto my tiny desk and approximate the workstation type setups I saw in magazines and movies. It would be more than a decade before I got something closer to a useful place for my computer, but it did not stop me from dreaming about them.

I would look for them in dumpster dives at the many office buildings in my town and would spend too much time staring at them in magazine ads. Here is one such ad from 1982 that shows some of the offerings from the Electronic Systems Furniture Company.


Do you remember Kellogg’s Nutrific Cereal?

I am pretty sure most people do not remember Kellogg’s Nutrific. It was a “health” cereal that surfaced around 1987 and didn’t last long. My connection to it was through my bran cereal eating Grandmother, who was impressed that Nutrific had four types of bran in it.

Why four is better than one, was something I still don’t really understand, is there a USDA requirement for different types of bran or does the interplay of brans create a bran taste sensation that you could not get with a single bran or even a double or triple bran cereal? I couldn’t tell from any one the bowls I ate. More than likely they just thought people who enjoyed bran and saw it as healthy, would see four brans and think that it was four times as healthy.

Whatever the reasons for this cereal, they do get to have a lot of fun with the four BRAN new wordplay in this commercial.


Punch-Out’s Doc Louis like you have never seen him before

In my previous fan art post about Punch-Out’s Doc Louis I mention he is an unsung hero. Since then, I have been finding more examples of people showing love for Doc, like this interesting 3D portrayal by foobarsan. It has been a half a decade since the last reboot of the Punch-Out franchise, maybe for the next one they could take a cue from this masterwork.

[via] foobarsan