Pac Man - Pop! Funko

Pop! Funko Releases Pac-Man Collectibles This March!

Not being satisfied with obtaining literally some of the most popular franchises known to fans of film, television, comic books, anime, and even music…Pop! Funko has decided to set their sights on the likes of classic gaming!

This March they are releasing everyone’s favorite Power Pellet gulping arcade icon, Pac-Man…as well as a few of his foes and friends!

Ms. Pac-Man

All images courtesy of Pop! Funko.

All images courtesy of Pop! Funko.

Inky - Pop! Funko

Pinky - Pop! Funko

Clyde - Pop! Funko

Blinky - Pop! Funko

And a Blue Ghost. Naturally.
Blue Ghost - Pop! Funko

For more info on the latest releases pop culture releases by Funko make sure to hop on over and visit their Official Blog! No word yet on what other classic arcade icons they might be tackling next but I can’t help but wonder if we might not be seeing a Pop! Funko line of Pac-Man characters from the animated series?

“Run, Pac-Man, Run!”


Enjoy this Classic Commercial for “Dutch Wonderland”

I remember this commercial from when I was younger. This person who posted this online, said it is from 1982. I am not sure how long it ran (maybe they had variations on it), but I remember see it much later. I was always a big fan of theme parks and “Dutch Wonderland” was closer to New Jersey than any Disney park, so I annoyed my Mother to try to take me there. Oddly enough, annoying her never worked.

If you are not from New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park catering to small children that occupies almost 50 acres near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Built in 1963, the park was sold in 2001 to the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. They are still open for business, but their website is nowhere near as cool as this retro commercial. Where are the bear mascots? What about the “high” dive act that is performed on a diving board shorter than the one at the public pool I went to growing up? Time to go retro, Dutch Wonderland!

That is how you attract guests.

TMNT - Shadows of the Past - Kickstarter

TMNT: Shadows of The Past Board Game (Kickstarter)

I’ve talked on the site before how I was lucky enough to really get in through the door of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fandom a few years before Turtle Power had a chance to properly sweep the nation, ensuring that our Heroes In A Half Shell were literally everywhere from our bed sheets to our Chef Boyardee pasta!

My introduction to the Ninja Turtles was all thanks to a great clerk at my local comic book store who one day firmly suggested I pick up the color reprints of Eastman and Laird’s groundbreaking series.


While I of course enjoyed the animated series and the legion of toys and video games for the Turtles that would follow, my heart always yearned for a return to that gritty, so serious it was a farce early TMNT comic books. Well, imagine my delight when I dropped by my comic book store last weekend and the owner, yeah, who was once just that clerk in the shop, asked if I had heard about the Kickstarter for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past board game. When I got to work I did a little checking and to say I was blown away was an understatement.

Apparently I am not the only person excited about this upcoming board game, as of this writing there are still 17 days to go and they’ve already amassed $100,000 more than was needed to include many of the stretch goals. Such as the Eastman variant miniatures!

TMNT - Eastman and Laird Turtles

If you watched the video you already know that Kevin Wilson is the designer of TMNT: Shadows of the Past, if you are a board game aficionado you will know his work on the excellent Arkham Horror as well as Descent: Journey in the Dark, A Game of Thrones, and Sid Meier’s Civilization board game.

From the Press Release:
It’s here! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game you’ve been waiting for! Play as one of the four turtle brothers (and some of their trusted allies), and defend New York City from thugs, ninjas, and of course the Shredder!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is a story-driven adventure game for two to five players who will duel it out street by street and mission by mission to save (or conquer) New York. The game is based off of IDW’s ongoing comic book universe and features missions taken straight from some of the series’ biggest moments. Designed by the legendary Kevin Wilson (Descent, Arkham Horror) with input from Kevin Eastman and IDW’s entire TMNT creative team, this highly thematic adventure features incredible mechanics and gameplay. You’ve seen dice-chucking combat, but this is dice-nunchucking at its finest!”

Casey Jones - IDW - TMNT - Shadows of the Past

TMNT - Leonardo - Kickstarter

So if you have a desire to help the Turtles free the city from the likes of street punks, Mousers and even the Shredder then you should hop on over to the Kickstarter page for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past!

UPDATE This game play video just went live. You can see what is in store for you when you get your copy!

[Via] IDW Games

“We strike hard and fade away into the night.”

Retro Radio Memories Ep 052

Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 052 (The Lives Of Harry Lime – Hand Of Glory)

Welcome back to the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. Last week marked our first year anniversary for the podcast, many, many thanks to you for all of the support and kind words for the show. We truly couldn’t do it without you!

For this episode, I am sole host once again, we are revisiting the Lives of Harry Lime radio series, a 1952 episode entitled “Hand of Glory” and featuring the voice talent of the legendary Orson Welles of course as that lovable scoundrel from the Third Man, Harry Lime.

If you have any comments or feedback for the show you can e-mail them to at You can also reach me on Twitter and of course on Facebook.

The music on the podcast was provided by Peachy! You may contact him by e-mail at And be sure to “Like” him on his Facebook page.

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Haunted Mansion Game

Do You Remember Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Board Game?

About three years ago I shared my memories on the 1975 board game for Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a game that was developed and published by Lakeside Toys. That was not however the only Walt Disney relate game they released as in 1972 they also created the Haunted Mansion board game!

Images courtesy of the And Everything Else Too Blog.

Images courtesy of the And Everything Else Too Blog.

Thanks to the And Everything Else Too Blog for the wonderful Lakeside catalog images you see in this post. Make sure to visit that site by following the link provided because it’s owner, Karswell, happened to take them from a catalog he actually purchased from a former employee of Lakeside!

Haunted Mansion Spread - Lakeside Catalog - and everything else too Blog

Haunted Mansion Blurb - Lakeside - and everything else too blog

Haunted Mansion Blurb 2 - Lakeside - an everything else too Blog

I have had the pleasure of playing this board game in my youth. My Father being a single parent had to sometimes ask Family members to watch me after school or during Summer breaks. One of my favorite places to spend the afternoon was my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ricky, mostly because my Cousin Chip was an amazing artist and had awesome board games like Dark Tower!

Dark Tower - Jonathan Harrison - Board Game Geek

Chip happened to be about 10 years my senior so a lot of times that meant I was lucky enough to received hand me downs in the form of comic books (Weird War Tales for the win!), even some clothes…ugh…and board games. Like Disney’s The Haunted Mansion.

The object of the game is 2 to 4 players attempt to travel through the Ghostly Galleries of the Gracey Manor and it’s grounds, but the rotating discs that are embedded in the game “board” can halt that progress or help of course…then there is the Wrathful Raven who can swoop down from it’s perch to block your progress.

Haunted Mansion - 3 D model

Check out this great CG model of the game from witttiger93’s YouTube channel!

It was a fantastic game and one that I honestly wish I still owned…I do not recall ever getting rid of it…perhaps one of those 999 ghosts from the Haunted Mansion took it to play with his friends?

The Sunshine Makers

Toon In: The Sunshine Makers (1935)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Toon In, that time of the week where we take a moment to check out some classic cartoons. For this offering we have The Sunshine Makers, which was originally released by RKO Pictures back on January 11, 1935. It also happened to have been a promotional film for none other than Borden Milk!

The first time I encountered this cartoon wasn’t on TV like some of the other shorts I’ve shared but on a VHS compilation that my Father rented for me when I was terribly ill for about a week in my youth. While I remembered the premise of the short I have to admit I didn’t know the name of it until the internets came to my rescue the other day.

The Sunshine Makers focuses on a group of happy gnomes (some say Dwarfs), who want nothing more than to spread the goodness of the Sun, which they collect in milk bottles and deliver throughout villages to make people happy. The problem though is their neighbors, a gloomy bunch and obviously rather violent collection miscreants judging by the arrow they fire at one of the Sunshine Makers.

This act leads to all out war between the two…who will win? Find out for yourself when you join us and Toon In with The Sunshine Makers!

[Via] frizz lefryd

After watching this short I hope you all will get out there and start bottling some Sun for your very own, sure seems like some powerful stuff!

Image courtesy of iam8bit and JP Valderrama.

iam8bit Presents An X-Files Art Show!

I want to thank Katharine Trendacosta of io9 for the heads up on this art show that started on February 4th and will run until the 14th, showcasing over 30 artists’ artwork in celebration of all things that have made the X-Files great!

Image courtesy of iam8bit.

Image courtesy of iam8bit.

You can also hop on over to the iam8bit Official Store and pick up affordably priced prints of some of the art like you see at the top of the post, which is entitled Squeeze and was created by JP Valderrama. You might remember that was the title of the third episode of the first season of X-Files, the one that introduced the mutant serial killer Eugene Victor Tooms!

Or how about The Flukeman by Rich Davies? Which is inspired by the second episode of the second season of the X-Files in the episode entitled “The Host”.

Image courtesy of iam8bit and Rich Davies.

Image courtesy of iam8bit and Rich Davies.

One of my favorites however is Nicolas Bannister’s “The Woman Who Didn’t Believe”, I love that pulp novel cover aspect.

Image courtesy of iam8bit and Nicolas Bannister.

Image courtesy of iam8bit and Nicolas Bannister.

Perhaps if you live in Los Angeles and can stop by the gallery for a visit you might be kind enough to share some photos?