Do You Know About Cricket’s Health Care Plan?

Well, do you know about Cricket’s Health Care Plan?

Stick around…you will, probably in far more detail than you ever wanted to know!

It’s All Been Done Before…By Me!

If you’ve read some of my past articles, you’re aware that I wrote a few about 1980s talking dolls, specifically Teddy Ruxpin and Cricket. I’ve also written a behemoth article about a larger, more expansive collection of 1980s talking dolls. On a weirder tangent, I told you about the things that have happened involving our wonderful 1980s technology.

On a personal note, it is a topic I hold as dear to my nostalgic heart as Chicago, David Foster, Kenny Loggins, and 1980s commercials.

So you know it is important!

Come On Down To Cricket’s Care Center!

I love the interwebs for the vast amount of information, especially when you’re looking up an address. Of course, this is also a force for evil, but here nor there, folks.

Cricket’s Care Center (as I’ve assumed it to be) was a “doll hospital” center to repair Crickets who received far more love than her body can handle, located in Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County/Cinncinnati Metropolitan Area), on 2350 Pleasant Avenue.

Today, this location houses two cabinetry companies (Nours Custom Cabinetry and Calihan Custom Cabinets and Countertops) and a print shop, Access Envelope Inc.

Cricket’s Care Center was established in 1986, but I can’t find any information as to how long it remained open. It hasn’t been easy finding much information on this doll or anything about her.

If you sent the warranty card back, you received this super cool little packet, which included the shipping label you would use to send Cricket back, and a even super cooler Cricket Care Center card!

I can happily say that until I was five years old, my card was valid!

Cricket’s Health Care Plan

Lucky doll recipients received a pamphlet/folder with Cricket, called “Cricket’s Health Care Plan.”

The pamphlet/folder contained printed instructions as heard on the instruction tape, along with lovely visual aides on how to put in batteries, insert cassettes, and use the tape player buttons.

If you need to remember anything about caring for this doll, it is these three words: Carefully, Slowly, and Gently. I could make an inappropriate joke here, but I won’t. All Cricket asked was to have the batteries inserted carefully, her cassette inserted slowly, and her buttons pressed gently.

Also, comb her hair, don’t use hairspray or wash her hair, and clean her tape player!

Oh, and DO NOT leave the fast forward or blue buttons depressed. You do not want to experience what I did when I was little!

Video: Do You Know About Cricket’s Health Care Plan?

And if you’re super curious about the rest of this health care plan, and like the sound of my voice, click play below to watch my awesome video!

Uploaded by Allison Venezio / Allison’s Written Words

After all that, I really wish there was more information about the Care Center itself. But this really covers some ground.

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

I’ll be talkin’ to ya!

Retroist Scoreboard: Tangerine Dreams and Space Spinach

Retroist Scoreboard fans, we’ve hit one of those lulls in releases that happens during the summer, but fear not, there’s some classic movie music on CD to get you through the end of summer vacation.

Intrada has reached into its back catalog to reissue a title that sold out quickly upon its original release in 2009 – Jerry Goldsmith‘s score from Ten Little Indians (1973).  The contents are the same as the 2009 release, so this is just an instance of a label giving collectors who missed out on the first limited release a second chance.

If you’re looking for something a bit further afield, there are also swingin’ sixties  superspy sounds aplenty on the live concert recording The Jazz From U.N.CL.E., performed by the Summit Six Sextet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Man From U.N.CL.E.  Music from the classic series is rearranged for a six-piece jazz group.  This title is also available from Intrada.

Dragon’s Domain has put Tangerine Dream‘s score from 1989’s Miracle Mile back in print for the first time in nearly 30 years, now as a 2-CD set: the first CD presents the complete score for the first time ever, as well as some isolated “music effects”, while the second CD duplicates (and remasters) the original 1989 album.

BSX Records is releasing, on CD, an album that was previously a digital-only release, Music From The Star Trek Saga.  The album consists of new re-recordings of music spanning the entire history of the franchise, from classic TV Trek through the ’80s and ’90s spinoffs, and up to the first of the new movies.

Varese Sarabande is taking pre-orders for a late-September deluxe expanded release of the music from the cult classic 1980 live-action Popeye movie starring Robin Williams.  Though scored (and featuring songs) by Harry Nilsson, Popeye was originally set to be scored by composer Thomas Pierson, and his never-before-heard rejected score will be heard on this release for the first time, along with two Nilsson-composed songs written for, but not used in, the film.

Is that all?  No, that is not all – both Intrada and La-La Land Records are having end-of-summer blowout sales, with Intrada knocking 25% off the price of such titles as 48 Hrs., Cocoon, Edward Scissorhands, Red Dawn, Silent Running, SpaceCamp, and Jason And The Argonauts.  La-La Land is offering discounts on the soundtracks from the first three seasons of the 21st century Battlestar Galactica series (which are about to be out-of-print), as well as markdowns on such titles as The Shawshank Redemption, Krull, and Creepshow.  With many of these titles officially in low quantities, these sales are excellent chances for you to get those classic soundtracks you’ve been holding out on.

Happy listening, soundtrack fans – the Retroist Scoreboard will be back in a couple of weeks with a whole new batch of releases.


More Pirates Of The Caribbean Models To Die For!

Pirates of the Caribbean Models
Welcome to The Death of Super Blog Team Up. As the title indicates, this time were all looking at famous deaths of fictional characters.
I decided to go with a group that is more famous after dying than they were while living – the spooky skeletons of Disneyland’s classic ride Pirates Of The Caribbean.
When I was a kid plastic and balsa wood model kits were extremely popular. Some of the most famous sets of models were…
the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean sets. One of the things which made these sets so popular is that they moved. Their Zap / Action feature was powered by rubber bands.

This is my second post about these awesome models. These Pirates Of The Caribbean Models Are To Die For! was my first post about them.

Thanks to the sites TAY666, The Pirate’s Surgeons Journal, Universal Monster Army, and Sweet Skulls I was able to compile a wonderful set of photos of these models. I’ll be looking at three of these awesome sets in this post.
Dead Men Tell No Tales
This model features a skeleton who is protecting a treasure. His Zap / Action is that his arm with the pistol moves.

Hoist High The Jolly Roger
The first six of these models features skeleton pirates. The last two feature pirates who have a little more skin on their bones. This model has a peg legged pirate standing on a treasure chest and holding a Jolly Roger on a flag pole. His Zap /Action is that his arm and sword move up and down.
Here are the model pieces still in the box.

Ghost of the Treasure Guard
I saved the best model for last! The Ghost of the Treasure Guard mixes parts from Dead Men Tell No Tales and Hoist High The Jolly Roger. The result is a model where a skeletal guard defends his treasure from a peg legged pirate. This set has two Zap / Actions. The Ghost of the Treasure Guard’s arm with the pistol moves up and down. The peg leg pirate who is attacking has a sword which also moves up and down. The idea of having model where a skeleton and human pirate fight each other for a treasure is just brilliant.

Now that you’ve had your daily rations of Pirates of Caribbean vintage models…

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Retro Comic Book Ads

Old comic books often act as a time capsule.  They’re full of advertisements of products from long ago.  Some are still with us, while others are not.  I often like to crack open the pages of a long forgotten comic book and just browse the advertisements found inside with which to take a trip back in time to another era.  Let’s open one of those time capsules here today.

The “time capsule” for this trip back in time is a copy of Iceman #1, from Marvel Comics in 1984.  It was the first issue of his first mini-series, and I imagine this mini-series was created to capitalize on the character’s popularity from the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon.

The first ad we come across is a real eye opener.  It’s for the Mario Bothers home video game for the Atari 2600 system.  It’s hard to think of a Mario game being on any system besides one from Nintendo, but this is from before Nintendo was launched in the USA and Mario took over the video gaming world.  This version of the game for Atari was an arcade port to the home system.

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“In Living Color” Movie Parodies We’d Like to See!

For those of you who love In Living Color’s music video parodies…there’s also parodies of well-known movies!

Can you handle this?!

I Came For One Movie Parody…Honest!

So, as you’ve seen with some of my previous articles, I’m not good at “leaving well enough alone,” or “keeping it short.”

And if you read last week’s article, you’re aware of this.

Movie parodies (like music videos) made for fertile ground on In Living Color. I covered this in two previous posts (see related), but there is so much more to see. Besides, the truth is, I forgot some of these existed.

So I guess that makes them more worthy of mention!

Anyway, keep reading – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sitcom Flight Passengers, and Basic Instincts Gone Awry…

Uploaded by myworldisgettingdumber

First of all, two parodies for the price of one!

Perhaps I should just ask the important question: what happens when Sondra from 227 works airline security on a plane overrun with terrorists? Passenger 227, that’s what! In this parody, Sondra takes on the Wesley Snipes role AND the terrorists. She also insists to Mary (via phone) that she didn’t teach Mary’s daughter how to “do that thing with her tongue.”

(By the way, this is the parody I planned to write about!)

Meanwhile, in the second movie parody (same video), Basic Instinct gets the “Wanda The Ugly Girl” treatment. But instead of Michael Douglas, we have Tommy Davidson. And filling in for Sharon Stone…Ali Wentworth. But, filling in for her? Jamie Foxx as Wanda. Of course, if you’ve seen Wanda before, you know where this is going!

I still can’t believe she’s married to George Stephanopolous.

A Fatal Attraction…to Coffee?!

Uploader: oilerfanatic1

This parody crosses product placement with movie. In this case, coffee with Fatal Attraction. Faux Glenn Close is visited by a neighbor needing coffee for his party. Of course, she feels that instant spark, that connection that sharing a cup of coffee with a total stranger brings about. And because she is a bit unhinged, she can’t handle it when he doesn’t feel the same.

It was one moment, a chance encounter, and you’ve seen Fatal Attraction, so you know where this leads.

Mookie Does The Right Thing

Uploader: 24fpsfan

We’re back in Brooklyn, where Sha-day is Sadie, Joie is Joy, and copies of School Daze are plentiful. Spike Lee owns “Spike’s Joint,” where he offers advice, offers up free copies of his movie, and fends off Damon Wayans.

Look for the Rosie Perez (the Fly Girls choreographer) in a cameo.

Star Trek

The Enterprise crew had not one, but two, adventures in the In Living Color movie parody world!

First up, that time Louis Farra-khan boarded the Enterprise…

Uploader: bebox20088


Secondly, the journey that happened long past retirement…

Uploader: trichotomic

So, it was a retirement home escape act after all?

Why wasn’t this movie actually made?!

There’s No Silencing These Lambs!

Uploader: myworldisgettingdumber

Clarice is back, and she’s hunting “The Gibberish Killer.” Her only hope? Oswald Bates, whose rather interesting grasp on the English language is both fascinating and terrifying.

Movie Parodies We’d Like To See!

I’m probably scratching the surface (especially since I’ve discussed this two other times), but if there was one thing this show knew how to do, it was add their established characters into their parodies of movies.

Wouldn’t you love to see one of these movies?

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Closing out this crazy train of Hollywood knock-offs, some of my previous In Living Color-style movie parody writings!


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