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Would You Play A Horror Themed Fighting Game?

Street Fighter II. Fatal Fury. King of Fighters. Killer Instinct. Clayfighters. Mortal Kombat. All of these are fine examples of the past as well as still popular fighting game franchises. But thanks to the mad geniuses at ScrollBoss we have been given a glimpse at a fighting game that could eclipse all of those fighting games combined…Horror vs. Horror!

Well, assuming you are of course a horror fan. Just look at the many icons that have been made available in this art print!

Carrie White (Carrie) and Michael Meyers (Halloween).

All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.

All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.

Daniel Robitaille aka Candyman, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), and Horace Pinker (Shocker).
Candyman - Jason - Freddy - Pinker - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Herbert West (Re-Animator), Jedidah Sawyer aka Leatherface, Elvira, and Ashley James Williams (Evil Dead).
Herbert - Leatherface - Elvira - Ash - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky, Tarman (Return of the Living Dead), The Tall Man (Phantasm), and Elliot Spencer aka Pinhead.
Chucky - Tarman - Tall Man - Pinhead - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss
Now even though we horror fans must grieve that this is not a game at least we can visit ScrollBoss and secure a print to hang proudly in our homes, right? I want to give a very big thanks to the talented artist known as NinjaInk for giving us the heads up on this wonderful piece of art in the first place.


Eavesdrop on all the Conversations at Arthur Treacher’s

You would think being able to surreptitiously listen to conversations would reveal some juicy gossip, but not at Arthur Treacher’s. No, not one guest at this particular Fish N Chips joint has anything on their mind, but Arthur Treacher’s and what an amazing value it can be. It makes you wonder if they put something in the food? Some sort of subtle mind control serum that focuses all your attention on Arthur Treacher’s?

I am no scientist, but I don’t think you have to be to know the answer to those questions is a resounding, “yes.” Here is the proof…

LEGO - The Haunted Mansion - NeverBrick

Would You Like A LEGO Version Of The Haunted Mansion?

LEGO of late has certainly delivered us fans of the classic construction toy a whole lot to enjoy in the last few years in terms of name-brand products. Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars to name just a few. But now we fans of LEGO have an opportunity to show support for NeverBrick‘s proposed version of a LEGO playset based off Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion!

To be honest my house is pretty darn full with my collectibles…but I could certainly find space for the Haunted Mansion, heck, I would love to see an entire Disney World line of LEGO sets! Now there is a deadline on this and at the time of typing this post we have 8 days left to give this a push and have a chance to see the Haunted Mansion on store shelves, so follow either of the links provided in this post to lend your support!

Images courtesy of NeverBrick.

Images courtesy of NeverBrick.

From NeverBrick’s entry on the LEGO IDEAS page:
“Greetings, foolish mortals!
Are you a fan of the classic Disney attraction “The Haunted Mansion” or just an avid fan of all things Disney? This project is just for you! As a passionate enthusiast of the Mansion and with the 45th anniversary of the ride’s opening coming up this August, painstaking attention to detail has gone into making this idea come to lifeā€¦
Or should I say afterlife?

The set includes:
The Disneyland Version of the Haunted Mansion
with 6 (possibly 7) minifigs included. (Unfortunately, 999 is just not possible!)
The Mansion is set on a 32×32 base, (the traditional size for a modular build) which folds open for added playability!

The inside of the mansion includes memorable scenes such as:
The Foyer – Contains full versions of the infamous “stretching portraits”
The Library with it’s ever-watchful busts
The Corridor of Doors
Madame Leota’s Seance Room – Complete with Madame Leota
The Grand Ballroom – Includes spinning dance platform, organ, and dueling portraits
The Attic – Has goodies including a piano and several pictures of Constance and her dearly departed(s)”