Music to Eat Oscar Mayer Wieners By


Do you know the Oscar Mayer Wiener jingle? I am sure you do, but have you heard it in different styles? I thought not. This classic album will let you hear it the following music styles: Tijuana, Dixie, Bossa Nova (my favorite) and more! My family had this album and I am pretty sure I drove more than a few of them to madness playing it over and over again.

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Wes Copeland Scores Donkey Kong Kill Screen At The Arkadia Retrocade!

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My biggest problem with my day job is that frequently I miss awesome stuff happening at the Arkadia Retrocade like this Donkey Kong Kill Screen by a young man named Wes Copeland. Wes was able to reach the Kill Screen on 4/19 during a nearly 2 hour run on the machine with an ending score of 908,700 points, thankfully though for us all, Mr. Copeland has a Twitch account and recorded the whole thing!

Watch live video from WesCopeland on TwitchTV

I also like how you can hear Shea Mathis and others at the end of run in total disbelief at what they just saw Wes pull off, plus the sunlight reveals a bit of the inside of the machine cabinet at the end of the video as well.

Obviously a big congrats is due to Wes Copeland and let us hope he’ll take a crack at some other machines at some point soon and maybe we can get him as a guest on the upcoming Arkadia Retrocade podcast?

donkey kong mario

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Learn French With Muzzy


I often leave a TV on when I am in the room even if I am not paying attention to what is on it. It is an old habit that just won’t go away. Not paying attention to what is on, sometimes allowed me to absorb programming or commercials without even realizing it. One example of that are commercial for Muzzy. If you were to say to me, “do you remember Muzzy?” I would say no, but you should me this commercial and it all comes back to me. They must have played this commercial during every commercial break on midday TV back in the mid-1990s. Because I can still hear these kids navigating the french language deftly and this woman’s sales pitch while I stared into the more magical box that my computer had become. I was deeply invested in the internet at this point, but my trusty TV was still always by my side and I was listening to this…

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Melt Away Pounds in your Sauna Suit

I remember seeing these ads in all sorts of magazines, but I did not encounter one until I was at my friend’s house and we found one in his Mom’s coat closet. The thing looked a lot like a spacesuit. I am pretty sure if she had not come home while were taking it off the hanger that we would have taken turns wearing it and playing astronaut. It was disappointing at the time, but knowing what it was used for, it is kind of a relief that I never climbed into this thing.

Plus the thing looked really fragile and we would have wrecked it and my friend would have been grounded for sure.


[via] Classic Film

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Star Trek Re-imagined as Mid-Century Modern

Artist Matt Wiley has many inspired creations on his website, but this re-imagining of classic Star Trek as Vintage Advertising is by far my favorite. The travel posters are swell and would look great as a poster on any wall, but what I really want hanging above my desk is this mid-century modern vision of the Enterprise.


It is just the right amount of different that I could easily buy it as an early concept version of the Enterprise. I just hope that captain’s chair is somehow fastened to the floor or Kirk is in for quite a few spills.

[via] Matt Wiley Art

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The Guardians Angels had a Comic Book?

When I was a young teen, my friend and I decided to head into Manhattan for the day and took a ride on the subway. About 30 seconds after we left the station a guy sitting across from us stood up and started screaming. It was complete nonsense and was terrifying. What was even scarier is that he kept inching closer and closer.

I was just about to spring from my seat and run to the other end of the car when the door to the other car opened and two young men dressed in weird outfits with berets stepped out. The screaming guys’ attention suddenly became focused on them, which was a huge relief, but they didn’t just want his attention. They wanted to ensure that he did not refocus on us. So they got close to him and more importantly in front of us. We got out at the next stop and I never thanked those Angels for their actions.

Was this guy going to attack us? Probably not, but it was nice to know that in a scary situation like that, someone cared enough to make sure things did not escalate.

I had no idea that they ever made a comic book for The Guardian Angels, but If I did, I might have picked it up. It would have been a nice reminder, as the years went by, of those subway heroes that made me feel a little safer.


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Pillsbury Figurines were sweet Revenge


My mother had a box of these in a cabinet that was off-limits to everyone else. But I am pretty sure she was not a fan or just forgot they were up there because at some point in the late 1980s we pulled the box out from way in the back. My sisters dared me to eat one before they threw them out. Now I liked chocolate as much as the next kid, but I was and still am, a stickler for not eating spoiled food. So I did not take the challenge.

I guess I will always be wondering how sweet Pillsbury Figurines’ was…

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