September 2, 2014

Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 016 (The Night Stalker)
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Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault and this time we chose the 1972 made for … Continue reading

Hear the Great Harry Houdini Speak
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In October of 1914, the Great Harry Houdini recorded his voice on some Edison Wax Cylinders. On those Cylinders was Houdini introducing his famous Water Torture Cell. For years no one knew about these great treasure until they were recovered … Continue reading

Jupiter Moon
Jupiter Moon: The soap opera set in the year 2050
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In 1990 the short-lived Galaxy Channel (one of the first satellite channels in the UK) started to air a sci-fi soap-opera called Jupiter Moon. Set on a space habitat in orbit of Jupiter’s moon Callisto, the show would play out … Continue reading

The ACM (Air Controlled Machine) Jeep
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This commercial always confused me when I was younger because of the quick cutting I wasn’t sure at first if this was a portable toy that I rolled or some sort thing I rode. Sadly it was not an air … Continue reading

Ann B. Davis is pretty much playing Alice in this commercial for Shake ‘N Bake
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Ann B. Davis’ most famous role was as Alice in the TV series, The Brady Bunch. Even after the show ended, Ann was not able to escape her character who she is basically reprising for her role in this Shake … Continue reading

The GI Joe Silver Mirage Motorcycle vs. the Cobra Flight Pod
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I had both of these very cool GI Joe Toys, but they cause a lot of grief between myself and my one friend who was still playing with GI Joe when these were released. Yes the Silver Mirage Motorcycle looks … Continue reading

September 1, 2014

Memories of Fischertechnik Toys
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When I was in elementary school, I loved science class. Not just because I enjoyed the subject, but because we had a very engaging teacher who was constantly challenging us and making science fun. I would learn an important lesson … Continue reading

Their Leader in War and Love, the Dashing Captain Stubing
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Did you know that in the made for TV movie Love Boat II they mention that the Captain, Gopher, Isaac, and Doc all served together in Vietnam? This pretty much blew my mind and since hearing this, all I can … Continue reading

Play Four Games on your Game-Time Watch
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When game watches hit my hometown, they hit big. Everyone wanted one and they were getting confiscated by annoyed teachers by the drawerful. Most of the ones I got to see were single game watches, nothing like this Game-Time Watch … Continue reading

All the world’s a stage when you got a Yamaha Guitar
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Hiking was not something I got to do as a kid. I just didn’t live in the right environment for it and it was not something my family did for fun. As an adult though, I have come around to … Continue reading

Del Monte…because you work hard for your body
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Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money”, is completely underutilized as a song that can be parodied to sell goods and services. If you have something that even vaguely sound like “money” you can use it. This ad for … Continue reading

August 31, 2014

Journey to Krull
Journey To Krull – The Making Of The Film (1983)
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A week or so ago there was quite of bit of talk about a post I had made earlier this year, “Did You Know That In 1983 We Came Close To Getting A Krull Pinball Table?”. With all of the … Continue reading

Hammontree's - Burgertime - Terry Thielen- Arkadia Retrocade
How Admiral Ackbar Ended Up On A Burgertime!
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One of the most amazing things about where I live in NW Arkansas isn’t just the fact that I actually get to work at functioning arcade as I dreamed about in my youth. It’s that the area willingly accepts and … Continue reading

August 30, 2014

Image courtesy of Kevin McTurk.
Feast Your Putrid Peepers Upon the Teaser For The Mill At Calder’s End!
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Hey creeps, ever wonder what it would have been like if Gerry Anderson directed films for Hammer? Me either, but apparently Kevin McTurk did because he is working on what has to be one of the singular coolest things ol’ … Continue reading

1982 Astrocade TV Commercial
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Though I have seen some since, I can’t honestly say I never ran across an Astrocade console in my youth. Of course one of the reasons might have been that Bally who originally offered it as the Bally Professional Arcade, … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.
The New Scooby-Doo Movies With…Bruce Campbell?!
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Sadly that artwork above is just a very well done piece of fan art, and the world is poorer for Bruce Campbell never actually having been involved with one of the mysteries solved by those kids and their talking dog … Continue reading

August 29, 2014

Video Games - The Toons
“Video Games” By The Toons (1980s)
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I stumbled across this music video from the early days of MTV this afternoon and thought it was the perfect song to listen to while heading to the arcade this weekend! [Via] Xplaneparker I had some great difficulty in trying … Continue reading

Flight of the Navigator
The Flight of the Navigator Spaceship Supercut
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There are many spaceships that I admire in popular culture. The Enterprise, the X-Wing, Starbug and the TARDIS are all up there, jostling for position, but I think at the top of the list for me has to be the … Continue reading

Get your Class Ring AND a chance to win this Pontiac Trans Am
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I did not get a class ring, but their was a lot of pressure to do so from the people at Jostens, who blanketed are school with marketing material. I just didn’t see the need for one that would justify … Continue reading

Enjoy this Silent Footage from an early Star Trek Convention with Guest William Shatner
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Be warned before watching this, the footage is completely silent. Still it is worth checking out for the shots of the convention floor at an early Trek event and especially for the parts featuring William Shatner. He is led rockstar-like … Continue reading

Late 1970s Fast Food Tower
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I stumbled upon this little gem in an old magazine and I enjoy how honestly it portrays the food that I enjoy a little too often. How many food items can you identify in this photo?

The Perfect Airline Spokesmen? Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali, of course.
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The person who came up with this commercial concept was a genius. In a 1000 years, I do not think I would have ever put Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali together in an ad for an airline, but a brilliant … Continue reading

August 28, 2014

Image courtesy of the
Behold The Power Of The Plazer Ray Gun! (1966)
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Thanks to some photos posted by RetroArt over on his Facebook Page I was made aware of a futuristic ray gun toy called the Plazer Ray. While looking at that photo above I knew I would have to find out … Continue reading

2014-08-24 16.13.24
New Retro Action Figures
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Last Friday was my birthday. Over the weekend I took some of the birthday money I received and drove over to Vintage Stock to see if they had anything I couldn’t live without. (Spoiler — Vintage Stock always has something … Continue reading

The Androbot B.O.B.
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Androbot was a company founded by tech legend, Nolan Bushnell. The company’s mission was simple. To put an “intelligent robot” in every home in the 1980s. Topo was the Androbot that they started off with and while earlier models were … Continue reading

Some Retro Photos of the Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ
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The Bergen Mall opened up in 1957 and it was a favorite of my family long after much larger malls had eclipsed it. Now know as The Outlets at Bergen Town Center, the place is hardly recognizable to people who … Continue reading

1985 NY Mets Promo on WWOR-TV Channel 9
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WWOR-TV, which broadcasts from beautiful Secaucus, NJ, was your TV source for New York Mets games for a very long time. In this promo for the 1985 Mets, they parallel regular folks enjoying a baseball game with the players of … Continue reading

C-3PO Jedi!
Retro Polish Movie Posters
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I recently wrote about an unusual Italian ‘Battle For the Planet of the Apes’ movie poster. This got me thinking that there might be other films that have received similar treatment and so a search was started to find more … Continue reading

Sergio Valente Print Jeans
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I was never a big fan of these pants with bold prints, but for a while in the 1980s, I remember seeing a lot of people wearing them. Maybe they were sold on this ad that shows how the jeans … Continue reading

August 27, 2014

The Dark Crystal - Card 59 A
Jim Henson and Frank Oz Discuss The Dark Crystal (1982)
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Thanks to this Entertainment Tonight Flashback segment we can watch this 1982 interview with both Jim Henson and Frank Oz as they discuss the amount of craftsmanship that went into the creation of the world of the Dark Crystal and … Continue reading