July 24, 2014

It’s time to Fireback!
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If you’re in the mood to watch a really bad sub-B-movie action film featuring a villain with a golden hand, then you’re in the right place! Fireback, starring Richard Harrison, was released in 1978, and, if you believe the trailer … Continue reading

Mid-1980s Jersey Shore Seaside Heights Commercial with Bonus Footage
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Growing up in New Jersey, we had a selection of shore towns to visit during the summer. Where you went was largely based on where you parents had been taken as a kid. My parents were both Asbury Park people. … Continue reading

Pixel Bead Joust Arcade Cabinet
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I do not have much in the way of visual artistic talent, but I have always enjoyed working with brick toys. So I have been considering trying to make some video game pixel art from Pixel Beads. Because of this, … Continue reading

July 23, 2014

Image courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.
Jurassic World Teaser Poster!
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This teaser poster that was debuted over at Ain’t It Cool News makes me all manner of happy, the destroyed Jurassic Park Range Rover becoming a nest for the Raptor, great evidence that Ian Malcom was quite right with his … Continue reading

My original Dark Knight Returns book
The Dark Knight Returns – The Greatest Batman Story Ever Told?
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2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of Batman. This is the second of a series of essays celebrating the Dark Knight. It was 1986. I was on vacation with my family on Martha’s Vineyard. I remember going into a local convenience … Continue reading

Boba Fett and his Luck Dragon
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Called “A Boy and his Dog” by its artist, Hillary White, this might be the first mash-up of The NeverEnding Story and Star Wars I have seen (hopefully more will follow). It put a huge smile on my face when … Continue reading

Raleigh Chopper Mk2
The Raleigh Chopper II was a British Original
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This wonderful advert for the 1972 Raleigh Chopper Mk. 2 is really hammering home the “British Originality” theme. Essentially, Raleigh are saying that following on from British innovations such as ships, aircraft and hovercraft, they are bringing the next evolution … Continue reading

Large 8-bit Legend of Zelda Link Rug
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Looking for a piece to really tie your video game themed room together? Might I suggest this large crocheted 8-bit styled Legend of Zelda Link rug? Measuring nearly 3 feed wide, this rug would look great on the wall or … Continue reading

This House Possessed (1981)
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Summer is a great time for Horror movie watching. So might I suggest you take a look at this underrated made for TV horror gem from 1981, “This House Possessed.” Starring Lisa Eilbacher and Parker Stevenson the film is about … Continue reading

July 22, 2014

The Greatest American Hero vs. a ghost & demon?
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Like many kids in the early 1980s, I watched a television show called “The Greatest American Hero” starring William Katt. It’s about a school teacher who receives a suit made my beings from another planet. The suit gives the wearer … Continue reading

State of the Art
The State of the Art Amiga
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Previously on The Retroist, I wrote about my love of the Amiga mega demo, and specifically about one particular demo – The Kefrens’s Desert Dream. That demo was a defining moment in the life of my Amiga 500, but it … Continue reading

Retroist Junk Box: Just When It Thought It Was Out They Pulled It Back In
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Hey Kids, Your Boy IseeRobots Here again. So, right when I thought that the box was coming back home to a loving California Embrace I totally remembered that at one point, for who knows why I rerouted it past New … Continue reading

The issue that started it all
Playing with Power, Nintendo Power Magazine
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Since 1985 I have been obsessed with video games. I grew up in a “Nintendo” family. I did not know anyone who owned a Sega Master System until junior high when I met this kid named Jaimie. I went over … Continue reading

Retro Style Super Nintendo Poster
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This SNES doesn’t look anything like any SNES I ever played with, but I feel that just adds to the charm. The artist, Vasiliy Gromov, give it sort of a prototype feel. Which makes me wish that just maybe in … Continue reading

Shout! & Scream Factory Unveil Its Comic-Con 2014 Lineup
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Our friends at Shout! and Scream factory were kind enough to send us this press release about their prescence at the Comic-Con. You know…if you are one of the lucky attendees this year you could just ever so casually visit … Continue reading

July 21, 2014

Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 014 (Ray Bradbury Theater’s Usher II)
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Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each week or so my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault and this time we chose a 1990 … Continue reading

Enter the Gateway to Adventure with Dungeons & Dragons
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When I got a copy of this basic set, I already had a set of dice, so the randomized chits are still in one sheet together and in the box, which is on the shelf next to my desk. I … Continue reading

Ghostbusters Haunted Highway
The Real Ghostbusters Highway Haunter
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Browsing around Pinterest looking for old catalogue pages, I rediscovered an old Ghostbusters toy that I remember coveting as a child – the Real Ghostbusters ‘Highway Haunter’. This soft-top car converted into a Preying Mantis and came with a cool … Continue reading

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Horror Trailer
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I always knew that E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial had some dark undertones, but who would have thought it would make such a decent horror film?

UFO Friend, Foe, or Fantasy (1966)
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Unlike a lot of the sensationalist stuff I enjoyed watching as a kid, CBS Reports’ UFO Friend, Foe, or Fantasy, took more of a skeptical approach to the question of UFOs. The special is narrated and presented by Walter Kronkite … Continue reading

Retro 8-bit “Weird Al” Pixel Portrait
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With “Weird Al” mania running wild due to the release of his new album “Mandatory Fun”, artist Al Creed though it was the perfect time to release 8-bit pixel art versions of the parody virtuoso. A modern version of Al … Continue reading

July 20, 2014

The Krypton Factor
Have you got The Krypton Factor?
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For almost 20 years, one game show stood head and shoulders above all others in the UK – The Krypton Factor. Starting in 1979 and running through to 1995, this multi-format show pitted 4 contestants against each other in a … Continue reading

Image courtesy of the Super-Family Team Blog.
Super-Team Family Presents: The Fantastic Four…And The Transformers?!
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We’ve shared some of the fantastic artwork from the Super-Team Family blog once or twice before but when I found this piece of fan art presenting that time that Optimus Prime appeared before the members of the Fantastic Four to … Continue reading

July 19, 2014

Saturday Frights: Day At Night With Ray Bradbury (1974)
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Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish frights and teriffic thrills! We have something a little different tonight for your viewing pleasure as Daniel XIII and the Projectionist are on a road trip this weekend…which might mean we … Continue reading

Labyrinth - Larry Bundy Jr.
Larry Bundy Jr. Humorously Braves The Labyrinth!
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Larry has been kind enough to send us his latest video from his YouTube channel and while last week he explained just what became of that Thundercats game for the NES, this go around he take a humorous stroll through … Continue reading

Batman, in a launderette
I Saw Batman In The Launderette
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Here’s a little English Punk Rock to brighten your day, brought to you by The Shapes in 1979. You’ll want to sing along to this one, and the lyrics are fantastic: Had to clean my washing so I left my … Continue reading

Image courtesy of stiGGy's Blog.
This 1992 News Clip Wonders If Laserdiscs Will Replace The VHS Format
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I picked up my first Laserdisc player around 1994, thanks in no small part to a fellow co-worker at the Razorback Theater. Roger had a huge collection of Laserdiscs and at that time well before DVD’s it afforded a young … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Gerald Parel's Art Mess.
Gerald Parel’s Man-At-Arms Is Simply Awe-Inspiring!
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So many emotions hit me while gazing at Gerald Parel’s Masters of the Universe fan art, they truly leap off the monitor with life, menace, adventure, and in the case of the Man-At-Arms illustration below…with glorious action. Make sure to … Continue reading

July 18, 2014

Dragon's Lair Stickers C
I Found My Dragon’s Lair Sticker Book From 1983!
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I was picking up some of boxes of stuff from my Grandmother’s house yesterday, a few board games and Colorforms sets when at the bottom I found an old battered notebook. While it had originally been purchased for school of … Continue reading

The Sounds of Sinus
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Over the past week I’ve flown from Oklahoma to Dallas, Dallas to Baltimore, taken a shuttle from Baltimore to Washington D.C., ridden the Metro back and forth several times, taken a shuttle from D.C. back to Baltimore, flown from Baltimore … Continue reading