July 28, 2014

USA for Africa’s “We Are the World”
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There comes a time, when we heed a certain call… Not only a fine singer and performer, both with the Commodores and with his solo career, Lionel Richie will forever be remembered for his involvement with USA for Africa’s 1985 … Continue reading

Bill Cosby holding a TI-99/2
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In the 1980s Bill Cosby was one of the more trusted celebrities in the United States and he put that to good use as the pitchman for an array of products. From New Coke, to Jello to Texas Instruments and … Continue reading

Pac-Man vs. the Daleks
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I all the vast multi-verses there must be one where Pac-Man was not tasked with chomping Ghosts, but the dreaded Daleks from Doctors Who. Sadly it never happened in ours, until the very creative artist, Jake Smith, came up with … Continue reading

The 4:30 Movie T-shirt
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For anyone who grew up with the 4:30 movie, this intro meant 90 minutes of classic movie fun was about to begin. If that puts a smile on your face, you might be the person who this shirt featuring imagery … Continue reading

Framed Pixel Bead Metroid
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Are you a fan of Metroid? Show anyone visiting your home just how big a fan you are with this classy as heck framed pixel bead art Metroid Sprite. This framed piece will look excellent with your Metroid collection or … Continue reading

July 27, 2014

Atari Game Over - XBox
Atari: Game Over Trailer Debuts!
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One of the most exciting things I’ve seen from the Comic-Con this year was this debut for the Atari: Game Over trailer by Microsoft. This is the documentary by Zak Penn (X-Men 2, The Incredible Hulk) that you might recall … Continue reading

Image courtesy of the Power Records Blog.
Retro Records: Power Records – The Incredible Hulk At Bay! (1974)
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With the Comic-Con winding down it felt like the appropriate time to share this 1974 Power Records presentation of “The Incredible Hulk at Bay!” and as you can see from the cover provided by the Power Records Blog, the Hulk … Continue reading

Saturday Frights: Lights Out By David F. Sandberg
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Welcome friends to a very special late night screening here at the Retroist Vault on Saturday Frights! The Projectionist and Daniel XIII have returned from their road trip, both are being very tight-lipped about what they picked up…but I saw … Continue reading

July 26, 2014

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.
Retro Radio Memories: The Orson Welles Almanac With Guest Star Groucho Marx (1944)
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Welcome back friends to another installment of Retro Radio Memories! This week we share the first episode of the Orson Welles Almanac featuring special guest star Groucho Marx, which originally aired back on January 26, 1944. The show came about … Continue reading

Space Station '76
Space Station ’76
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With the tagline ‘Welcome to the future of your past.’, this new comedy starring Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler looks like it will be a lot of fun when it hits later this year. It looks like they got the … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Join You In The Sun.
Behind The Scenes: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)
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I have very strong memories of seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind when it originally was released in theaters back in 1977. At five years old it was the perfect film to not only keep me captivated for the … Continue reading

Image courtesy of the Vintage Toy Archive Tumblr.
Big Foot Board Game By Milton Bradley (1977)
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Thanks to Tom Berges who a couple of days ago posted the article Bigfoot: The Legend of Sasquatch it got me thinking about not only when I saw that film at the local Drive-In of my youth but of a … Continue reading

July 25, 2014

Images courtesy of WGN America.
WGN America Debuts “Manhattan” on July 27 9/8C!
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This Sunday at 9/8C WGN America will debut it’s second original program for the cable channel entitled “Manhattan”. Which you might correctly guess deals with the Manhattan Project, the building of the first atomic bomb, though for this series it … Continue reading

Is “Family Guy” a Remake of “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”?
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It’s a safe bet that Family Guy was created to cash in on the popularity of The Simpsons & everyone assumes that it’s some sort of ripoff of the Simpsons, but really the only things the two shows have in … Continue reading

My party in 256 color VGA!
Lost Memory, fun with MS-DOS
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Travel back in time with me to the mid 1980s a time before the wonder that is Direct X. If your computer has the hardware and processor speed displayed on the box it is installed and will play automatically for … Continue reading

Pac-Man Coaster Set
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Artist, Sara Passamonti, has found a good use for the smaller pieces of tile or stone that are often wasted after being cut off larger pieces, turn them into Pac-Man coasters. Sure, they could really be any type of coasters, … Continue reading

Bill Hicks sharing screen time with Captain Kirk, a Troll and a terrible British TV presenter...
The Word interviews Bill Hicks
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I’m a big BIG fan of the late Bill Hicks. He didn’t make it on to British TV screens that often but when he did, he was always brilliant. This interview with him on a 1992 episode of late-night variety … Continue reading

WABC-TV 4:30 Movie “Science Fiction Week” Promo
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If you grew up in the New York Tri-state area, between 1968 and 1981, than the “4:30 Movie” or as it was known early on “The Big Show”, is probably something you remember. The “4:30 Movie” was famous for running … Continue reading

July 24, 2014

Ask. Dr. Honeydew - Muppet Magazine
It Is Time To Ask Dr. Honeydew (1985)
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Even though these questions were asked all the way back in the Fall of 1985 in the pages of Muppet Magazine, the answers revealed by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew are still as relevant today as when they were first printed. Answers … Continue reading

Dark Shadow: The Life and Death of Bruiser Brody
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This past week marked the anniversary of the passing of Frank Goodish, better known to the wrestling community as Bruiser Brody. Born in Detroit in 1946, Goodish was a standout athlete at Warren High, where he lettered in basketball and … Continue reading

Sasquatch title
Bigfoot: The Legend of Sasquatch
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It’s time to discuss another one of my all-time favorite Bigfoot movies as the summer of Sasquatch continues! “The complete and only true story of Bigfoot ever filmed!” So says the movie poster anyway… Bigfoot researcher Chuck Evans and team … Continue reading

It’s time to Fireback!
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If you’re in the mood to watch a really bad sub-B-movie action film featuring a villain with a golden hand, then you’re in the right place! Fireback, starring Richard Harrison, was released in 1978, and, if you believe the trailer … Continue reading

Mid-1980s Jersey Shore Seaside Heights Commercial with Bonus Footage
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Growing up in New Jersey, we had a selection of shore towns to visit during the summer. Where you went was largely based on where you parents had been taken as a kid. My parents were both Asbury Park people. … Continue reading

Pixel Bead Joust Arcade Cabinet
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I do not have much in the way of visual artistic talent, but I have always enjoyed working with brick toys. So I have been considering trying to make some video game pixel art from Pixel Beads. Because of this, … Continue reading

July 23, 2014

Image courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.
Jurassic World Teaser Poster!
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This teaser poster that was debuted over at Ain’t It Cool News makes me all manner of happy, the destroyed Jurassic Park Range Rover becoming a nest for the Raptor, great evidence that Ian Malcom was quite right with his … Continue reading

My original Dark Knight Returns book
The Dark Knight Returns – The Greatest Batman Story Ever Told?
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2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of Batman. This is the second of a series of essays celebrating the Dark Knight. It was 1986. I was on vacation with my family on Martha’s Vineyard. I remember going into a local convenience … Continue reading

Boba Fett and his Luck Dragon
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Called “A Boy and his Dog” by its artist, Hillary White, this might be the first mash-up of The NeverEnding Story and Star Wars I have seen (hopefully more will follow). It put a huge smile on my face when … Continue reading

Raleigh Chopper Mk2
The Raleigh Chopper II was a British Original
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This wonderful advert for the 1972 Raleigh Chopper Mk. 2 is really hammering home the “British Originality” theme. Essentially, Raleigh are saying that following on from British innovations such as ships, aircraft and hovercraft, they are bringing the next evolution … Continue reading

Large 8-bit Legend of Zelda Link Rug
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Looking for a piece to really tie your video game themed room together? Might I suggest this large crocheted 8-bit styled Legend of Zelda Link rug? Measuring nearly 3 feed wide, this rug would look great on the wall or … Continue reading

This House Possessed (1981)
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Summer is a great time for Horror movie watching. So might I suggest you take a look at this underrated made for TV horror gem from 1981, “This House Possessed.” Starring Lisa Eilbacher and Parker Stevenson the film is about … Continue reading