September 18, 2014

Sandy Duncan, Wheat Thins and her Glass Eye?
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Whenever I think about Wheat Thins, I can’t help but associate it with the ad campaign starring the very talented Sandy Duncan. My family would obsess over these ads, not because we loved Wheat Things, which we did, but because … Continue reading

8-bit Ghost Bullies are strong in a group, but cowards alone
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I am not sure the logic follows completely based on gameplay, but I think the imagery and sentiment of the words are appropriate in this piece posted to the Social Arcade.

Fall Of Grayskull
Witness the ‘Fall of Grayskull’ Teaser Trailer
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I’ve always been a huge fan of Masters of the Universe and this includes the much-derided feature film starring Dolph Lundgren. When news reached me a few years ago that a new film could be on the way, I was … Continue reading

Ten of my Toys from the 1980s that I still own
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We all had favourite toys growing up in the 80s. Chief among them, He-man. Sadly, after a purge found out about after the fact, I no longer have my collection. Which was just about complete, by the way. Oh, well. … Continue reading

Do you remember Pillow People and Pillow Pets?
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Pillow People and Pillow Pets were a line of stuffed rectangular toy pillows with faces designed on them that started around 1986. I would not say they were a huge hit, but for a year or two they were a … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Scream Factory Presents: Squirm Collector’s Edition (1976)
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When Squirm originally was released in 1976 in my neck of the woods it actually played at the 62 Drive-In, I guess my Father didn’t think it was appropriate for me to watch because we didn’t catch that particular film. … Continue reading

September 17, 2014

Image courtesy of the Vintage Toy Archive.
This 1967 Remco “Star Trek” Asto-Helmet Is Certainly…Interesting.
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Now I may have missed the classic Star Trek episode where the crew of the Enterprise met an Alien sporting this helmet, but I would have though that seeing an ambassador or villain in the series sporting a bright yellow … Continue reading

Computer Books from Texas Instruments (1983)
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Every time I picked up a computer book in the 1980s I felt like I was picking up thrilling and exciting. When my family went to the mall, I would head to the bookstore and spend my time moving between … Continue reading

Scribble Stix Parody
Scribble Stix: The Parody
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Earlier this year I posted about the color-whilst-bathing crayons known as Scribble Stix and I’ve not thought about them again since. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, Youtuber Dustin Luke got in touch with me about his new Scribble Stix parody commercial which … Continue reading

CHiPs pull over HR Pufnstuf ?!
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Ponch and Jon are always on alert for any moving violations and other dangers on the road. From car thieves to drunk drivers, from dirt bike riding cattle rustlers to tractor-trailer truck hi-jackers, you can also chalk up the ever-loving … Continue reading

Who wouldn’t want to hang this NES Zapper Diagram on their wall?
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Are you a video game master? If so do you have a trophy room filled with the games you vanquished and the weapons you used to defeat them? If you do, why not heap some addition praise on one of … Continue reading

Sears was my Store for Electronic in the Eighties
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At some point in the nineties my family started buying our electronics and appliances at specialty or big box stores, but before that we bought many things at Sears. As you can in this ad from the mid-eighties, Sears was … Continue reading

September 16, 2014

Single Tandy Floppy Disk
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I know most of you are old enough to remember 5 1/4″ floppy disks, but did you know they used to sell them in single packages? Most commonly, blank disks were sold in packs of 10. They came in cardboard … Continue reading

Village of the Damned map
Village of the Harshly Criticised
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There is a channel on Youtube called Scarfolk Council that is very unusual. They have an “about” page that reads: Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. Instead, the entire decade of the … Continue reading

Wooden Pixel BurgerTime Wall Art
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Did you enjoy the Retroist BurgerTime Podcast I did last month? Have you plunged headfirst into BurgerTime fandom and now you need the right accessory to showcase your newly found appreciation for this arcade classic? Well how about some wooden … Continue reading

Did Charlie the Star-Kist Tuna want to die??
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It did not occur to me when I was young and was enjoying the Star-Kist tuna ads featuring Charlie the Tuna, but Charlie really has a death wish. He is a tuna with something to prove and that thing he … Continue reading

Crystal Light made a Splash in our House in the Eighties
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I grew up in a house with two older sisters and a Mother who were not immune to the fitness crazes of the 1980s. Normally I would just watch from afar and giggle at them as they did their aerobic … Continue reading

Arcade Cartoon Theater
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I’m not sure if this will ring a bell with anyone, but it is an interesting thing, that provided entertainment. When I was a little monster between the ages of 5-7, I totally dug it! Back in the 70’s, there … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Scream Factory Presents: The Battery (Review)
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I’ve written before of my love of the zombie films of George A. Romero, beginning with catching Night of the Living Dead one Halloween night to following the rest of the original series on VHS with Dawn of the Dead … Continue reading

September 15, 2014

Don’t nix the Nixie Tube
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The Nixie tube has some real fans out there and recently a revival of electronics, especially in kit form, featuring the tubes have shown up. I would love to get my hands on a clock or a watch, but have … Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China meets MegaMan
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In this piece by TheGeekGallery, two underrated masterpieces have been merged together, Big Trouble in Little China and MegaMan. I would definitely pay to play an 8-bit version of Big Trouble in Little China and if it was in the … Continue reading

Exterminate that Elephant!
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One of my new favourite sites on the internet is Flashbak, a collection of thousands of wonderful pictures, stories, letters, sounds and movies from across the past. Of the many reasons to keep an eye on that site is the … Continue reading

Pixel Tatooine Landscape
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Growing up on Tatooine seemed like a real bummer for Luke. He did make the place sound pretty boring and dangerous, but despite those features, the desert planet is beautiful in its sameness. At it turns out sand and rock … Continue reading

Cooky’s Steak Pub Memories
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My family went to Cooky’s Steak Pub after repeated viewings of these commercials and I don’t remember a think about the main course. What I do remember is that they had a dessert bar and that I was chomping at … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Scream Factory Presents: The Vincent Price Collection II
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Considering that we here on the Retroist have a tendency to celebrate Halloween the entire month of October you can imagine how excited we were when our friends from Scream Factory sent us this press release for their upcoming Vincent … Continue reading

September 14, 2014

Masters of the Universe - Spikor
Masters of the Universe “Spikor” Commercial (1985)
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When I first saw this commercial for Spikor, the latest addition to Skeletor’s growing army of ‘Evil Warriors’ back in my youth…I immediately thought that He-Man would pick up one of those loose boulders and just bowl his menacing foe … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.
Retro Radio Memories: The Green Hornet – “The Corpse That Wasn’t There” (1943)
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Welcome back to another installment of Retro Radio Memories! This week we have an exciting episode from the Green Hornet radio series entitled “The Corpse That Wasn’t There”. Originally airing in 1943, this episode finds the Green Hornet and Kato … Continue reading

September 13, 2014

The Lavender Evening Dress - Vincent Price
Saturday Frights: The Lavender Evening Dress (1974)
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Good evening, dear friends. I have been left in charge of this evening’s programming here in the Retroist Vault. It would appear that my insufferable co-host and my lackey, heh, I mean assistant, Daniel XIII, have been called to aid … Continue reading

IQB: Samas Aran
Insert Quarter-Bin: The Art of Merging Games and Comics
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The three faux comic covers I’ve included in this post are from a great site I’ve just discovered called Insert Quarter-Bin. Created by artist Rusty Shackles, it aims to “… be more than mere paltry mash-ups, IQB seeks to explore … Continue reading

Intellivision Flashback Ad
“We Were There” Intellivision Flashback Commercial Is So Great!
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I’m not sure who came up with the approach on this commercial for the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console but they sold me on it in the first twenty seconds of the ad. Now granted this console is kind of marketed … Continue reading