Tag Team TV Series

Do You Remember the TV Show Tag Team?

In the mid – late 80’s, professional wrestling, and the WWF in particular, was big business. A lot of the WWF superstars were becoming household names thanks to Vince McMahon and his traveling circus. Two of the better known superstars were “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Piper had spent years as the biggest bad guy wrestler on the roster, while Ventura was well-known as one of the voices of the shows as color commentator. Each broke out of the WWF world to become moderate successes in Hollywood. Piper had starring roles in B – Movies like Body Slam, Hell Comes to Frogtown, and They Live. Meanwhile, Jesse was becoming a solid back up man in action flicks with Running Man and Predator.  In 1991, they teamed up on the small screen in the pilot episode of Tag Team.

The shows premise was simple. These two wrestlers couldn’t wrestle for a living anymore, so they decide to become cops. That decision was made after they used their wrestling moves to stop a robbery at a grocery store. It was a simple idea, but one that a television series could conceivably be based around.


As the air date for the pilot episode drew closer, Vince McMahon was hyping the debut of the show on his wrestling shows, and as a 13-year-old wrestling fan, I was salivating. I marked the date and time on my calendar so I wouldn’t miss it. Here was another chance to inject more wrestling into my world, and I wasn’t going to miss it. Although I can’t recall what night of the week that this premiered on, I DO remember getting everything set up in my room for it. My chair was at the right angle, I had a frosty beverage at my side, and some sort of snack at the ready. I was pumped.

As I remember it, the episode was pretty good, and I thought it was really cool that these two wrestlers were going to be in a television show every week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of just how exactly television worked at that time, and was quite disappointed when the show never aired again. The series wasn’t picked up, and the show was thrown into the huge pile of “could have been’s” with hundreds of other series that were never picked up.

Tag Team TV Pilot

I listened to a podcast featuring Ventura and Piper a while back just before Piper passed away, and Ventura explained why the series wasn’t picked up. The two companies who were producing the show together, Disney and Corelco, got into a lawsuit with each other over something not even remotely related to the Tag Team series, and while in litigation, the show was left in limbo since neither side was doing business with each other at the time. When the lawsuit dust settled, too much time had passed and the Tag Team series was abandoned.

It’s a real shame, because the two had great chemistry together in the pilot, the premise was solid for an action/comedy show, and would have probably drawn decent enough ratings to keep the 13 – episode first season on the air. Whether it would have been picked up beyond that is anyone’s guess, but I know one 13 year old who would have watched religiously.

Check out the pilot and see what YOU think.

Netflix GLOW Opening Credits Animated GIFS

As a kid, I watched wrestling. For a short while I could not get enough of it. That obsession happened to coincide with the release of G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and I watched that as well. Being a fan, I was pleased as punch when Netflix announced the GLOW series a few months ago. Released this week, fired it up today and it makes me very happy to report, I like it a lot.

It is a well done show, with great acting, writing and art direction. So I am moving through it pretty quickly and I think everyone should check it out. But if you are not a fan of wrestling or well done TV shows, you should at lease watch the Netflix GLOW Opening Credits.

They are a neon wrestling fantasy. A creation that is better than all of my Steven Lisberger fan fiction. It takes that wonderful style that Lisberger perfected and throws it together with some iconic wrestling moves and Patty Smyth’s The Warrior. I could go on about it for a while, but watching it will do a better job. Hopefully, it will also entice you to check out the show.

Watch the Netflix GLOW Opening Credits

After taking a break from marathoning the show this afternoon, I broke down opening credits into animated gifs. Hopefully you will get some joy out of them. Feel free to pepper them liberally on your website or social media account. Maybe it will get other people excited to watch GLOW.

Netflix GLOW Opening Credits Animated GIFS

Pretty cool right? Now run over to Netflix and start watching the show. The first episode is a little longer, but most episodes are about 30 minutes. So you will go through it very quickly. If you do that and want more, might I suggest you learn a little bit about the original G.L.O.W. Or listen to this show’s wonderful soundtrack on Spotify. Then maybe watch the show again.

Hulkamania Workout

Hulkamania Workout Set Cassette Tape from 1985

As a kid, I had a lot of friends who were into fitness. They would huddle in their basements, around rusty workbenches trying to get pumped up. On their walls were posters of the people they were trying to emulate. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and other beefy fellows loomed large. One of my friends was obsessed with wrestling. Naturally all of his fitness goals centered around his heroes. I remember going to his house to get him to do something else and I would hear him working out in his basement to this Hulkamania Workout Set Cassette Tape that he loved.

It’s a pretty strange workout tape. One moment it will have driving drums, saxophone and guitar, then it will get all mellow. But no matter what the background, all the while the Hulkster is barking at you. I still kind of find it unsettling. Yet, my friend ate it up. Although I would like to notes that he never seemed to cultivate any mass or develop muscles. So I am not sure that the tapes was doing him any good.

The tape came bundled with a few workout accessories that you see above. As you can see, you get the Hulkamania Workout cassette, a poster, some weights, sweat bands, a jump rope and one of those things you squeeze with your hands. They are all you need to get Hulked out. This set, in good condition goes for a pretty penny nowadays. So if you happen to see one at a flea market, scoop it up.

Listening to it now, I am amazed out how much padding is on this tape. Hulk explains some basics that I would find infuriating if I had to listen to it every time. Oh well, I wasn’t the target audience for this tape. Hulk wanted kids with iron constitutions. Kids with the patience to match their muscles.

So say your prayers, take your vitamins and get ready to hang and bang with Hulk Hogan.

Listen to the Hulkamania Workout Casette

Beyond The Mat On VHS. Amber’s Employee Pick!

Hey kids it’s me again. IseeRobots. This i just a short little post about something I came across a while back that really brought back some memories. I was poking around The Dig the other day, that’s what I call The Goodwill Outlet store, so I was poking around The Dig when i came across a box of VHS Tapes. I really, really like tapes.

I worked in the Video Store Biz for many a year and look back at those times as some of the best of my life. it was fun for me to be surrounded by movies and also to have free access to just about every movie there ever was, dude, it was too much. I was in heaven.

So anyhow, I was poking around in the box of tape when I came across this doozy here. I mean sure, Beyond The Mat is a great wrestling pic but what makes this tape so dope is the stickers. First of all, it was an Employee Pick, that’s fantastic. Second of all it says “Foley is God” which is awesome.

Beyond the Mat VHS

Beyond the Mat Back

Amber, the employee who picked this one really put herself out there as a hardcore wrestling fan with that line. Only real heads ever thought that… Eventually we all came to realize Mick Foley’s godhood but it took awhile…

Anyway, to me this is a real slice of time. First Slice, It’s a VHS tape. Second Slice, Employee Pick, Third Slice, Attitude Era Wrestling… Three of my favorite things all rolled into one.. There is also a sort of Forth Slice, it was a PVT. That’s Video Store Talk for Previously Viewed Tape.. That’s some insider lingo for ya…

Thanks for taking a peek at this dudes. Want some more of these types of Offbeat Shenanigans? Hit up ISeeRobots.Com every Wednesday for my show, The Toys R Us Report Podcast! It’s pretty fun.