Saturday Frights: The Smiling Man

It’s been a bit since the Projectionist or myself have had the free time to share a good horror related TV show or movie outside of those we discuss on the Saturday Frights Podcast…or even a frightening short film for that matter.

I’m going to try and make up for that with this spooky little offering entitled The Smiling Man. It is a seven minute short focusing on a little girl who notices something amiss occurring in her home…like the discovery of brightly colored balloons in the hallway and stairwell attached to plastic wrapped…things…like a doll head and sticks and what might be chicken bones.

The short was written and directed as well as edited by AJ Briones, who after watching this creepfest – which is indeed enjoyably disturbing, I think just needs to get a contract to start making horror films or at the very least be allowed to transform this short film into a feature length offering. I know the Projectionist wouldn’t approve of my choosing a short from 2015 but I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing more retro than horror…especially when it taps into those fears we had in our youth of the unknown.

The Smiling Man kitchen

So turn off the lights and lean a little closer to your monitor as we pay a visit to The Smiling Man on Saturday Frights!

[Via] AJ Briones

Saturday Frights

Saturday Frights: Seasons Of Belief (1986)

Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights. The storm seems to have certainly kept the usual crowd away tonight but like yourselves a few have trickled in…so make sure to visit Stevie behind the concession counter to get some treats before we start tonight’s presentation.

Since yesterday was Christmas I felt that we should present something a little festive and the first thing that came to mind was the 1986 Tales from the Darkside episode entitled “Seasons of Belief” which just so happens to star Creepshow’s E.G. Marshall as a Father who is ready to spread some scares to his children in the form of the tale of the Grither. His Wife, played by Margaret Klenck, joins in on the fun of doing their best to terrorize their bored kids…but then awfully strange things begin to occur…could the Grither be more than a made up story?

Let’s find out together on Saturday Frights as we enjoy the Seasons of Belief!

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Saturday Frights: A Krampus Carol And Other Celebrations!

Happy Krampusnacht! I’m in charge of your programming again tonight down here in the Retroist Vault and I’m truly beginning to wonder if I’ll ever see the likes of the Projectionist again. Although we did receive a memo this afternoon from the Retroist himself that states no Retroist Industries employee is allowed below level 12 in the Vault…so I assume that has something to do with the Projectionist be absent for so long.

Anyway. Since tonight is Krampusnacht, I felt the best way to go is provide you with two wonderful shorts that will remind you again why you should be on your best behavior this time of year! First up we have a delightful…if you aren’t a naughty child that is…stop-motion animated short that was written by none other than Anthony Bourdain, in fact this was intended to be part of his television show “No Reservations” but got pulled at the last second.

[Via] Zero Point Zero Production, Inc.

Next up we have a suggestion that comes from Daniel XIII himself, a popular commercial from the late great G4 channel, featuring a catchy little tune inspired by the lore of Krampus!


This is also the perfect time to remind you that Warpo Toys is winding down it’s own ode to the ages old German folklore of Krampus with it’s “Don’t Cuddle the Krampus Kickstarter!

All images courtesy of Warpo Toys.

All images courtesy of Warpo Toys.

Don't Cuddle the Krampus Kickstarter - Warpo Toys
Being Krampusnacht and with the incredibly awesome Krampus Film by Michael Doughtery having just been released, I think it’s safe to say that if you have loved ones that need just a little more Krampus in their life…or perhaps a friendly warning on how they are behaving this Holiday season…you should hop on over and secure your pledge.

in search of

Saturday Frights: In Search Of The Ghost Ship/Mary Celeste (1980)

Welcome back friends! Before we talk about our spooky offering this week I want to thank all of you that have sent in e-mail concerning about the health and well being of my co-host on the Saturday Frights Podcast, the Projectionist.

While it’s true that he has yet to return to the control booth or even show up to record for the Retro Radio Memories Podcast, there have been confirmed sightings in the lower levels of the Retroist Vault of our friend. Of course many of my fellow employees here at Retroist Inc. have also mentioned they’ve seen him carrying dynamite and gasoline…so perhaps it’s best not to try and pry?

For this evening I thought we might step away from the usual TV show or short and instead present a wonderful episode of In Search Of, this one being entitled The Ghost Ship/Mary Celeste. In the episode the late great Leonard Nimoy does his typical great job of ratcheting up the creepiness of the Mary Celeste with his masterful narration. Presenting the facts of how the Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia came upon the abandoned and undamaged Mary Celeste on December 4, 1872 and then presenting In Search Of’s own theory as to what occurred to her crew.

Join us as we go In Search Of The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste, here on Saturday Frights!

[Via] The In Search Of

If you need to learn a little more about the legendary Leonard Nimoy, why not listen to Episode 008 of the Retroist Podcast?

Saturday Frights: Night Gallery – The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes (1971)

Welcome back to a new installment of Saturday Frights! The Projectionist is still MIA here at the Retroist Vault, at least up here in the control booth and even the upper levels. The digging machinery that was going on day and night last week has ceased but he hasn’t shown up for any of the Retro Radio Memories podcasts…or to program the latest Saturday Frights.

I would by lying if I didn’t say that I’m starting to get worried but I’m also too scared to venture down there and spoil whatever surprise he might be working on, he has a tendency to get a little angry at “intruders”. That is why tonight I am in charge of your entertainment once again and this week I have selected the first segment from the September 15, 1971 episode of Night Gallery entitled “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes”.

The story is about a ten year old boy named Herbie Bittman (Clint Howard), who has the ability to predict future events, he doesn’t just know this info but it comes to him while he is talking about others subjects…like about his wish to get a new telescope. Which causes him to become a TV sensation and delights the head of Television programming, Wellman (Michael Constantine). Then one day young Herbie after a sort of dizzy spell makes an announcement that literally startles the World itself, the following day everything we know about life and each other will be changed, a start of a brand new way of living that will usher in a glorious age of peace and love. No more wars and no more fear. It will be a paradise.

The entire World celebrates of course as Herbie’s predictions have always come true so why is the young boy so worried? Let us find out on Saturday Frights as we visit the Night Gallery and learn of The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes!

Saturday Frights

Saturday Frights: Are You Afraid Of The Dark – The Tale Of The Midnight Madness

Welcome back friends to another offering for Saturday Frights. The Projectionist has been working almost day and night down in the lower levels of the Retroist Vault this past week, he won’t even explain what he is doing…he is being more mysterious than usual.

Which is saying something, right?

Since I am in charge of this evening’s programming I have selected an episode of the second season Are You Afraid of the Dark? entitled “The Tale of the Midnight Madness”. It concerns a young movie theater employee named Pete (Eddie Robinson) who is attempting to save the Rialto an old movie palace he works at from being closed down by the owners. Sadly the Rialto’s glory days have passed it by and the townsfolk choose to frequent the more popular multiplex named the Quad.

Everything changes for the Rialto as well as for Pete and his co-worker Katie (Melanie Wiesenthal) when a mysterious and rather theatrical stranger named Dr. Vink (Aron Tager) arrives and promises he can save the theater if they will just show the old silent film he has with him, one that he just so happened to have made that is all about a Nosferatu. The film does what Dr. Vink promised, when they begin showing it as a Saturday Midnight Madness feature it gains a cult following and packs in the audiences and saves the Rialto.

The problem for Pete and Katie begins when the manager of the theater breaks his deal with Dr. Vink…and that is when the Nosferatu passes from the silver screen to stalk the two young folk through the Rialto!

Will Pete and Katie be able to find a way to stop the blood thirsty monster? You will have to find out for yourself as you join us here on Saturday Frights with Are You Afraid of the Dark and the Tale of the Midnight Madness.

[Via] Hadem Hair

(For what it’s worth, if you ever want to know what it’s like working with the Projectionist down here in the Retroist Vault day after day…just imagine Dr. Vink with a raspier throat.)

Saturday Frights: Don’t Go To Sleep (1982)

Welcome back, dear viewers. I want to thank you all for the amount of flattering electronic missives you have been sending to the Retroist Vault in praise of our recent sharing of some of the best made-for-television horror features.

So for this week’s offering I have once again chosen a television movie for your evening’s entertainment. It is a rather creepy ghost story that originally was broadcast on the American Broadcasting Company on December 10, 1982 called ‘Don’t Go To Sleep’.

The story concerns a grieving family who are starting a new life after the loss of their eldest daughter, Jennifer. After moving into their new house however…strange things began to manifest themselves to the youngest child. Mary is certain she can hear the calling of her departed Sister and it’s coming from underneath her bed. Heh, heh.

So gather your loved ones near and douse the lights as we fight the urge to go to sleep with Saturday Frights!

[Via] Hitchcock Presents 11

(The Projectionist has neglected to mention that this TV movie stars Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Ruth Gordon, Robin Ignico, Kristin Cumming, and Poltergeist’s Oliver Robins! – Vic)