Bear Fight!

The American Mythos Art of Deities and Demigods

One of the original Dungeons & Dragons books I received was the 1st Edition of Deities and Demigods. I tried to keep it in good shape, but over the years, it has been the book that has given me the most problems. Last month, while browsing through it, the spine cracked hard and pages started falling out of it at a rapid rate. A replacement was quickly ordered, but what to do with the loose pages?

Well I plan on holding on to them, but I also thought it would be fun to share a gallery of each of the mythos in the book, along with the art in this section. So this will be the first part of what I am hoping will be a multi-part series. Today I take a look at the American Mythos.

We did not have many playing sessions featuring a Native American setting, but as a player, I one time made a halfling thief who venerated the Raven. The back story was convoluted, so I was glad the DM and my fellow players never asked any questions.

Click on an image to view a larger version, along with a thought or two about the piece where applicable.

Oversized Stained Glass RPG Dice

Are you a gamer? Want a conversation starter for that shelf or end table? How about a large handsome set of dice crafted from stained glass? Each set contains a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10%, d12 and d20. As you can see from the photo, they are much larger than standard dice. So they will definitely stand out at your next gaming session (although I do not think rolling them is a good idea). You can buy individual dice, but you save $25 when buying the entire set. You can pick the glass, but all items come with silver numbers standard, but other number colors are available for an additional $15.

They would make a great Christmas gift (for me).




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Boot Hill

RolePlay in the Old West with Boot Hill

I had only a passing interest in roleplaying in the old west until a friend of mine took it upon himself to try to get a Boot Hill campaign going after he bought a set at a garage sale. The session was sadly short-lived, the town we went into was a death trap and all of us died in the first hour. It was a case of inexperienced players and a very inexperienced GM, that sadly pushed Boot Hill off our gaming table for a while.

Years later I would get to play with the Skycastle Games’ Desperado RPG system and really enjoyed the setting. I even took a turn running a game for a couple of sessions. This would inspire me to pick up a worn copy of Boot Hill, which while I never ran a game of, still sits on my shelf for my reading enjoyment.

Boot Hill was the third Boot Hill role-playing game from TSR and appeared not long after Dungeons and Dragons (still own) and Empire of the Petal Throne (recently sold). It was developed by the Gary Gygax, Don Kaye and Brian Blume.

Gamma World

Long live the Restorationists of Gamma World!

I participated in a too short-lived Gamma World campaign that my friend ran. The rules of Gamma World were very compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons rule set and our DM/GM cleverly had us start in magical fantasy setting and had us transported to Gamma World. Over the next few months we fought a nihilistic mutant death cult and joined the Restorationist faction.

We started out with 4 players and in the end it was just me left playing as the other players wanted to go back to the fantasy DnD world. I tried to find new players and keep the game alive, but ultimately I failed and never received closure on what happened to my character. I like to think he was successful in both helping to restore civilization and then used advanced technology to return to his fantasy world home where he was welcome as a high-tech savior of a war-torn world.

Anyone else play any Gamma World? Were you interested in playing it? Do you just remember seeing the ads?

Enter the Gateway to Adventure with Dungeons & Dragons

When I got a copy of this basic set, I already had a set of dice, so the randomized chits are still in one sheet together and in the box, which is on the shelf next to my desk. I am feeling sort of nostalgic for the original set because, firstly I am always nostalgic, secondly because I just picked up the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.


For those interested in my feeling about the new system. So far I like what I see more than 4th edition, because it feels more like the RPG I fell in love with. Magic seems a bit overpowered, so it should be interesting to see how that works out. I cant wait to check out the books when they are released over the next few months.