Retro Radio Memories: Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed (1983)

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Ray Bradbury

In this case we have an episode of Bradbury 13 entitled Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed which was originally broadcast back in 1983, with not just Ray Bradbury himself acting as the greeter for the show but the legendary Paul Frees (The Player, The Haunted Mansion) as narrator for the series’ 13 episodes. Appropriate number.

Paul Frees

Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed originally saw pring in Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1949 under the title The Naming of the Names. Ten years later and the story would get a name change when it was included in A Medicine for Melancholy and again in the 1966 collection S Is For Space, which is where I first read the short story.

The synopsis revolves around the Bittering Family who have with many other Humans left behind the Earth to travel to Mars to help colonize the windswept red planet. The problem is that a little after setting up, Harry who is the head of the Family finds himself wishing they could uproot and return to Earth…that option is taken away however after they hear news of New York City being destroyed, a nuclear detonation taking with it the regular rocket shipments as well as the chance to leave. The settlers continue their task of terraforming the angry red planet…but then strange things begin to happen…the peaches and carrots they’ve planted have started mutating…their cow begins to grow a horn from it’s head..and to Harry’s horror he realizes that the Humans are starting to change as well.

So please join us for Retro Radio Memories and learn of the Bittering Family and how Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed.

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Retro Radio Memories: The Saint – “The Old Man’s Car” (1947)

Hello, dear listeners. For some reason my co-host for the Retro Radio Memories broadcast didn’t show up for our scheduled recording sessions this week. With the help of Daniel XIII we will be televising an episode of The Saint radio series called ‘The Old Man’s Car’ in it’s place.

This week’s episode stars Vincent Price as none other than Simon Templar aka The Saint! Price portrayed the Gentleman of Crime on radio for the longest run of any actor, from 1947 until 1951 on three radio networks: CBS, Mutual and NBC.

Our episode this afternoon concerns Simon Templar coming to the aid of an elderly man who is about to have his car forcibly taken by a rather brutish mook. Using his typically cool wits to avoid violence, Simon is surprised to learn that in the course of a day no less than two other souls have approached the old man in an attempt to purchase the car.

Please join us as we learn the secrets of ‘The Old Man’s Car’!

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Retro Radio Memories: The Witch’s Tale – “The Flying Dutchman” (1930s)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Retro Radio Memories. This week we offer for your listening pleasure an episode from the 1931 – 1938 horror radio show, The Witch’s Tale, entitled “The Flying Dutchman”.

The show was not only created by Alonzo Deen Cole but he also wore the hats of writer and director of the popular program that aired on the Mutual Radio Network. The host of the show is of course the Witch ( Adelaide Fitz-Allen) who with her black cat naturally named Salem (Alonzo Deen Cole) shares one of her creepy tales by asking us to stare deeply into the flames of her fireplace…as we are taken back through time to find ourselves on the deck of a sailing ship caught in the wrath of a terrible storm and learn how the Flying Dutchman came to be.

So grab your favorite snack and beverage, turn down the lights low and join us on Retro Radio Memories as we gather to hear the Witch’s Tale!

Retro Radio Memories: Escape – “Three Skeleton Key” (1950)

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Radio Memories. For your listening pleasure this week we offer a classic episode from the Escape radio series entitled “Three Skeleton Key” and starring Vincent Price.

Originally airing on March 17, 1950 the story concerns the three men who are tasked with tending a lighthouse, John (Vincent Price), Louis, and August. The trouble begins when John who is on duty spies a derelict sailing vessel in the early hours of the morning. John wakens his fellow lighthouse keepers and they watch in awe as the ship barely avoids striking a reef only to recoil in horror when using their spy glass they realize it is filled with thousands of ferocious rats! When the ship breaks up on the island of the lighthouse…the three must fight to stay alive.

Will John and his friends be able to hold off the ravenous hordes of rats? You’ll just have to join us here on Retro Radio Memories and find out for yourself!

Retro Radio Memories: Inner Sanctum – “The Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam” (1941)

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Radio Memories! With the Halloween celebration on the Retroist in full swing it’s time to focus on the spooky and strange for the next couple of weeks.

For your listening pleasure this afternoon we present the first episode of the legendary Inner Sanctum radio series entitled “The Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam”. It originally was broadcast across the air waves on the National Broadcasting Company on January 7th, 1941. It’s a taut tale of mystery when the elderly Mrs. Putnam calls Police, claiming that someone is trying to murder her…but when Detectives Jeff Hanson and Ed Lamb arrive they find she passed away two hours before the phone call!

So join us for some Retro Radio Memories as we settle comfortably in the Inner Sanctum!