Now’s (Still) the Time to Shop at ShopRite’s Can Can Sale

It’s July, so that means it’s probably Lobster Fest or Shrimp Fest at Red Lobster (it’s always one or the other, isn’t it?). Well it may be, but actually, it means it’s “Can Can” time at ShopRite.

I remember this being big in the ’80s when I was a kid—and I was not at all surprised to hear the radio spot for it just the other day. (If it ain’t broke…) The annual event started in 1971 as January tradition, then grew into a twice-annual stock-up sale on (you’ve probably guessed), yes, canned goods. (Though, contrary to the name, it also includes non-canned items as well. Boo!) The Summer Can Can, which runs in July, was added in 2002.

The catchy commercial jingle, set to a can-can tune of course, would boast a chorus singing the lyrics:

“Now, Shop Rite does the can-can
Selling lots of brands of everything in ‘Cans.’ Cans!
Today, it’s great to save some cash
So go to ShopRite’s Can Can Bash”

[then it would close out with:]

Now’s the time to shop at ShopRite’s Can Can Bash!
Now’s the time to stock up while the values last!”

You can take a look back at more videos of the commercials through the years at ShopRite’s own youtube channel.

CJOR is Radio for your Brain?

I love this mid-eighties ad for the Canadian CJOR radio. It is interestingly written and using their President, Harvey Gold as spokesman, grounds it in reality. My favorite line?

“You know, our research says that radio listeners under 35 just want to rock the night away or the day for that matter.”

So ask yourself people? Do you wanna rock? Or would you rather be interesting? You cannot be both…

Enjoy this Spooky TV Commercial for CBC Nightfall Cassettes

Nightfall was a CBC radio drama series that ran on CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. It focused mostly on the supernatural/horror subjects with the occasional detour into Sci-Fi and mystery. Unfortunately it was not in my listening range when I was growing up, but I have become acquainted with it recently and it is a great show to listen to when you need a good scare.

In the mid eighties they started to release the show on cassette and they used this wonderfully creepy commercial to sell them…

Want to give Nightfall a listen? Tune into any one of the episode from this player courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Enjoy this 1988 McDonald’s Radio Jingle

I have shared many print and video fast food advertising memories here on the site. One area I have not shared a lot of is radio, mostly because I personally did not record many commercials when taping off live radio. This seems to have been the norm, because searching online does not reveal many of those classic radio jingles that I heard on family road trips or while playing computer games late at night in my bedroom.

Here is a jingle from 1988 for McDonald’s. It is part of one of their very memorable “It’s a good time for the great taste at McDonald’s” ads and hopefully will trigger some swell radio memories.

Doctor Who’s Jon Pertwee In An Early Short Film About Vacuum Tubes!

When most people think of Jon Pertwee they rightfully think of his 1970 – 1974 run as the third Doctor in the Doctor Who television series or perhaps his 18 year gig as Chief Petty Officer Pertwee on the BBC Radio series, The Navy Lark. But did you know he also used his comedic talents to help demonstrate how the radio itself evolved throughout the years thanks to vacuum tubes/valves in a short film?

[Via] Woods2121

So, You Think You Know Green Acres?

Well, think again!


Most of us are familiar with the TV series (though I never could figure out why they include “chores” as one of the supposedly good things about farm life vs city life), but few of us know it’s pre-history. Green Acres came about when they wanted a spinoff show for Petticoat Junction, except that Green Acres existed first. “What??”, you say? Well, it turns out the Green Acres TV series is actually based on an old radio Show “Granby’s Green Acres”. When they were deciding on a premise for Petticoat Junction’s spinoff, they decided to adapt the old Green Acres radio show. This actually isn’t too surprising though, since the wife on Granby’s Green Acres later played the matron on Petticoat Junction. This show was only 13 episodes long, and only 6 of those can currently be found on the internet, but it’s worth checking out for any Green Acres fan.

There are a number of differences between the old radio show & the more familiar TV show; The husband was a banker instead of a lawyer, they have a daughter, Eb is an old man, Mr. Kimball is the store owner instead of the county agent. The characters of Mr. Haney and the Monroe Brothers seem to be absent.

Now, Granby’s Green Acres was actually based on a couple of characters from another OTR show, “My Favorite Husband”. My Favorite Husband was the direct precursor to the “I Love Lucy” TV series. It starred Lucile Ball, and had most of what the world would later become so familiar with, the only significant difference was that her husband on the radio show was played by a “normal” American guy. When they decided to remake the series for TV, they replaced him with Lucy’s real husband Desi Arnez. Interestingly, they later back-ported the I Love Lucy show back to the radio, effectively making two different radio versions of the I Love Lucy show. In another twist, the husband on Granby’s Green Acres was played by Gale Gordon, who would later play a similar character on “The Lucy Show”.

The net result of this twisted mess is that Green Acres has the unique distinction of having been spun off from two different shows at two different times.

Today Marks The 78th Anniversary Of The Green Hornet!

Green Hornet - Van Williams - Bruce Lee
Well, I must admit I didn’t realize that today was such a special day. A mere 78 years ago on this day the first broadcast of the Green Hornet was heard on WXYZ! Created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker with noted input by radio director James Jewell the series would continue to run until 1952. WXYZ was the same Detroit radio station that originated the Lone Ranger radio show…and I know I mention this all the time when I’m talking about either character but the Lone Ranger is Britt Reid’s Great-Uncle.

For myself the first time I was introduced to the Green Hornet, besides my Grandparents telling me about the radio show, was when I caught reruns of the 1966 TV series starring Van Williams as Britt Reid and of course the legendary Bruce Lee as Kato.

So what better way to celebrate the legendary character than by enjoying two different forms of the media he appeared in?

From January 29, 1946 we have the Green Hornet in “Escape For Revenge”.

From February 3, 1967 we have “Bad Bet on a 459-Silent”.

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