Shout! Factory Releases The “Video Time Machine Free Edition” On iOS!

We received this press release from our friends at Shout! Factory announcing the release of their Video Time Machine ‘Free Edition’, which allows viewers to watch all videos from a single decade.

From the Press Release:

” Looking for odd, rare and hard-to-find video content? Or maybe you’re on the prowl for memorable water cooler moments from TV, movies, music, news, sports, games, commercials and more? The Free Edition of VIDEO TIME MACHINE has thousands of hand-picked videos for your eyeballs! With a simple, easy-to-navigate interface, you can discover, enjoy and share a variety of awesome videos with your friends and social media followers.

Travel to the 1960s and visit Woodstock during the summer of love or watch footage of Neil Armstrong’s historic moon landing. Or journey to the ‘70s and relive the days of disco and big collars. For a real time travel trip, set your targets for 1860 and hear the first sound ever recorded in human history!

VIDEO TIME MACHINE Free Edition is a universal iOS app that runs on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone mobile devices, plus you can stream it to external devices using airplay. With the FREE version, users have access to all videos from a single decade—choose from one of 15 decades from 1860 through today. The full version remains available for $2.99.

The original VIDEO TIME MACHINE was a former #1 iPad app in the USA (bumping Angry Birds from the top spot in 2011), a former #2 iPhone Entertainment app in the USA, and former #1 Entertainment app in over 20 countries. Since its launch the VIDEO TIME MACHINE has earned 4,565 ratings and is currently a 4-1/2 star rated app. Shout! Factory also offers spinoff apps including the Political Time Machine, Holiday Time Machine, Superhero Time Machine, and the Basketball Time Machine.

The VIDEO TIME MACHINE Free Edition is available in both the Entertainment and Education categories on the app store. With the VIDEO TIME MACHINE, kids and grownups have enjoyed hours of fun reliving or learning the past. You can find out what sort of amazing or absurd things people did and thought before you were born. School kids can use it as a research tool for school projects. Or instead of playing a mindless game, you can simply kill time!”

You can download the App from iTunes:


Enjoy what could be Least Subtle Cartoon Made in 1919


No time for subtlety when you are dealing with those Bolshevist rats! At least that is what this cartoon from 1919 would have you think. It is more like a one panel political cartoon come to life and at just under 40 seconds it is perfectly bite-size. It makes me wonder where they would have shown this? Right before a movie like we see commercials and trailers?


1980 Campaign Ad – Reagan for President

Although I have vague memories of the Carter years, the 1980 presidential campaign was probably the first campaign, of which, I was actually aware. Maybe it was because the star of Bedtime for Bonzo was running for office and I just happened to love that movie.


It was difficult for me to understand how Professor Peter Boyd could run for president. It was even harder for me to understand how the actor who played him would win the presidency. But of course I was just a kid at the time. Enjoy this ad.

Note: If Fred Thompson becomes president I will be posting some Law and Order Clips here in 25 years. Stay tuned…