Retro New Year's Eve

Vic Sage’s Retro New Year’s Eve 2016!

When you work at an arcade in this day and age, a retro New Year’s Eve is to be expected, right? Over the last couple of years I have been glad to share with you the Holiday event at the Arkadia Retrocade. What better way to celebrate a retro New Year’s Eve than being surrounded by vintage games.
Retro New Year's Eve - 2016

For the many fans of the Golden Age of arcade games, this is most certainly the place to be. Especially on a New Year’s Eve. From my previous posts for the Holiday you might recall that I try to bring something special as well. I am referring of course to the vintage Kool-Aid, nay, that sweet nectar of the Gods. The Great Bluedini!

While I do in fact still possess a precious few of those Great Bluedini packs I bought 26 years ago. Like the previous year I had to turn to e*Bay for help to make sure I had enough. And let me expain that I insist on using only the vintage Kool-Aid packets to make the delicious beverage. Although having said that…it’s getting harder and more expensive to do so every year. But it is all worth it for the Players to be able to enjoy five gallons of the greatest Kool-Aid flavor ever created!

Friends, I don’t believe I’ve ever shared this bit of info before. But back in my youth I had another name for the Great Bluedini. I called it the Pure Source – in reference to 1982’s TRON of course.

Anyway, there was a bit of a hiccup in this retro New Year’s Eve plan…I had to work at the hotel. I was not happy about this to say the least. But that is part of being an ‘adult’ I suppose. So I made sure that the Great Bluedini was dropped off at the arcade before work.

In addition I enjoyed some of the tasty beverage with some very special people at the arcade. The Retroist’s own Gary Burton with our good friend, Alex.

One of my fellow concession employees at the arcade, Jonah Bright aka The Iron Monkey. Who I think you’ll agree has the greatest glasses ever made!

As well of course – sharing a cup of the Blue with Shea Mathis. Who you might remember is the owner and manager of the Arkadia Retrocade – besides being one of my best friends.

There is one other thing I had to do differently this year, while dropping off the Great Bluedini. In the previous years I’ve made a point of always pulling off the Minus World glitch in Super Mario Bros. After the clock has struck midnight and the New Year has officialy begun. Why? Well – quite simply, the first year we had the retro New Year’s Eve party, there were Players present who had never heard of this glitch.

So in this case, I had to perform the trick to visit the Negative World a little earlier than normal.

With a bit of a heavy heart but a belly full of the Blue I had to go to work. I’m not sure how many of you work the night audit shift at a hotel. But as you can imagine – New Year’s Eve can be a handful. Thankfully the fact I was missing the fun at the arcade was lessened by the photos that were being sent to me throughout the night.

Hannah, Lisa, and Shea supervising the disbursement of the Blue!

So how did I celebrate my own retro New Year’s Eve this year?

By reading Guillermo del Toro’s At Home With Monsters and sipping my own mug of Great Bluedini!

So here is to 2017, my friends. May it be a brighter and filled with even more retro fun!

Vic’s Retro New Year’s Eve 2015: Of The Love For Great Bluedini And Great Friends!

Another year has passed by and like the previous four New Year’s Eve I have had the pleasure of spending it at the Arkadia Retrocade…well…at least I was able to make it just before the seeing in of the New Year that is. This year I had to work a day shift at the Hotel so I was able to bolt over to the arcade after my work was done to help dispense the legendary Great Bluedini Kool-Aid!

Vic Sage - Great Bluedini - 2015

Oh yes…as we’ve done the last four years I made sure to whip up…thanks to eBay…5 gallons of that most delicious nectar of the Gods that Kool-Aid put out in the early 80s! Was it cheap? No. But it was totally worth it as we barely had enough to give to all of attendees of the New Year’s Eve bash.

Great Bluedini - 2015

Ah...mixed with the loving touch of the Dwarves! :D

Ah…mixed with the loving touch of the Dwarves! :D

As usual when it’s on the weekends and it’s later in the evening, the lights are dimmed so all of those wonderful arcade cabinet marquees mix with the neon and transport those of us that remember the heady days of the arcades back to a time Pac-Man and Donkey Kong were Kings!

Lights Out - Arkadia 2015

To be honest this year I wasn’t able to get out from behind the counter and take as many photos as I normally do but as always I made sure to snap a few to capture the spirit of the evening…not to mention friends to the arcade like Gary Burton!
Vic and Gary - Arkadia 2015

Why even big fan of the Retroist and the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast, the esteemed William B. was able to be in attendance to see the New Year in right! Not to mention Alex and you can just make out everyone’s favorite party attendee…Teddy Ruxpin! Of course the Retroist was busy attending his own festivities but as usual there were many representations of his classic icon on display!
William and Alex -Arkadia 2015

Even Furby and friends were able to make it in for the party!
Furby - Arkadia 2015

The party didn’t really get started until about thirty minutes before midnight but I was able to get a few photos of the Players enjoying some classic gaming before the New Year!
Dr Mario - Arkadia 2015



What was the most popular arcade game of the evening? Atari’s Star Wars of course!
Atari - Star Wars - Arkadia - 2015

You know…if you look at this photo…I suppose this could be called the Harrison Ford row? Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!
Star Wars - Arkadia - 2015

As always at the arcade it’s not just the video games that draws in the crowd but Battleship, Scrabble, Jenga and Foosball as well!
Battleship - Arkadia 2015
Tamas - Arkadia 2015
Jenga -Arkadia 2015
Game On - Arkadia 2015

But it is of course the vintage arcade games that brings in most of the Players…why you might even recognize a few of them from the last New Year’s bash.
Mr. Do - Arkadia 2015

No E.T. for the Atari 2600 this year?

No E.T. for the Atari 2600 this year?

Pac Man - Arkadia 2015
X Men - Arkadia 2015

Then as the time was getting near for the celebration it was my duty along with fellow Arkadia Retrocade employee, Rhi, to make sure that all of the Players had a cup of the delicious Great Bluedini in hand before Midnight! As usual Shea Mathis was manning the arcade office so he could snap a photo of the beginning of the gathering crowd and to pick that right bit of music once the clock had struck midnight!
Great Bluedini 2015

With over a hundred cups of Great Bluedini raised high we rung in the New Year in retro style!

Vic’s Retro New Year’s Eve: Of The Popularity Of Ecto-Cooler And Atari’s E.T.!

Friends, I do hope you all had a great new Year’s Eve, full of laughs and fond memories of 2014. Much like the previous year I was able to see the new year in at the Arkadia Retrocade surrounded by Family and Friends. One of the more popular moments of last year’s celebration was whipping up some Great Bluedini…though to be fair I just didn’t have enough in my stash to make sure that every single Player that stepped through the door got a taste when the Midnight hour arrived.

I made a New Year’s resolution to myself that this year would be different. So that is why for this go around I looked to e*Bay for a little help in securing enough Great Bluedini to let me pull off my little project. Was it inexpensive? No. But to see others enjoy their taste of that delicious Kool-Aid flavor for the first time or even those that remembered the beverage from 25 years ago made it all worthwhile. This year to ensure that I had enough for our thirsty players I whipped up a 5 gallon batch of the Great Bluedini!

Arkadia - Great Bluedini - 2014

Obviously in business you do not want to rest on your laurels so I also decided to introduce the Players of the Arkadia Retrocade to the joy and wonder that was Ecto-Cooler! I scaled back a bit with our favorite Ghostbusters related Hi-C beverage and just concocted 2 gallons worth. I was pleasantly surprised that it was by far the more popular of our New Year’s Eve beverages.

Ecto Cooler - Arkadia Retrocade - 2014

This New Year’s Eve was far busier than even that of 2013, so much so that I had a hard time getting out from behind the snack bar to get some photos of all the Players. I was able to make an exception though when friend to the Retroist, Gary Burton, and his Wife dropped by to not only celebrate New Year’s Eve but their Anniversary as well. Gary can certainly say he has a lot of experience with arcade games as he managed an arcade in the past and was kind enough to let me borrow an ad for it that was played on the radio back in the day, I’m working on getting the audio cassette transferred over to an MP3 file to share with you all at a later date.

Gary Burton - Vic Sage - Arkadia - New Year's Eve - 2014

When I was able to get out from behind the counter the arcade was busy with Players doing what they do best…you know…playing games.

Arkadia - New Year's Eve - Players - 2014

Arkadia - New Year's Eve - Players F - 2014

Arkadia - New Year's Eve - Players

Arkadia - Players B - New Year's Eve - 2015

Arkadia - New Year's Eve - Players E - 2014

Though one of our regulars decided that the way to see the New Year in proper was by playing and beating Atari’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!

ET - Arkadia - New Year's Eve - 2014

ET - New Year's Eve - Arkadia - 2014

The surprise of the night came when the Xenomorph from Alien arrived to party down but it also brought the Retroist along as well…at least his Avatar.

Alien - New Year's Eve - 2014

Now after Midnight I had enough time to engage in an Arkadia Retrocade tradition that we’ve pulled off the last three times, warping to Minus World!
Minus World - Arkadia - New Year's Eve

After hundreds of Players came through the door to join us in celebrating the New Year and serving up 3 gallons of the Great Bluedini and almost all of the Ecto-Cooler, Shea joined me for a victory cup of Bluedini…though to be fair I found my love of the Bluedini demanded a more suitable vessel to drink from.

Arkadia - Vic and Shea - New Year's Eve - 2014

Not a bad way to end 2014, not at all.
Arkadia 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

Wow! 2014 really was a blur. As someone who deals with nostalgia a lot, people often ask me how I feel about the passage of time. Does it make me sad? Do I miss the good ol’ days?

It does make me a little sad, but only because I look back fondly on the things that I have done or enjoyed in the past. But I try to use my nostalgic nature to teach myself that I need to enjoy stuff now. While I might really have enjoyed 1984, I also enjoyed stuff from 1994 and I see no reason to that I won’t be looking back at 2014 a decade from now with some amount of fondness.

So I hope you had an enjoyable 2014, a Happy New Year’s Eve and are getting ready for an amazing 2015. Keep making great memories people!

Now I got to go get some sleep, so I will see you all tomorrow.