Joe Bob Briggs - The Last Drive-In

Shudder’s The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs Is Tonight!

Obviously with co-hosting a podcast like Saturday Frights, I have a particular fondness for horror films. I was raised on them and I continue to search for that next great scare flick. Working with the Projectionist I have learned an awful lot of trivia and background information on some of my favorite movies. Do you know who beats the Projectionist though in that category? None other than the esteemed film critic and raconteur Joe Bob Briggs. And thanks to the folks over at Shudder, this evening will see a 24 hour marathon entitled The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs!

As you can tell from that video this will be quite the event to say the very least. In total we will get 12 – err – 13 classic horror movies. Which films can you expect to see during the event? Thanks to Bloody Disgusting we know that the marathon will kick off with 1979’s Tourist Trap. I was lucky enough to catch this film when it was first released at my local Drive-In theater and it kind of scarred me with it’s almost fever dream aspects.
Joe Bob Briggs - Tourist Trap

Shudder has been kind enough to release a little snippet of Job Bob Briggs’ talk about the 1979 film!

We need to give another tip of the hat to Bloody Disgusting for also giving us the low down on the two other films in the 24 hour marathon. As well as Tourist Trap we are getting 1983’s Sleepaway Camp and 1982’s Basket Case.
Joe Bob Briggs - Basket Case

Joe Bob Briggs made a name for himself with his wit and film knowledge, starting on The Movie Channels’ Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater. The success of that series earned Briggs two nominations for the Cable ACE award. Which eventually led to Joe Bob appearing on TNT’s MonsterVision, which is in fact where I was first introduced to the legendary horror host.

[Via] TNT’s MonsterVision

You Can Only Catch The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs On Shudder!

Shudder’s streaming service is all you will need to catch this event, friends. Not only do I have a subscription – paying a mere $4.99 a month I might add – but I can tell you there has been many a night down here in the Vault where I’ve kept myself entertained with the films and TV series that Shudder offers. Furthermore can you truly think of a better way to enjoy today, Friday the 13th?
Joe Bob Briggs - Shudder - The Last Drive-In

While we wait for the 24 hour marathon to begin, let’s take a look at this vintage interview with Joe Bob Briggs and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show!

[Via] Joe Bob

Have You Heard This Duet Version of “What A Fool Believes”?

Kenny Loggins. Fangirl love. Frequent topic of articles. Blah, blah, blah. What a fool believes is that I’ve never written a Kenny Loggins-themed article for the Retroist.

Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald

A Kenny Loggins/Michael McDonald collaboration is not new or novel. Their association dates back to 1978, when the two wrote “What A Fool Believes,” each recording their own version (Loggins as a solo artist, McDonald with The Doobie Brothers for their 1978 album Minute By Minute). The song debuted on the charts on January 20, 1979 at #73, reaching #1 on April 14, 1979, and remaining there for one week. For Loggins, the song appeared on his 1978 album Nightwatch. I should note that Loggins’ version is the first recorded version.

The pair first recorded together beginning with 1979’s Keep the Fire (if you’ve heard “This Is It,” then you’ve heard Michael McDonald’s backing vocals). The duo still make concert appearances together, and even co-collaborated with Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner for his 2017 album Drunk.

Surely you’ve heard this amazing song, “Show You The Way”? It definitely calls back to the days of Loggins and McDonald in the 1970s and 1980s.

I blame my friend/fellow friend of Retroist (and Michael McDonald fan) Claire for introducing me to this song:

Upload via Thundercat – Topic

If you can get past the “mad man surfacing from beneath the dark waters” album cover, Thundercat really knows how to collaborate!

Outside: From The Redwoods

Outside: From The Redwoods is a 1992 concert filmed for PBS (it aired in 1993), shot in an outdoor venue among giant redwood trees. The concert features reworked versions of Loggins’ songs, as well as appearances by R&B singer Shanice, and yes, the co-subject of this article, Michael McDonald.

Second only to the beauty of the Redwoods is Kenny Loggins hair.

I haven’t had hair envy this bad since I saw Chicago at the Greek Theatre. Chicago Circa 1993 was a hair party, but Kenny Loggins clearly has them beat.

And seriously. Michael McDonald. Has he changed in the last 25 years…or ever?

I promise, this screenshot is not from a concert filmed last week. It’s from 1992.

What A Fool Believes When He Is In the Redwoods

Shocker of all shockers: I had no idea this version of “What A Fool Believes” existed. I like listening to random Kenny Loggins shuffling on my Amazon Echo Dot while I’m writing or playing Nintendo Switch. This version happened to come up one night last month while I was listening out of excitement of buying Kenny Loggins concert tickets.

Shocker of all shockers #2: I have yet to see this concert. I’ve been trying to watch newer live performances to get an idea of what to expect from a Kenny Loggins concert. This one is on my short list, so never you worry, I will watch it!

Anyway, this version of “What A Fool Believes.” It’s beautiful, moving, and Kenny Loggins has pretty hair.

Have a listen!

Upload via KennyLogginsVEVO

The use of Xylophone is amazing. How did this one fly under my radar?!

More Tales of Dying Retail: Ace’s Adventures

Just in case you missed my last look at dying retail culture on film:

Beautifully Haunting: Dead Mall Culture As Seen By Dan Bell

The Culture of Dying Retail and Malls

With online shopping offering better options, lower costs, and the ability to buy from your living room couch, malls and brick-and-mortar stores are becoming relics of the past. Communities socioeconomic factors only contribute to this trend. Once great places to find what you needed, socialize, and eat are now becoming a thing of the past.

As more and more stores and malls meet the definition of “dying retail” and “dead mall,” some head out on the road, on their way to photograph and film the culture. Dated decor and furnishings, vacant storefronts, and smaller/non-existent crowds serve as the common thread of this culture. For those of us in the nostalgia business, we’re left sighing and remembering when.

The other common thread? Bath and Body Works.

Seriously, the apocalypse of dead mall/dying retail culture could hit, and there will still be plenty of fruity body spray for all!

Bonus points for the old storefront from the early 2000s (the one pictured here is the current storefront).

This Is Dan Bell

A few week ago, I talked about Dan Bell and his Dead Mall Series. Dan’s vast expanse of exploration covers not just dying and dead malls, but also dirty abandoned motel rooms, and dead motels. The stories his videos tell are more than his commentary – the passage of time is not kind to what is abandoned. The images are fascinating. However, I will admit the idea of the motel series grosses me out, so I’m dragging my heels with seeing it.

However, if you’re strong of stomach…

This Is Dan Bell: Another Dirty Room

This is Dan Bell: Dead Motel Series

…And Now, Ace’s Adventures!

Meanwhile, based out of Buffalo, New York, Anthony Ernewein is staking his claim in the amazing culture of dying retail, covering ground in the well-worn footsteps of those before him, but with the added bonus of news footage. Anthony (“Ace”) is a 9-5 guy with who also deejays on the side, but treats dying retail culture the way anyone with an interest should. His videos are thorough, the images speak more than the commentary, and the use of archived news footage is awesome. Anthony does it right, and like those with the same passion, treats the places he goes with the utmost respect.

My point is, there are plenty of Urbex videos out there, and plenty of explorers to cover it all, but only a handfull treat this interest with the respect these places deserve. Like Dan, Anthony is doing this all right.

I just started watching Ace’s Adventures, but I’m loving what I see.

Ace’s Adventures

Be sure to check out this playlist of his series – perhaps you’ll find it fascinating too!

Upload via Ace’s Adventures


Retro Comic Book Ads

Old comic books often act as a time capsule.  They’re full of advertisements of products from long ago.  Some are still with us, while others are not.  I often like to crack open the pages of a long forgotten comic book and just browse the advertisements found inside with which to take a trip back in time to another era.  Let’s open one of those time capsules here today.

The “time capsule” for this trip back in time is a copy of Iceman #1, from Marvel Comics in 1984.  It was the first issue of his first mini-series, and I imagine this mini-series was created to capitalize on the character’s popularity from the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon.

The first ad we come across is a real eye opener.  It’s for the Mario Bothers home video game for the Atari 2600 system.  It’s hard to think of a Mario game being on any system besides one from Nintendo, but this is from before Nintendo was launched in the USA and Mario took over the video gaming world.  This version of the game for Atari was an arcade port to the home system.

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