Play the “Malcolm in the Middle” 8-bit Game in your Browser

It is a simple game, but for fans of the TV show, “Malcolm in the Middle”, this is probably the closest we are going to get to a game based on this wonderful TV show. The premise is not complex, you take the role of young Malcolm as you walk betwixt your two brothers. The only challenge is that you have to remain “in the middle”. You brothers, Dewey and Reese are not going to make this easy of course. The slow down and speed up at random and if you lose your focus for a minute you will knock into them and end your game. The distractions are pretty simple, but they work as the three boys are constantly saying things that reference the show.

This is a fun little game by Alec Robbins, who has lot of other fun diversions on his website.

Play the “Malcolm in the Middle” 8-bit Game


Congratulations to the Nerd Lunch Podcast on their 200th Episode

The folks over at Nerd Lunch have been going strong for years now and they just celebrated a major milestone, their 200th episode. In this episode, people who have sat in their much vaunted 4th chair return to praise and roast the crew. I have made multiple appearances on Nerd Lunch and contributed a segment to this very special episode.

So if you are a fan, or have not listened to the show and want an overview of what Nerd Lunch is all about, give the show a listen below and then head over to their website and dive headfirst into their other 199 episodes.


Want to get involved in upcoming Retroist Podcast “Specials”?

I have taken a break from the “specials” format of the podcast recently, but I put 3 on the schedule for this year and I am looking for folks who might want to participate. To participate you will need:

  • The ability to record yourself speaking and a decent microphone to do it on
  • A story to tell about yourself that you are willing to share with a bunch of people
  • Joy in nostalgia

Two of these specials will be related to upcoming holidays, while the other will be more general interest. If you submit a recorded segment, I cannot guarantee I will use it, but I will try to spell out exactly the format and tone before you record to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. If you are interested please email me at retroist@retroist.com and tell me a little about yourself.


Listen to the Retroist on this Week’s Nerd Lunch Podcast about Arcades


I am happy to announce that this week I am in the 4th chair of the World Famous Nerd Lunch Podcast. I join Pax, Jeeg and Shawn and we walked about a subject near and dear to my hear, Video Arcades. We talked about our earliest memories, our favorite games, Showbiz Pizza, the magic of arcade Tokens, Six-player X-men, why it is an undisputed and irrefutable fact that Mr. Do! is better than Dig Dug and much more.

This is my 3rd time appearing on the Nerd Lunch show, which I think means if I get Frequent Nerd Luncher Card they sent me punched, I am entitled to a free Nerd Lunch Beer Stein filled with Gummi Worms or any two objects from the shelf below the stein. I am leaning heavily toward the dog whistle and the over-sized novelty comb.

If you enjoy arcades and/or people talking about arcades, please give it a listen.


Browse the Newspaper Archive on Google


I don’t know how long this has been there, but I just stumbled onto a free online archive of old newspaper scans on google. While their archive is not complete by any means, they do have a large number of different newspapers (some dating back to the 1800s, others as recent as the 2000s) and many issues of each paper. The scans even include things like comics and TV schedules in papers which originally included them. Looking at those old
schedules is like a trip back in time, both for the shows themselves and for the style of the listings (when was the last time you saw channel numbers in the black and white boxes like that?). Meanwhile, it’s fun looking at what comics where in the papers back in the day (and even before “the day”), and in some cases seeing how much they’ve changed over the years.

You can also zoom in on everything:

On a side note; I originally stumbled onto this while checking out this site full of old TV schedules (http://www.nickandmore.com/schedules/networks/). This site lists daily schedules for different networks in different years, in text files.
While the schedules aren’t always complete, it is a great resource for seeing what was on and when (check out the mid-80s Nickelodeon schedules for a nostalgia fest).


15,000 Golden Age Comics for Free

The Digital Comic Museum has over 15,000 pre-1959 comics available for download for free. All the titles are in public domain and free of copyright restriction. There are books from just about every genre imaginable, from horror to romance to two-fisted war stories. Beyond getting caught up with the Korean War adventures of Captain Steve Savage, it would be a great resource for creative/artist types to snag some cool vintage graphic elements for projects.



Make Music like you used to on your Commodore in your Browser with WebSID


Were you a Commodore computer enthusiast? If so, even if you lacked and musical talent (like me), you probably played around with making music on the Commodore. And why wouldn’t you, the MOS Technology SID made for some compelling sound, and if memory serves me right the books that came with the Commodore helped you jump right into it.

Now you can relieve those magical days of pushing keys to make fun sounds right in your browser thanks to browser-based WebSID by igorski. I still lack any musical talent, but that has not stopped me from spending over an hour clicking my mouse and reliving my childhood.

[via] WebSID