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Listen to the Retroist on this Week’s Nerd Lunch Podcast about Arcades

I am happy to announce that this week I am in the 4th chair of the World Famous Nerd Lunch Podcast. I join Pax, Jeeg and Shawn and we walked about a subject near and dear to my hear, Video … Continue reading

Browse the Newspaper Archive on Google

I don’t know how long this has been there, but I just stumbled onto a free online archive of old newspaper scans on google. While their archive is not complete by any means, they do have a large number of … Continue reading

15,000 Golden Age Comics for Free

The Digital Comic Museum has over 15,000 pre-1959 comics available for download for free. All the titles are in public domain and free of copyright restriction. There are books from just about every genre imaginable, from horror to romance to … Continue reading

Make Music like you used to on your Commodore in your Browser with WebSID

Were you a Commodore computer enthusiast? If so, even if you lacked and musical talent (like me), you probably played around with making music on the Commodore. And why wouldn’t you, the MOS Technology SID made for some compelling sound, … Continue reading

Daniel XIII Vs. YouTube (and Google Image Search)…Round 1: Fight!

While some of my erstwhile brethren here at The Retroist are masters of the YouTube, your ol’ pal the Ouija Board Kid doesn’t possess such luck. Three times have I turned to that infernal engine this day to sate mine … Continue reading

A Warning about the Internet from IBM in 1994

I love that they thought it was important to warn people about the content on the internet in 1994 and wonder if anyone read this and thought, “well this is not for me” and unplugged the modem immediately? I do … Continue reading

Google Doodle Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who!

Everyone visiting the Retroist probably already knows that today is a pretty big day. For November 23, 2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first episode of the Doctor Who TV series! Doctor Who first appeared on BBC television at … Continue reading

Global Quest – The Internet in the Classroom (1993)

In the early 1990s, the Internet was not a widespread phenomenon at all. This video was made back then and was meant to show kids in grade K-12 just how exciting a place the internet could be. What I marvel … Continue reading

The Kids’ Guide to the Internet

In this video from 1997, a very nineties family teaches us all about this new thing called, “The Internet” and why it is such an exciting place to be. I wonder how many copies of this guide were distributed? If … Continue reading

The Retroist is featured in a General Mills Blog post about Monster Cereal Fandom

If you are a regular on the site, you probably know already that it is hard to shut me up on the subject of Monster Cereals (especially this time of year). Well all my crowing and Boo Berry costume wearing … Continue reading

The Question on Everybody’s Lips in 1994? “What is… The Internet?”

Welcome to the Internet Revolution…

Help bring back the “Play Value” podcast

As fans of nostalgia, wouldn’t you like a podcast that discusses the history of gaming? Maybe delve into how various video games companies started, or who created the first coin-op video game, or get a better understanding of video game … Continue reading

Fools of the past: ASCii Youtube

Well, with this being April Fool’s day again, I’m reminded of the ASCii videos Youtube had a couple years ago. They rather borked it by rolling out some permanent changes on the same day (which most people hoped was just … Continue reading

TV Quiz Posted on Net.Games in 1981

Waaaay back in 1981, early Usenet user, “Dave” posted a little trivia contest in the Newsgroup Net.Games that is not only a really cool chunk of TV geek history but a fun trivia contest. I love that the quiz is … Continue reading

Neon City 3D Promo is Canned Tron-like Video Goodness

If you need an intro video for whatever project your are working on, please take a look at this Neon City 3D Promo by Enchanted Studios. It has a great Tron vibe that will ad futuristic credibility to whatever you … Continue reading