Last Action Hero Burger King Cups

Burger King’s Last Action Hero Cups

Last Action Hero is the type of movie that Hollywood execs would eat up. It made sense that Burger King would hawk Last Action Hero collectible soft drink cups.

The movie plot’s sees a young boy transported into his favorite movie. He meets his favorite action star and together they hunt down an evil villain. Sounds like box office gold!

Even with the big guns of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the guy who directed Die Hard (John McTiernan), Last Action Hero wasn’t a huge success.

Arnold had conquered the box office in 1992 with the success of Terminator 2. He was an unstoppable machine, but Last Action Hero was his first real box office disappointment. Released in the summer of 1993, it simply couldn’t compete with Jurassic Park. Luckily for Arnold, he teamed up with James Cameron in 1994 and bounced back with True Lies.

Collect all 4 Cups at Burger King!

While it didn’t live up to expectations, it’s a fun movie with an excellent supporting cast.

It’s filled with one-liners and Arnold never hesitates to make fun of himself or his supporting cast. There’s an amusing joke involving F. Murray Abraham’s character killing Mozart.

Charles Dance is the evil villain Benedict and has a collection of crazy glass eyes. Bridgette Wilson, Tom Noonan, and Anthony Quinn round out a star-studded cast.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by an animated cat (bonus points if you recognize the actor voicing this MC Skat Kat knockoff).

The film also boasted a rockin’ soundtrack with some of the biggest bands of the day: AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Def Leppard, and many other hard rock acts you’ll recognize.

Have It Your Way!

Burger King was aggressively marketing to a younger generation in the early ’90s with a series of commercials starring MTV’s Dan Cortese and Debra Wilson (of MADtv fame).

Burger King spent $20 million on a marketing campaign for what they called “the biggest movie of the summer.”

For everything that went wrong with Last Action Hero’s marketing, Burger King’s tie-in with the film was pretty awesome. Collectible soft drink cups were pretty standard when it came to movie/fast food tie-ins.

But how many soft drink cups were animated? That’s right, the cup you got at Burger King actually animated a scene from the movie. Check ’em out and don’t forget to collect all four!

New Improved Chocodile? I’ll be the judge of that.

When Hostess fell apart a few years ago, I stocked up on my favorite snack cakes. The one I could not get my hands on was the Chocodile. Which sadly happened to be the one snack cake I had the strongest feelings for. Now, I was happy to see Hostess reform and I have enjoyed their relaunched products for the most part. Still, the Chocodile they released was lackluster. So I was very happy to be at the store last night and see something labeled as a New Improved Chocodile (Fudge Covered Twinkies) on the shelf.

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As you can see from the above photo, it looks like a Chocodile, but so did the other ones. This is all about taste. So I grabbed my prize and skipped home happily and poured myself a glass of milk before cracking these open.

The results were quite satisfying. Labeling them as fudge covered Twinkies is accurate. The New Improved Chocodile has a nice thick coating of chocolate. Much greater than the one they relaunched and maybe even thicker than the original. The taste is right on. Nice chocolatey taste combines well with the spongy cake and cream filling to make every bite satisfying. What is especially nice is that the coating adds to the Twinkie, a snack cake I adored growing up, but am currently struggling with because of the updated recipe.

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So is the New Improved Chocodile actually new and improved? More importantly which old Chocodile is it actually improving on? I would have to say both. Some might argue with me, but I think Hostess nailed this new Chocodile and I am pleased as punch with results. Now they just need drop Twinkie from the name and bring back Chauncey Chocodile.

Watch this classic commercial featuring Chauncey Chocodile

Ellios Pizza

Ellios Pizza – Hip to be Square (or Rectangle)

If you visited my house when I was growing up, to play a game and asked for a snack, I would offer you Ellios Pizza. Ellios Pizza was not the greatest pizza, it also wasn’t the cheapest. I occupied that middle ground. It was moderately priced mediocre pizza and I loved it.

Now, I did not just eat the pizza out of the box. I developed an entire process around cooking my Ellios Pizza. It involved cooking the pizza in the oven or toaster oven until the bottom crust was just starting to get crisp. Then I would take it out, douse it with extra cheese and put if back in the oven on broil. You are probably thinking I did that until the cheese was nice and melty. You are very wrong. No, I would cook that cheese to a dark brown crisp. It terrified all who beheld it and gave me a monopoly on whatever pizza I made.

My friend quickly learned my method and insisted on cooking their own. Which was just fine by me.

Over the years, I moved away from Ellios Pizza. Last time I visited my sister, she surprised me with a box and I attempted to recreate my childhood mouth treat. Sadly, it just wasn’t the same. In the intervening years, I have become pizza-spoiled. No longer can I feel comfortable with that pizza middle-ground. Still, I have great memories of eating Ellios Pizza and whenever I see an ad or box of the stuff in the store, it takes me back to happy times.

I don’t recall a lot of commercials for Ellios Pizza from the eighties. But in the nineties they started advertising heavily. These commercial had two things wrong with them. One, they made Ellios look a lot cheesier than they actually were. Two, they played on this idea that the slices were square. They even used the saying, “Hip to be Square,” in their advertising. That just ain’t true, this is rectangular pizza!

Oh well, the kid they have in this particular ad is pretty great.

Watch this commercial for Ellios Pizza

Chuck E Cheese Character Training

Chuck E Cheese Character Training Video

I was watching some Disney character training videos when a saw a different mouse video recommendation. It was a link to this wonderful Chuck E Cheese Character Training Video from 1991. By the 1990s, my Chuck E Cheese visits were infrequent, but it had a special place in my heart. So it is interesting to see how they trained their employees to deal with what I could imagine was a tough job.

During my visits to Chuck E Cheese, I was always impressed with their patient employees. It is a chaotic loud overstimulating work environment and the people who work their need to maintain a good attitude at all times. This is especially true for the people who wear the character costumes. Being behind the mask, people seem to disrespect them more. So it is interesting to see how limited the training is for them.

The Chuck E Cheese Character Training is just about 7 minutes long and really just covers the basics. What are the costumes? How to keep them sanitized? How to interact with the guest? Those are the things that are covered in this video. What is amazing is how little time is spent on dealing with the chaos. The only words of advice you will get while in costume when things go wrong? Make the “time out” symbol and someone will help you.

Nothing about angry parents. Not a peep about violent or grabby kids? I guess these are all things you are expected to learn about and deal with while on the job. I am not sure how much Chuck E Cheese Character employees were paid. But from what I saw while visiting, it was never enough.

Watch the Chuck E Cheese Character Training Video

For those interested in what training was like before the 1990s. Here is the Chuck E. Cheese Walkabout Character Guide.

Watch the Chuck E. Cheese Walkabout Character Guide

Would You Like To Enjoy Breakfast at Jellystone Park Every Morning?

Imagine being able to have breakfast with Yogi Bear, Pixie and Dixie and the rest of the gang in Jellystone Park. Every morning! This Jellystone Park plate and Pixie and Dixie bowl set, which was made in the 1960s, makes this possible.
Jellystone Park

My husband loves all things pop culture, just like I do. He has fond memories from his childhood of eating from this plate and bowl set. I was amazed to discover that his mother still had it and it was in excellent condition.

My husband enjoyed being able to see the familiar Saturday morning cartoon characters on plates and bowls. He has fond memories of his mom telling him that he was not finished until he could see Pixie and Dixie at the bottom of the bowl.

These characters first appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My husband and I saw them as kids as Saturday morning cartoons re-runs.

The plate has Yogi Bear, Ranger Smith, Quick Draw McGraw, Blabber Mouse, Snooper, Hokey Wolf, Ding-A-Ling Wolf, Mr. Jinks., Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Yakky Doodle, Pixie and Dixie.

On the plate, Ding-A-Ling is helping put up the sign and Snooper is carrying a bowl of food. Baba Looey, the Mexican burro, Huckleberry Hound, and Snagglepuss are putting the tablecloth on the table. Blabber Mouse is carrying Yakky Doodle in a pink flower pot. Pixie and Dixie are wrapping a present.

I’m a big fan of the Hanna Barbera cartoons. I feature them regularly on my blog, Between the Pages. Check out this Snagglepuss Cake and these amazing Flintstone Cakes and Scooby-Doo Cakes and this Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.