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Do You Remember The Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game?

Here is the truth, friends. I was born in the wrong time period. I love the films, music and style of the ’30s and ’40s. Which naturally is why I am a fan of Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy. Of course that also meant I was excited about the 1990 big screen adaptation too. With the popularity of 1989’s Batman it is easy to see why McDonald’s was ready to jump on the bandwagon. In this case with the Dick Tracy crimestopper game!

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My love for Dick Tracy was thanks to my Junior High School library. Not only did they have a collection of Superman newspaper strips. It also contained a tome featuring the early adventures of the legendary detective. It not only surprised me by how incredibly violent the strips were. But in addition I learned my favorite of Tracy’s Rogue’s Gallery was The Brow!
Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game - The Brow

By the time the 1990 big screen film was being released I had already been wearing a fedora and trench coat. Of course you can imagine in High School when the Dick Tracy trailers started popping up – I was the butt of many a joke. Where my fellow classmates found much to ridicule about the then upcoming film. I on the other hand was getting more and more excited by each trailer and TV spot.

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The Dick Tracy crimestopper game was a scratch-off offering from McDonald’s. Multiple cards were offered and in all honesty I didn’t play them all. However I can certainly tell you that I won a bit of free food from the game. I will get to that in just a second. First, a huge thank you to Zannaland for these scans of the Dick Tracy crimestopper game cards. As you can plainly see, the goal was to scratch off the single winning box. Although having said that there was a box that would give you a clue too.
Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game - Zannaland

If you didn’t win the first part of the scratch-off game. There was at least the second portion, the mug shot game. You would go into your local McDonald’s to see which of Tracy’s rogues was on display at that time. If you had a match – the prize was yours.
Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game - Mug Shot

These scratch-off cards offered various scenes from the film, although with some artistic licenses. I mean you won’t find Pruneface at the card game in the film. In the 1990 movie it is the Brow, Rhodent, Shoulders, Little Face, and Stooge Viller.
Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game - Zannaland - Playing card

Here is an amazing thing about these McDonald’s television commercials. They featured some of the actual actors from the film. Such as Chuck Hicks as the Brow, Neil Summers as Rhodent, as well as Jim Wilkey as Stooge Viller.

McDonald’s Dick Tracy crimestopper game wasn’t the only reason to be excited for the 1990 film. You also had the MTV contest!

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Oh, I forgot to tell why I won so much food in the Dick Tracy crimestopper game!

Although I certainly doubt they would be so accommodating today. When the game started at my local McDonald’s I asked if I could have some extra game cards. The young lady working thought about it for a second then handed me about 35 of them. Maybe it was the the hat and trench coat that did the trick?

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Michael J. Fox McDonald's Commercial - First Kiss

Want To See Michael J. Fox McDonald’s Commercial?

Obviously Michael J. Fox is pretty well remembered these days. Family Ties, Back to the Future, and of course Spin City are a few of the films and TV shows he has appeared in. The celebrated actor and activist got his first role in an 1973 episode of the long running Canadian show The Beachcombers. A mere seven years later and he would be appearing in 1980’s often overlooked Midnight Madness. Around the same time, apparently you could see Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial as well!
Michael J. Fox McDonald's Commercial - Title

In this rather charming television ad you will see many of the hallmark elements that made Michael J. Fox a star. Entitled First Kiss, Fox plays a very nervous young man on a date. In addition this Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial is assumed to have been aired in 1980 so that would make it two years before his appearance in The Class of 1984. As well as making it big as Alex P. Keaton in NBC’s Family Ties.

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1985 though was really a remarkable year for the young actor. You had the TV films Poison Ivy and Family Ties Vacation. In addition at your local theaters you could catch Michael in the cult classic Teen Wolf as well as Back to the Future of course. In fact here is a vintage Johnny Carson interview with the 24-year-old star. In particular I enjoyed near the ending of their interview in this clip. When the subject matter turns to the love life of Fox and Carson for that matter.

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Now this McDonald’s TV ad didn’t mark the end of Fox appearing in and acting as spokesman for a food or beverage product. While we may not have another Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial there is the memorable Pepsi one, right?

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Ready to see that Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial?

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pizza hut crystal pepsi

When Pizza Hut had Crystal Pepsi

I lose all objectivity when it comes to Crystal Pepsi, or as we called it “Crystal P.” To me, and me close circle of friends, it was an exaggerated big deal. We drank and celebrated this clear cola and somehow were never tainted by any backlash.

So while others might roll their eyes at Pizza Hut boasting about selling Crystal Pepsi, we did not. Instead this was just another reason for us to get pizza from the Hut.

In this offer which ran in 1992/1993, we see Pizza Hut bragging on having Crystal Pepsi. A product, their pizza rival, Domino’s does not carry. The commercial is wonderfully optimistic, with pizza patrons calling to order pizza contingent on Pizza Hut or Domino’s having Crystal Pepsi to accompany it.

Naturally the professional and polite staff at Pizza Hut, not only have Crystal Pepsi, they will give it to you for free with the purchase of two 1-topping pizzas. All for the low price of $11.99. A compelling deal indeed. Why can they do it for such a low price?

Well it appears to me that not only does Pizza Hut have Crystal Pepsi, they have so much of it they don’t know where to put it. Placing random bottles on shelves and counters to meet the demands of a crystal beverage thirsty public.

Meanwhile across town. In I imagine, the worst part of town, the irreverent and disrespectful staff at Domino’s have no Crystal Pepsi to offer their patrons. You would think that would cause them to be contrite, prepared with a quality offer of a fine Coke product? Not these Domino’s employees. At best they can only mumble a “no,” and at worst they outright mock the caller.

It is all a lot of fun and a perfect encapsulation of the ongoing Cola War that has now mixed into the burgeoning Pizza War.

Specific dates for this particular offer escape me right now, but I this it ran during the summer/spring at least. I recall going to a Pizza Hut with a friend’s family and for some reason we ate the pizza standing around the car in the parking lot. We were all pretty excited to crack open the 2 liter of Crystal Pepsi, but drinking it warm out of paper cups really cut into our enjoyment. I guess we got one of those warm bottles they stored on the counter.

Watch this magnificent Pizza Hut has Crystal Pepsi Commercial

If anyone else had a Pizza Hut/Crystal Pepsi experience, I would love to hear about it.


No Frills Products Of Pathmark

When I was a kid in the 1980s, my parents would go to the supermarket once a month on Saturday mornings. Having been a regular viewer of Saturday morning cartoons, this would upset me as I had to go with them and miss out on all those shows. The supermarket? Pathmark.

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While there, I would spend most of my time in the toy aisle. The toys were cheap and… limited, but it was something for me to look at. However, there was one aisle I didn’t mind going down, because of how odd it looked. From front of the aisle to the rear, all I could see were white labels on soda cans, apple sauce, pet food, etc.. This was the no frills aisle. I remember this fondly as this was the go to place to get everything we needed for vacations. The no frills soda cans were a staple in the cooler for those trips. I can’t remember how the cola tasted, but I do remember how the can looked. It was like watching a Looney Tunes cartoon, but instead of Acme products, it was no frills.

Looking for baking soda, don’t look for Arm & Hammer, get BAKING SODA. Looking for cola soda, don’t look for Pepsi, get COLA. Same goes for BEER and CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP. Something about the uniformity of this aisle made me smile. Do you remember Pathmark’s No Frills products? Did you have a similar experience?
Pathmark - Beer