Would You Like To Enjoy Breakfast at Jellystone Park Every Morning?

Imagine being able to have breakfast with Yogi Bear, Pixie and Dixie and the rest of the gang in Jellystone Park. Every morning! This Jellystone Park plate and Pixie and Dixie bowl set, which was made in the 1960s, makes this possible.
Jellystone Park

My husband loves all things pop culture, just like I do. He has fond memories from his childhood of eating from this plate and bowl set. I was amazed to discover that his mother still had it and it was in excellent condition.

My husband enjoyed being able to see the familiar Saturday morning cartoon characters on plates and bowls. He has fond memories of his mom telling him that he was not finished until he could see Pixie and Dixie at the bottom of the bowl.

These characters first appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My husband and I saw them as kids as Saturday morning cartoons re-runs.

The plate has Yogi Bear, Ranger Smith, Quick Draw McGraw, Blabber Mouse, Snooper, Hokey Wolf, Ding-A-Ling Wolf, Mr. Jinks., Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Yakky Doodle, Pixie and Dixie.

On the plate, Ding-A-Ling is helping put up the sign and Snooper is carrying a bowl of food. Baba Looey, the Mexican burro, Huckleberry Hound, and Snagglepuss are putting the tablecloth on the table. Blabber Mouse is carrying Yakky Doodle in a pink flower pot. Pixie and Dixie are wrapping a present.

I’m a big fan of the Hanna Barbera cartoons. I feature them regularly on my blog, Between the Pages. Check out this Snagglepuss Cake and these amazing Flintstone Cakes and Scooby-Doo Cakes and this Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.

That ad for Kraft Potato Fudge is fake

I almost hate to write this post, but the time has come. If you follow me on social media, you might notice that every once in a while I post an ad for Kraft Potato Fudge. It is one of my favorite ads to post and it also fake.

Why do I enjoy posting it? Primarily because I think it is a funny ad. But also because I want to live in a world where Potato Fudge is a real thing. An alternative history where parents were so desperate to get kids to eat spuds, they would slather them in fudge.

Alas, we do not live in that world. But each time I post this faux ad, I see people reacting and believing that we do.

This has usually made me smile, and I always figured what is the harm. But after some emails and messages with people during my last post, I started to realize how seriously people can take this misinformation. This is making me feel bad, so I am going to stop posting it.

I should not be surprised that the rest of the world also wants to believe in Potato Fudge. They will overlook details on the ad that are kind of jokey or just “off” looking. (That kid’s face is just a brilliant addition to the original ad!) Who can blame them really. The world would be a lot more magical if Kraft Potato Fudge were a real thing.

Now, I know I will get some emails from people asking me, how can I prove it is a fake. Well here is the original Cheez Whiz ad that this ad is a Photoshopped version of.

Cheez Whiz Ad Potato Fudge is based upon

The Cheez Whiz Ad basis for Potato Fudge

For those of you out there who are saying, “No, potato fudge is real, I have had it.” You are probably referring to the fudge that is made with mashed potatoes. You can find lots of recipes for it online. From what I understand, it tastes just like regular old fudge. It just has a slightly different consistency. Here is an ad for the fudge I found online from C&H.

Recipe for REAL Potato Fudge

ch potato fudge recipe

I hope I didn’t ruin many people’s day by posting this. We have had lots of crazy products over the years that actually existed to make us look back and laugh.

Also, I just want to add, this is the internet, and for some weird reason, I could be making this entire thing up as well.

Maybe Potato Fudge does exist, but I am just trying to throw you off its trail. Perhaps I am using it to popularize my fake C&H Potato Fudge recipe? Or what if my Mother was the inventor of it, and it has been a family shame or we are wrapped up in long-term court battle? Even better, maybe I am just trying to fool the world into thinking that something called “Cheez Whiz” actually existed.

You just never know nowadays.

Hamm’s Beer Commercial – Bear riding in Jeep!

I’m not a huge beer drinker, but if Hamm’s beer let’s you cruise the countryside in a jeep with a bear as your passenger? I’m willing to buy a 6 pack for sure! You saw more rugged dudes on television back in the day. Grizzly Adams, Uncle Jesse, the crew from GunSmoke, and Bonanza. I betcha all those dudes would be happy to have a bear for a co-pilot. Beer was rugged and manly. You were either chopping down trees, or building a cabin while guzzling down beer. I still think that’s cool!

Enjoy this lesson in manly right here! Go have a beer, make it a Hamm’s!

FIVE ALIVE commercial 1981

No doubt riding on the heels of the immensely popular movie 9 to 5, this commercial hits us right in the taste buds!

It appears that Nancy has hit a wall at the office and needs a little pick me up! Thankfully her sassy coworkers are there to inject a little vitamin C! Typing takes a LOT outta ya!

FIVE ALIVE was a juice drink I used to love! This summer I was reminded of this magical elixir while waiting for a Ferry Boat in British Columbia, Canada. Sadly the soda machine was all out. What a disappointment. Oh well, this commercial reminds of the abundance of multiple citrus fruit juices I missed out on.

It’s all fun and games until the boss catches you screwing around…NOW, GET BACK TO WORK!

Rainbow Brite

Do You Recall Rainbow Brite Sprites At Taco Bell?

When Rainbow Brite hit the scene back in 1983 it took hold. Created by none other than Gary Glissmeyer, Cheryl Cozad, and Dan Drake of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Rainbow Brite had dolls and toys, produced by Mattel. In addition to the images of the more popular characters being found on clothing, bedding, and other media.

The sales of Rainbow Brite merchandise also led to an animated series in 1984. With Warner Bros. releasing the feature-length animated movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer to theaters in 1985. An adventure that leads R.B. and the Color Kids to attempt to thwart a Winter on Earth. A supernatural and never-ending cold brought on by Stormy, the opposite of our heroine.
Rainbow Brite

There is of course a lot of songs included in the film. Naturally.

[Via] I-Mockery

With all of this popularity it only stands to reason that fast food giants of the time would jump in. Incredibly popular places like Taco Bell for example. Instead of focusing on offering R.B. dolls they wisely chose to sell Sprites. The hardworking and lovable companions to R.B. and the Color Kids.

[Via] Hai Karate 4

So now that you might be hungry for Taco Bell. This would be the perfect time to remind you that Rainbow Brite also had a cereal!

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