Flea Market Finds: Star Trek The Motion Picture: Captain Kirk Figure By Mego

So I’m poking around The Mojo Sales Flea Market here in my hometown of Santa Rosa like I do every Sunday, not having a bit of luck like I’m also sometimes known to do, when I came across this beauty right here!

Yes indeed, A still on it’s original card Mego Star Trek The Motion Picture Capt. Kirk action figure! It was just sitting there in a stack of carded Star Trek figures by Playmates. Those are the ones that you prolly see all the time…the more current one, the one’s that feature just about every character ever to appear in Star Trek, even if only for a minute…

Admiral McCoy - Star Trek the Next Generation

This one though. This Kirk here, while not rare by any means is still a sort of a rare Flea Market find. I mean, they came out in 1979 which while that might not seem like a long time ago to us retro-folks was actually like, a really long time ago!

In my opinion anytime you find something from the 70’s still in it’s original packaging just sitting there on a Flea Market table, that’s a cool find. So I found it, that’s step one. The second and much more difficult step is actually getting the thing…That’s the tricky part. Getting what you want at a price that’s cool to you.

The vendor is a known commodity. They call him “The Star Trek Guy” This dude at times has filled his entire table with Star Trek stuff, figures, dolls, collector plates, you name it. Over the years though he’s sort of thinned out his Star Trek inventory to where he just has a few Playmates figure out on the outer edges of his booth. A few Playmates figures and this guy here…

Star Trek - Mego

Star Trek - Card Back - Mego

So I approach him expecting some sort of silly real world price when low and behold dudes says…”1 dollar”. ONE DOLLAR! I couldn’t believe it. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t get my money out quick enough.

I really don’t know what he was thinking.While not a high value figure this guy here could prolly get you 30 or 40 bucks online. Maybe he was just being nice.Maybe he was just sick of looking at all the Star Trek he must have at his house.. Who knows? What I do know is that I am super stoked to have this guy. Like REALLY STOKED! He’s so awesome. I think that I would have preferred a Mr.Spock but if you can only pick one Star Trek figure you can’t go wrong with Captain Kirk. He’s the man!

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Flea Market Finds: 1986 Mattel C.U.T.I.E’s Lovey Dovey 10 Pack

So I was poking around the Flea Market the other day having no success when boom! Right there in front of me. A Still in the package box of C.U.T.I.E.S or Cutest Tiny Individuals on Earth… an 1986 toy by Mattel meant to cash in on the somewhat powerhouse toy they also produced. M.U.S.C.L.E, I have no idea what M.U.S.C.L.E stands for despite having millions of them when I was a kid and a ton of them today. I’m also too lazy to look it up. It’s a good thing it says what C.U.T.I.E stands for right on the package..

You guys know about M.U.S.C.L.E right? They were tiny pink wrestlers and also TOTALLY AWESOME! One of my faves at the time. I was so into them.


Anyway, BOOM! Like I said. There they were and I was all like…”They must be mine”. I don’t know why really. They are girl toys and not really that awesome of a girl toy at that but after a day of Flea Market Strikeouts I needed a win.

C.U.T.I.E. - Back of Packaging

So I approached the dude who had em’ out on his blanket and he threw out the awesome price of 3 dollars. I mean, they must have cost more when they came out right? So anyway, I could see that dude was really thinking 1 dollar when he said 3 but in the spirit of being cool I countered with 2 and he jumped at it. Now The C.U.T.I.E’s are mine!

This particular pack is called The Lovey Doveys and it had 10 gals with names like Tutu Much or Leah Tard ( I love that last name.. ) Mrs.Sippie and Holly Woodstar…Awesome ya? What a bunch.

C.U.T.I.E. Tray

I don’t know, it’s always cool to bring home something straight out of The Eighties, especially a toy right? I know, it’s a girl toy, but it’s still cool.

To be honest if I came up on these back in my MUSCLE day I think the CUTIES might have joined the ranks and became lady wrestlers or something. I wasn’t the type to waste a toy. If you gave it to me I’d prolly use it!

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VCR Plus. Where Were You When I Needed You?

The VCR Plus. Man, I wanted one of these back in the day. Well guess what? I have one now and it’s totally useless. The deal was that your newspaper would print little code numbers in the TV section and you’d find the number of the show you wanted to tape, type it into the VCR Plus and it’d record the show for you.

It was mad cool at the time but since they don’t print the numbers anymore it’s straight of no use to anyone, plus, who outside of me uses a VCR to tape stuff? There must be some fools out there but not many. Give me a big bow wow if you still tape stuff on a VCR!

Anyway, I saw this at The Dig the other day and had to get it. It was like a dollar. Looks to have been unopened too which is cool.

VCR Plus Box Back

I don’t know what’s so cool about that. I guess it still has some 90’s air in there which I must have inhaled when I opened the box.

VCR Plus Unboxing

That’s kind of gross really. What if there was some sort of 90’s virus that has long since died but has been lying in wait for a chance to reemerge? Guess what fool. It’s in your body now.

I wonder if I could get my local newspaper to start printing the codes again or maybe I could crack the code myself and use it to record some of the dumb shows I watch nowadays, like Supergirl or Lucha Underground.. Prolly not.

I do like this though. It’s sort of an early version of the DVR. It was sort of ahead of it’s time in a way but not really. Like a lot of things from that era.

I just sort of looked into it and it turns out that the VCR plus worked on an algorithm that used the numbers to determine the time and channel it would record on. Kind of sort of high tech, I guess. There is all sorts of math involved in this and I don’t know if it’d be worth the trouble to crack. I say this like I could crack it or something. I barely passed algebra. Like, barely..

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Flea Market Finds: Fisher Price Adventure People Daredevil Sports Van

I was poking around the Flea Market the other day, I wasn’t having the best of luck as far as finding things for myself. I found some cool toys that I might be able to swap or sell down the line like a Sectaur and some other such stuff from the 80’s but I hadn’t yet found anything that tickled my retro nerve.

That’s ok though it sometimes happens like that but then just like flipping a switch from off to on I found something. Something that I totally wanted. The Fisher Price Adventure People Daredevil Sports Van


It was at the bottom of a random box of cars and trucks that was sitting in a space between seller’s spots. I thought maybe at first it was up for grabs. People do that sometimes, leave boxes of stuff behind that they think they can’t sell. You can find good stuff there occasionally. Anyway, this wasn’t that. It was some dude’s sum merchandise. I mean it was all he brought. I guess maybe earlier in the day he had individual prices for the cars but this was long past then so he’d boxed em’ all up for an I’ve got to go sale price.

I really only wanted the Adventure People Van I was stoked because I have the 2 figures that come with it already. One of them is a kayak guy and the other is a bow legged motorcycle rider. I have the bike too but not the kayak or the parachute parts that come with set. It’s a good play-set. It really covers the whole gambit of 70’s X-Treme sports. You have Moto-Cross and Parachutes and Kayaks. You could fully do that move from The Cannonball Run where the host of Win Lose Or Draw jumps out of a plane on a motorcycle if you wanted to, and had a plane I guess.

So I asked the dude and he quoted me the sky high price of 5 dollars. I didn’t even haggle and had the box in my arms before he’d have a chance to change his mind. Boom! I had it and was totally ecstatic.


?I really love Adventure People. They are so intentionally generic that they the whole line of toys is just brilliant. You have everything from nurses to Motocross riders. What makes it so genius is why pay for the right to license an existing property when there are a million great adventures taking place all around us that you can use for absolutely free. Imagine the savings.

There were some other cool cars in the box as well. One of them is really neat, it’s a Remco Monkee Mobile from 1970. It’s missing the roof but I’m not too worried about that. I wish I had it but considering that I paid pretty much nothing for it I’m fine with the deal.


One of the cool things about the flea market is how quickly things can turn around. One minute I had nothing but a Sectaur and the next minute I’m going home with one of my new favorite things. It can all change just like that. I guess in reality everything is like that in someway huh? Oh well, I guess know that we should try and appreciate all of it right? You take the good, you take the bad you take them both and there you have The Facts Of Life, never have those words rung truer than they are right now…

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