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8-bit Ghost Bullies are strong in a group, but cowards alone

I am not sure the logic follows completely based on gameplay, but I think the imagery and sentiment of the words are appropriate in this piece posted to the Social Arcade.

Who wouldn’t want to hang this NES Zapper Diagram on their wall?

Are you a video game master? If so do you have a trophy room filled with the games you vanquished and the weapons you used to defeat them? If you do, why not heap some addition praise on one of … Continue reading

Wooden Pixel BurgerTime Wall Art

Did you enjoy the Retroist BurgerTime Podcast I did last month? Have you plunged headfirst into BurgerTime fandom and now you need the right accessory to showcase your newly found appreciation for this arcade classic? Well how about some wooden … Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China meets MegaMan

In this piece by TheGeekGallery, two underrated masterpieces have been merged together, Big Trouble in Little China and MegaMan. I would definitely pay to play an 8-bit version of Big Trouble in Little China and if it was in the … Continue reading

Pixel Tatooine Landscape

Growing up on Tatooine seemed like a real bummer for Luke. He did make the place sound pretty boring and dangerous, but despite those features, the desert planet is beautiful in its sameness. At it turns out sand and rock … Continue reading

Super Mario Bros. Inspirational Poster

I have been staring at the cat telling me to “Hang in their baby” for way too long and I think it might be time for an upgrade. Looking online I found this great Super Mario Bros. poster with an … Continue reading

Pixel Tron fights for the 8-bit Users

HE FIGHTS FOR THE USERS was designed and posted on Threadless a few years ago by RoyceAquatic. Somehow I missed this brilliant piece of pixel art and the chance to see it put on a t-shirt. We might not be … Continue reading

The New Scooby-Doo Movies With…Bruce Campbell?!

Sadly that artwork above is just a very well done piece of fan art, and the world is poorer for Bruce Campbell never actually having been involved with one of the mysteries solved by those kids and their talking dog … Continue reading

We were told to comb the desert so we’re combing it.

This little gem was posted on the Lego subreddit last week and it makes me think that a Spaceballs Lego set would be pretty amazing. For those of you unfamiliar, here is the scene from the film. May the Schwartz … Continue reading

The Art of Barry Blankenship

After discovering the Weekend Warrior artwork above, I went in search of more from artist Barry Blankenship and I didn’t come away disappointed. His use of colour is amazing and when he turns his eye to Planet of the Apes … Continue reading

Atari Vader

I am sure a lot of Atari/Star Wars fans have thought about how the Atari emblem would fit pretty well into the grill of Vader’s breathing apparatus. In this piece by, Pete Sutupov, you see just how well it fits … Continue reading

Dynamic Trap-Jaw is ready for Action

I always loved the Trap-Jaw character from Master of the Universe. As a cyborg with replaceable parts he has unlimited possibilities as an enemy of the forces of good and as a toy. I feel like they never even got … Continue reading

LEGO Space Invaders

If Lego had made themed kits based on franchises in the early 1980s, I would like to think they would have done a lot with the arcade video game trend. Even though that didn’t happen, a lot of talented brick … Continue reading

Mork, Mork and more Mork

With the sad news of Robin Williams’ passing, I went in search of fan-art for my favourite of his many characters – Mork. I grew up watching repeats of Mork & Mindy and was a huge fan of the zany … Continue reading

Scooby Doo, guest starring The Golden Girls

Did you ever see the Scooby Doo movie where Shaggy and Scooby foiled the evil-doings of those mischievous Golden Girls? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed what could have been the best cross-over ever, it’s an idea that spilled from the … Continue reading