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Space Invader the Extra-Terrestrial

This animated gif by artist Andry “Shango” Rajoelina illustrates what it might have looked like if a different, but very familiar alien, landed on Earth back in 1982. [via] El Shango wuz here

William Tecumseh Sherman and the Power Glove

Many people remember William Tecumseh Sherman for the total war “Scorched Earth” tactics he used during the American Civil War, but did you know that “Uncle Billy” was also a skilled user of Nintendo Power Glove? Try talking to a … Continue reading

Ready For Your Monster Squad Trading Cards?

I can honestly say that 1987’s ‘The Monster Squad’ is one of my favorite films of all time. Director Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) who not only helmed the picture and co-wrote the screenplay with Shane Black (Iron Man … Continue reading

Batman Versus…Captain Carrot?!

The wonderful folks over at Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues have brought together two of my favorite comic characters from my youth. I’ve talked before on the Retroist how Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew was the very first … Continue reading

Let’s Paint a Scene from Gradius

As a huge fan of the Gradius series of games, I’m always more than happy to see a little fan-art for my favourite shooter and this piece by artist ScepterDPinoy is really cool! You don’t often see paintings based on … Continue reading

8-bit Abbey Road

While I did listen to the Beatles growing up, and I know just how influential they were, this Fab 4 probably had a much bigger influence on me. So it seems pretty apt for me top see these iconic 8-bit … Continue reading

Pacman Ghost Pixel Art Coaster

As I start to play around with “pixel art” I really like the idea of making coasters featuring my favorite characters, but I cannot help but think they would make poor coasters since the liquid would just pool in the … Continue reading

I want a Steampunk NES

Last month, we reported on the upcoming Colecovision Flashback and a few people mentioned how they wouldn’t mind seeing an NES Flashback hit the market. I agree that would be some nice imitation retro tech, but maybe for a change … Continue reading

8-bit Ghost Bullies are strong in a group, but cowards alone

I am not sure the logic follows completely based on gameplay, but I think the imagery and sentiment of the words are appropriate in this piece posted to the Social Arcade.

Who wouldn’t want to hang this NES Zapper Diagram on their wall?

Are you a video game master? If so do you have a trophy room filled with the games you vanquished and the weapons you used to defeat them? If you do, why not heap some addition praise on one of … Continue reading

Wooden Pixel BurgerTime Wall Art

Did you enjoy the Retroist BurgerTime Podcast I did last month? Have you plunged headfirst into BurgerTime fandom and now you need the right accessory to showcase your newly found appreciation for this arcade classic? Well how about some wooden … Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China meets MegaMan

In this piece by TheGeekGallery, two underrated masterpieces have been merged together, Big Trouble in Little China and MegaMan. I would definitely pay to play an 8-bit version of Big Trouble in Little China and if it was in the … Continue reading

Pixel Tatooine Landscape

Growing up on Tatooine seemed like a real bummer for Luke. He did make the place sound pretty boring and dangerous, but despite those features, the desert planet is beautiful in its sameness. At it turns out sand and rock … Continue reading

Super Mario Bros. Inspirational Poster

I have been staring at the cat telling me to “Hang in their baby” for way too long and I think it might be time for an upgrade. Looking online I found this great Super Mario Bros. poster with an … Continue reading

Pixel Tron fights for the 8-bit Users

HE FIGHTS FOR THE USERS was designed and posted on Threadless a few years ago by RoyceAquatic. Somehow I missed this brilliant piece of pixel art and the chance to see it put on a t-shirt. We might not be … Continue reading