Moby Dick meets Jaws

Ever looked at the cover of your copy of Moby Dick and thought…why doesn’t this look more like the movie poster for “Jaws?” Terry Fan did and he put together this wonderful art print that combines tension and drama of a well put together movie poster with a legendary novel. It is nice to see derivation giving back to inspiration.

[via] Terry Fan


Punch-Out’s Doc Louis like you have never seen him before

In my previous fan art post about Punch-Out’s Doc Louis I mention he is an unsung hero. Since then, I have been finding more examples of people showing love for Doc, like this interesting 3D portrayal by foobarsan. It has been a half a decade since the last reboot of the Punch-Out franchise, maybe for the next one they could take a cue from this masterwork.

[via] foobarsan

The Doctors Who!

The Doctors Who! by DrFaustusAU

Doctor Who has been a staple of my life for many years. I have a great fondness for the Doctors I grew up with (Peter Davison, Tom and Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) and an even greater fondness of the modern era Doctors. Because of this, I love Doctor Who fan-art that features the various actors in an ensemble, and that is especially true when one of my favourite artists takes on the task.

DrFaustusAU has long been on my regular watchlist for new art. His genre mashups in the style of Dr. Seuss are always memorable, and his take on Doctor Who adheres to that high standard. I love the instantly recognisable character traits – Capaldi’s shrug, Smith’s fez, McCoy’s umbrella and would you just look at that scarf!

The Doctors Who can be ordered as a print over at DeviantArt.


Galaga Cross Stitch

Are you a fan of the arcade classic Galaga? How about the art of cross stitch? Never been able find something that could combined your fandoms together? Well have I got a treat for you. Arist, Karla Jane, put together this wonderful been of framed cross stitch featuring the ship from Galaga in a super fancy frame. It was put together for a gallery show in France, but if you ask me it belongs in a museum.


Like Tetris Pieces through the Hourglass

Time is running out for all of us, but wouldn’t it be nice if instead of grains of sands it was Tetris pieces that helped reckon how long we had in this world. Then maybe from time to time, with the proper manipulation of the hourglass, you could clear a line of pieces and extend your life.

Things aren’t looking so good in this piece by addu called Game Time, but this player still has plenty of white space to turn this game/life around.


Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Pixel Art

Winter is still a few weeks away, but approaching quickly. Sadly this winter will not bring any new TV or print related Game of Thrones entertainment. So fans of the series will need to make do with fan contributions and interpretations of the material. This piece by BryanM, which was inspired by the Jon Snow character, is created with pixels.

The first book in the series was published in 1996, well after the high point of 8-bit gaming, but this work gives you an idea of what we might have seen if the series had been published in the 1980s and had a video game spinoff.

[via] BryanM


Sonic the Hedgehog as a Mech

This seems like something that Dr. Robotnik would be driving as he attempted to fight Sonic with Sonic, but when you look inside this work of art by Donald Kennedy, you will see that everyone’s favorite blue speedster is at the controls. I have not been playing much in the way of Sonic games lately, but if they added a MechaSonic level, I would feel compelled to pick up a controller.

[via] Kody Koala