Image courtesy of Laurie Greasley.

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream For How Awesome This 35th Anniversary Alien Artwork Is!

 Image courtesy of Laurie Greasley.

A big thanks to Andy Khouri of Comics Alliance for the heads up on this awesome piece of Alien artwork, an illustration by Laurie Greasley celebrating the 35th anniversary of that classic film. Laurie as you can see from the artwork above focuses not on Ripley and the rest of the crew of the Nostromo’s fight for survival but that of Jones (Jonesy) the cat as it cautiously watches the Xenomorph prowl the mining vessel.


“It’s a Trap” by Jerry Bennett

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for artists creating retro-themed and pop-culture influenced art, but sometimes you only have to go as far as your own backyard to find wonderful things. A couple of weekends ago I happened to stop by a local art show and discovered the wonderful artwork of Oklahoma artist Jerry Bennett.

“It’s a Trap” (get it?) is just one of three prints I picked up at the show. I love a good crossover, even more so between two retro properties, so once I saw Admiral Ackbar with the Ghostbusters trap (it took me a second to “get it”), I knew I had to have it. I ended up getting three prints for $20, a phenomenal deal. Jerry had tons of other Star Wars, comic book, superhero, film, and pop culture inspired pieces of art on display.

If you want to see more of Jerry’s work, you can find him on Facebook (TheJerryBennett), Instagram (ArtistJerryBennett), and Twitter (ComicBookJer).

I also swiped a couple of Jerry’s business cards at the show, which I’ll be placing inside my framed prints as well.



Landscape Painting Improved with the addition of Duck Hunt

Did you ever look at a paining in a hotel or public space and think, “You know what is missing from this? Duck Hunt.” Well that is exactly what JamesBit must think because he has a series of painting he has improved by adding 8-bit video game characters, but the best of the lot has to be this one featuring ducks from Duck Hunt, which is titled, “The Marshes.”

Now where is that dog?

[via] JamesBit

Thielen - TMNT 1

Check Out These Radical NES TMNT Coasters!

I’ve written more than a few posts about by being lucky enough to work at the Arkadia Retrocade and thanks to that I come into contact with not only the most skilled Players but some of the most talented artists working in Northwest Arkansas. Case in point, a great guy and good friend to the arcade and also one of those gifted artists I’m talking about, Terry Thielen!

Images courtesy of Terry Thielen.

Images courtesy of Terry Thielen.

The other night while I was working he dropped by to gift the arcade with some of his fantastic perler bead artwork, they are coasters in fact inspired by the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title by Ultra Games (Konami).

Check out this character select screen from the original game and then take a look at Terry’s work.

Thielen - Leonardo

Thielen - Ralphael

Thielen - Michelangelo

Thielen - Donatello

Now you can probably see how much the Players that come into Arkadia are going to enjoy that artwork when they belly up to the snack bar but couldn’t your own home need some NES Turtle Coasters? So why don’t you take a quick moment to jump over to Terry’s official Facebook page at TNThielen Art & Comics, check out some of his other wonderful artwork there and maybe see about picking up a set for yourself?