Dragon's Lair Crop

This Dragon’s Lair Illustration By Phillip Light Is Fantastic!

I like fan art quite a bit and I absolutely love Dragon’s Lair so when you have such talented artists like Phillip Light providing an illustration that looks like it belongs on the cover of a 1960s spy thriller I really have no choice but to share it.

Dragon's Lair - Phillip Light

From Phillip Light’s Tumblr: “I was part of a Don Bluth Tribute show at A Little Known Shop in Anaheim, California! I did a piece inspired by the amazing arcade game, Dragon’s Lair!”

Make sure to visit Phillip’s Tumblr for more of his fantastic artwork featuring character from Dragonball Z to some of our most favorite Nintendo Icons! A big thanks to the IInside the Dragon’s Lair Facebook page for the heads up on the artwork.


Stop Motion Super Mario Bros.

In this wonderful video from Joe Penna, the classic video game Super Mario Bros is recreated using mix media stop motion animation. It is a remarkably well-done recreation of level 1-1 that is capped off with an unexpected twist.

I would really enjoy seeing Joe try to take on the first level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog at some point in the future.

Secret Wars #10 - Marvel Comics

Marco D’Alfonso Tops This Original Secret Wars Cover!

A couple of days ago a friend to the site sent me an e-mail with a link to Marco D’Alfonso deviantART page, in particular his homage to one of my absolute favorite comic covers of all time which is Secret Wars #10, the artist has switched the inspiring image of Doctor Doom refusing to fall at the might of the Beyonder to a cover befitting a Star Wars comic with Darth Vader against the Emperor.

Images courtesy of Marco D'Alfonso.

Images courtesy of Marco D’Alfonso.

This was done as part of Comic Book Resources The Line It Is Drawn series where various artists undertake projects suggested by the readers and for this 190th in the series it was all about Comic Book Cover Homages.

Make sure to check out the amazing artwork Marco has on his deviantART page…but one of the best has to be this team-up with Marvel’s the Punisher and Bambi.

Bambi - The Punisher - Marco D'Alfonso


Fraggles From Fraggle Rock with the Dwarves from The Hobbit

Now that the Hobbit films are done, I am sure some movie executives are bouncing around ideas about how they could bring more Middle Earth stories to the bring to the big screen. I am not sure they can write new adventures set there, but if they could, why not take things in a crazy crossover direction and bring throw the Fraggles into the mix.

It is a super silly idea, and one I would have never considered until I saw these works by Artist, Euclase. Now it is all I can think of! According to the artist…

I thought it might be nice if, instead of a dragon, the Dwarves found Fraggles in their mountain. And they became friends and sang songs and ate radishes. And nobody had to die.


[via] Euclase & Laughing Squid

The Rocketeer - Giovi Lee

The Rocketeer By Giovi Lee

I think I’ve stated on the site once or twice before that I am a huge fan of the Rocketeer. So when I stumbled across this bit of digital artwork by Giovi Lee I felt I should share his tribute to the late great Dave Stevens’ iconic character with you all.

All images courtesy of Giovi Lee.

All images courtesy of Giovi Lee.

Lee states on his Blog that this was created for a course on game modeling and he wanted to present and aged look at Cliff Secord. Looking at his artwork I can’t help but wonder what it might have been like to have seen Stevens bring his character closer to modern day, perhaps Secord would even have assembled a small group of trusted aides to help him keep the world safe, as it always seemed he found himself acting as hero, serving as a wise leader to a new generation of Rocketeers?

The Rocketeer - Aged Cliff - Giovi Lee

Make sure to check out Giovi Lee’s blog by following the link provided up top to see some more of his fantastic work for the likes of Tron, Batman, Blade Runner, and more.