I wouldn’t want to mess with these “Masters of the Universe”

While I have a soft spot for He-Man’s villains, I am also a big fan of Ram Man. This piece by Joe Ng has a lot going for it. Great hero poses, wonderful characters choices including a great Orco and amazing coloring. But it is that very energetic looking Ram Man in the front that makes this piece for me. I always pictured him to be more like Marvel’s Juggernaut than the spring-loaded toy he is often portrayed as and I think this version give the impression of a Ram Man who can get in on the action with more than just his head.


The Sunshine Cab Company

I did not mean to start rewatch “Taxi”, but what started as just watching a couple of episodes has turned into a massive binge. Any why not? This is a high quality sitcom filled with great actors and wonderful writing. Naturally I started poking around online looking at “Taxi”-related websites and items and I found this very fine work by Noelle McClanahan.

Now the odds of us getting a Taxi comic or animated series are pretty steep, but if we ever did, something about this style seems to work for me. It is just bold enough to stress the characters’ essences without diverging too far from their original look


Electric Mayhem vs. The Max Rebo Band

Now that Disney owns both Star Wars and the Muppets, I keep hoping for some sort of audio-animatronic dining experience in the vein of Showbiz Pizza that would feature characters from these franchises. What I did not consider was actually merging them together for a battle of the bands. While I think it would be an interesting and certainly entertaining match, in the end, Electric Mayhem is going to win. Once they unleash the raw drumming talent of Animal, it is pretty much no contest.

[via] Sean McFarland


Newman and Clavin Super Comic Team Up

When I ask you to think of famous TV postal workers, I imagine at least one of those character will be Newman from Seinfeld or Cliff Clavin from Cheers. Now imagine a world where these two behemoths collide. That is exactly what Adam Limbert has done in this comic cover that shows what it might look like if, not only did these characters work together, but were also featured in their own comic.

I think I would read “Tales of the Post”.

[via] Adam Limbert

Image courtesy of   8Bit Aficionado.

Do You Remember Skyrim For The Intellivision?

Well, the answer of course is that Skyrim wasn’t available during the heyday of Mattel Electronic’s Intellivision. You already knew that though. That doesn’t mean however that talented artists like you can find over at 8Bit Aficionado won’t give us a glimpse at how the artwork for the box might have looked!

The original artwork is courtesy of Bridgital Digital’s deviantART page.

Image courtesy of  bridgitalldigital.

Image courtesy of bridgitalldigital.

I can’t help but feel that if Skyrim HAD been released for the Intellivision it would have looked quite a bit like the classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game!

[Via] William Hunter