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This might be the most unusual UHF Fan Art on the Internet

I have been looking at the UHF fan art that has been posted on the web. Sadly there is not enough of it. The stuff that does exist is great, but it is pretty straight forward. So this piece by … Continue reading

“Weird Al” IS Rambo!

If Stallone insists on making more Rambo movies, why doesn’t he do a little something different and recast the main role of John Rambo with “Weird Al”. Yes it would be “stunt casting”, but it is a pretty safe choice. … Continue reading

Who wouldn’t want to play Pac Invaders?

I gotta admit, I would play a mod of Space Invaders that used the characters from Pac-Man. The only thing missing are the defense bunkers. I think it would have been better to use the cherries as the bunkers and … Continue reading

The Video Game Typography Series

I’ve recently become obsessed about a certain blue hedgehog from my days as a Sega junkie. I was a big fan of Nintendo in the late 80’s and early 90’s but Sega managed to sway me (for a time) with … Continue reading

What might a UHF Animated Series have looked like?

The 25th Anniversary Blu-ray of the “Weird Al” classic, UHF was released this month and I have already watched it three times. How this film didn’t get a sequel is beyond me because I just can’t get enough of those … Continue reading

Craig Davison Has Captured Our Childhoods With These Star Wars Illustrations!

About a week back Sonja Nelson was kind enough to share some of these illustrations by Craig Davison of children using their vast imaginations to step into the roles and scenes from a little film about a “Galaxy Far, Far … Continue reading

Back to the Pixel

I have been browsing a lot of movie-inspired retro pixel art lately. Star Wars is a very popular subject (rightfully so), but some other classic films act as muses for many talented artists. As a fan of “Back to the … Continue reading

“They Live” would have made an Amazing Contra-like Video Game

Yes, this makes a great t-shirt, but every time I would catch a look at myself in the mirror I would be reminded how less magical this world is because a “They Live” game was never released. Select and Conform… … Continue reading

Who wouldn’t want to play an Avengers themed version of Space Invaders?

With a new Avengers movie coming up, I think Marvel should consider some retro tie-ins. Now I know the villain in the new movie will be Ultron (spoiler), but I still think this vintage arcade mix-up of the original Avengers … Continue reading

Dave Pollot Adds Retro Touches To Thrift Art!

A big thanks to geektyrant for the heads up on this awesome series of artwork by the talented Dave Pollot. After picking up an older painting at nearby thrift shops, Pollot improves them with the addition of various pop culture … Continue reading

Donkey Kong Cross Stitch Pattern

I do not do cross stitch, although when I take the bus I have seen a few people breaking some out and getting a few stitches in between stops. I saw one of those people using a template and wondered … Continue reading

Pocket ‘Bots Artwork By Earl Green Is Fantastic!

Earl Green is a man of many talents, he has written numerous guidebooks to a little something called Doctor Who as well as wore all the hats of production for his incredible Phosphor Dot Fossils DVD series…and also has his … Continue reading

Penguin-style Doctor Who Book Covers

As the latest series of Doctor Who closed out, my various social media feeds began to fill with the inevitable memes, gifs and fan-art. Amongst those images was a very cool faux book cover for the recent Dark Water episode … Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda’s Link composed entirely of Skittles

Sometimes you find the means to be creative in the most delicious places. For example, in a bag of Skittles. I take these tasty treats and shove them into my maw like some ravenous candy-loving ogre, but Dallas Wilson takes … Continue reading

8-bit Ash is here to Save the Day

Good? Bad? He is the 8-bit guy with the gun… [via] Arnaud COUNET