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Good Luck With This Smash T.V. Poster…You’ll Need It!

The first time I encountered Smash T.V. was on a High School art trip to the neighboring state of Oklahoma. To say that my group of friends were not only impressed and addicted by what some might see as the spiritual successor of 1982’s Robotron 2084 is something of an understatement. We almost missed boarding the bus back home we were all so engrossed in the over the top carnage of the game.

Good luck catching that'll need it!

Good luck catching that bus…you’ll need it!

So I was quite happy to share artist Rusty Shackle’s fantastic illustration featuring our two “heroes” blasting away while they collect all of that sweet, sweet loot as well as mounds of VCR’s, luggage, and toasters!

Image courtesy of Palette Swap Blog.

Image courtesy of Palette Swap Blog.

Just like with his artwork for the Elevator Action poster, Mr. Shackles has really made me want to plop down in the living room with the Williams collection on my Xbox and play this particular arcade favorite.

Of course…I’m stuck at work so I suppose I might have to settle with watching this complete playthrough by MAME Player!

Good Meat Bonus?

Good Meat Bonus?

Boris Karloff - The Veil

Boris Karloff in 1936’s The Mysterious Doctor Who?!

Hartnell. Troughton. Pertwee. Baker. Davison. C. Baker. McCoy. McGann. Hurt. Eccleston. Tennant. Smith. Capaldi. All wonderful actors who had the honor of portraying Doctor Who, even Peter Cushing sort of portrayed the famous time traveler…though he certainly isn’t the same character from the long running TV series.

Now Dr. Who’s first appearance was actually on November 23, 1963 but that didn’t stop the talented Vance Capley from giving us a glimpse of a world where the legendary Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi teamed up for a 15 chapter serial entitled “The Mysterious Doctor Who” which also stars Fay Wray and Lionel Atwill.

Image courtesy of Vance Capley Arts.

Image courtesy of Vance Capley Arts.

Hop on over to Vance Capley Arts for more fun like the Werewolf Kid, The Claw, and Silver Streak Jr.

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The Lost Visionaries By Leanne Hannah!

I’ve talked about my love of the short lived Hasbro produced Visionaries once or twice before on the site. I suppose it helped that they hit just at the time I was letting me interest in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dwindle and going full bore into the G.I. Joe toys.

Of course it’s also fair to say that the animated series knocked my socks off and that probably helped me fall in love with the world of the Visionaries as well.

[Via] Jedi Juggernaut

While the Visionaries for some reason or another didn’t make it more than a year when they hit the shelves in 1987…there was whispers from those that worked at Hasbro of a second line of figures, backed up by little seen product catalogs. Instead of the power staffs that most of the figures from the first wave possessed these new heroic Spectral Knights and villainous Darkling Lords would have carried power shields into battle.

It would appear that Stratosmacca or Leanne Hannah over at DevianART is also a fan of the Visionaries and decided to share what some of these second series characters might have looked like in comic book form.

Image courtesy of Leanne Hannah.

Image courtesy of Leanne Hannah.

From left to right we have Croil (Darking Lord), Ramulak (Spectral Knight), Craggor (Spectral Knight), Draculan (Darkling Lord), and Hydron (Spectral Knight).

Who knows? In a word where we are seeing the reboot of the Rom: The Space Knight and Micronauts comics perhaps there is still hope for the Visionaries in the near future?

Jem Wrapper - Branded in the 80s

Branded in the 80’s Jem Trading Cards Are Truly Outrageous!

Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s has once again taken a good hard look at the many cards that were made available to those of us that grew up in the 1980’s and come to the realization that Topps and others missed a toy and animated series ripe for trading cards that would have been truly outrageous!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

Thankfully Shawn went about and fixed that mistake for himself, and even with the series that Shawn has already created and co-created like Adventures in Babysitting, Monster Squad, Rad, Young Guns and Young Guns II…I think these are his best yet, as usual it presents the cards in a style that look like he did in fact travel back in time to pick up a few packs. I have to add that it’s very shocking to me that with Jem’s popularity back in the day that Hasbro didn’t actually produce such a series.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

Make sure to jump on over to Branded in the 80s to check out the entire series, tell them that Synergry sent you!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

X-Files - Freaks - J.J. Lendl

X-Files Episode 44: Humbug Gets The Freaks Treatment!

Artist J.J. Lendl on his tumblr explains he intended to create posters for episodes of the X-Files but only for a month, the popularity of his artwork has led him to continue past that one month plan and is asking fans to submit their favorite episodes to get the poster treatment.

Like what Lendl has done with Episode 44 entitled Humbug, he based it off the poster design for Tod Browning’s 1932 masterpiece Freaks.

Freaks - Tod Browning

J.J. approaches each episode with a different art style like you can see with Episode 30: Ascension and Episode 35: Excelsis Dei.

All images courtesy of J.J. Lendl's X-Files Poster Project.

All images courtesy of J.J. Lendl’s X-Files Poster Project.

X Files - Ecelsis Dei - JJ Lendl

Hop on over to Lendl’s Tumblr for more of the X-Files Poster Project.


Make your own delicious Yoshi’s Cookie

Yoshi’s Cookie is a great tile matching game. It was released way back in 1993 in the US, but I didn’t get to play with it until 1998. When I did though, I instantly fell in love with it. I really enjoyed the gameplay and fell in love with the adorable Yoshi.

I haven’t played the game in well over a decade, but after spotting these inventive cookie cutters online and their resulting Yoshi shaped cookies, I want to break out the SNES and start playing it again.

[via] cinnamel

Optimus Giclee - Jason Edmiston

Transformers Fans, Roll Out For These Illustrations By Jason Edmiston!

We’ve shared illustrations by the talented Jason Edmiston once or twice before on the site, the reason for that is because he consistently delivers amazing illustrations that speak on a very deep level to our retro sensibilities.

You know. Like painting portraits of not only Optimus Prime but of the maniacally evil Decepticon Leader Megatron!

All images courtesy of Jason Edmiston.

All images courtesy of Jason Edmiston.

If you feel like it you can certainly hop over to Edmiston’s Art Store store page and order some sweet retro art for your very own, Optimus Prime and his villainous opposite are both $55 each.