Innsmouth - Steve Thomas

There Is Still Time To Plan That Vacation To Scenic Innsmouth!

I know the day is nearly done, I certainly can feel it as I’ve been out and about all night doing chores like paying taxes, picking up groceries…and possibly stopping by the local board and card game shop, but I was in the neighborhood so my Wife shouldn’t judge me, right?

Well, after my better half kicked me out of the house…it gave me a lot of time to think about where we might get to vacation this year. Thankfully Andrew Liptack over at io9 gave me a hint by being kind enough to share these wonderful vacation posters inspired by a few of the more notable locales in the Author’s stories… as well as some of their otherworldly threats…all three of them illustrated by the talented Steve Thomas.

All Images courtesy of Steve Thomas.

All Images courtesy of Steve Thomas.

Arkham - Steve Thomas

Make sure to sure to visit Steve Thomas’ Official Blog and Store to pick up some prints for the Lovecraft fan in your life and check out the rest of his amazing artwork!

Karate Kid - Final Fight - PJ McQuade

Karate Kid Artwork By PJ McQuade Sweeps The Leg!

We have shared the wonderful artwork of PJ McQuade before on the site, a couple of years back with some impressive Star Wars themed Holiday Cards, but I am completely taken aback with this amazing bit of art created for the It Came from 1984 art show back in 2014. Entitled Karate Kid: Final Fight it features that pivotal scene from the Karate Kid between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

Um…SPOILERS…if you haven’t seen this 1984 film!

[Via] Raditzman

PJ McQuade however decided to go a little further by also offering prints…sadly sold out…that gives us fans of that classic film a look at what that scene would have been like if it had been a fighting game!

All images courtesy of PJ McQuade.Com

All images courtesy of PJ McQuade.Com

Make sure to jump on over to PJ McQuade’s Official Site and check out the rest of the fantastic artwork and what you can pick up at the Artist’s Etsy Store.

“Sweep the leg.”

Robo Force Wrapper - Branded in the 80s - Shawn Robare

Branded in the 80’s “Robo Force” Trading Cards Are Awesome!

Shawn Robare of the excellent Branded in the 80s website has just delivered another masterpiece of a digital trading card series that for some unknown reason was never actually produced until now. In this case Shawn has reached into his alternate dimension portal device (also known as working extremely hard to make them look so AWESOME!) to procure the Robo Force Trading Card series!

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Branded in the 80s.

For those not in the know, Robo Force was a 1984 toy line created by Ideal featuring the heroic forces of Robo Force, led by Maxx Steele who challenged the world domination plans of Hun-Dred and his dastardly Cult of Dred!

Robo Force - Official Fan Club - Branded in the 80s - Shawn Robare

The toys possessed suction cups and push buttons on the back of them that activated their “crusher arms”, they also had hidden weaponry as well as interchangeable hand weapons. The series also produced vehicles and playsets but even with a sizable marketing push, that included a 1984 animated special entitled “Robo Force: The Revenge of Nazgar”, the toy line never quite caught on, I suppose the Masters of the Universe just had too much of a stranglehold on the majority of kids imaginations at the time.

[Via] Panbiscuit

Robo Force Combo - Branded in the 80s - Shawn Robare

Make sure to visit Branded in the 80s to check out all 26 digital cards that Shawn has created, and let’s hope that somehow he can find a way to get these beauties printed so we can purchase a few packs for our very own!

Optimus Prime - Steampunk - Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger’s Steampunk Transformers Are More Than Meets The Monocle!

Okay. First of all I want to give full credit to Brian Kesinger over at We Love Fine.Com for coming up with that exceptional twist on the old Transformers “More than meets the Eye” catchphrase in regards to his Steampunk Transformers T-Shirt designs.

While the dapper and heroic looking Optimus Prime would be reason enough to share these T-Shirts with you…it’s his take on the Decepticon Soundwave that really takes me breath away. Check out how his familiar alt mode of a tape deck has been deliciously bent to the Steampunk aesthetics of a player piano. Brilliant!

All images courtesy of Brian Kesinger.

All images courtesy of Brian Kesinger.

So if you like a little Steampunk in your Transformers universe…and why would you not…pick up Brian’s T-Shirts by following the link here.

“Coach Fare! Transfigure and briskly jaunt away!”

New Mutants - Superhero Pop

This Fan-Made “New Mutants” Music Video By Superhero Pop Is Amazing!

I’ve talked before about my love of the Marvel Comics New Mutants series of my youth, thanks to the last Super-Blog Team Up! Or is that how traumatizing that series could be?

New Mutants #60

Anyway, the other day Daniel XIII was kind enough to share with me this fan-made music video featuring not only the original roster of New Mutant characters but that hard rocking Mutant, Lila Cheney!

Lila Cheney - Marvel Handbook

Lila Cheney - Superhero Pop

This music video by Superhero Pop does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of those early New Mutants comics, especially when they show off Lila’s Mutant interstellar teleportation ability as well as her object of affection, in this case Sam Gutherie’s (Cannonball) “Blastin'” powers!

Cannonball - New Mutants - Superhero Pop

Now Lila is not up on stage by her lonesome in this music video, heck no, besides her bandmates she is being backed up by the one and only Alison Blaire aka Dazzler! Who I am not ashamed to admit that I had a wicked crush on in my youth…well…not too ashamed to admit that. Ahem.

Dazzler - Marvel Handbook

Dazzler - Superhero Pop

So take a break, crank up the volume and enjoy Lila Cheney’s “I Will Steal Your Heart!”

[Via] Greasy Pig Studios

I really hope that Superhero Pop will keep cranking these out…maybe even release the songs to iTunes?

Until then you can also check out “The Sight of the Sound” featuring Dazzler, also by Superhero Pop!

[Via] Greasy Pig Studios


Falken’s Maze – The Movie

Wargames was one of the best films from the 1980s. It had all the elements to make people interested in the film: Cold War hysteria, nuclear weapons, curious teenagers and computers. One of the film’s most interesting characters is Professor Falken. Sadly, very little of the film was spent on him, but what if the film was about him? How would that look? We have our answer. Check out the movie trailer below found on dondrapersayswhat’s YouTube channel.

Sleeping Beauty - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

What If Tim Burton Had Been Allowed To Direct Sleeping Beauty?

I think it’s safe to say from Andrew Tarusov’s Tim Burton inspired artwork…that as awesome as Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is…

…it would have been 152% better if Burton had been allowed to control it’s creative direction. But why stop there and not imagine what we would have received if Burton had been able to guide other Disney films?

All images courtesy of Andrew Tarusov.

All images courtesy of Andrew Tarusov.

The Beauty and The Beast - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

Lion King - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

If you would like to see even more classic Disney films viewed through the Tim Burton lens, hop on over to Andrew Tarusov’s site, be warned though that other links on his page can lead to NSFW illustrations.