Stranger Things A - Jorge Baeza

There Is Nothing Strange About Jorge Baeza’s Awesome “Stranger Things” Art!

I do not know about yourself but I am seriously craving some more of the Duffer Brothers hit Netflix series Stranger Things – now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to rush it and possible hurt what made it such a standout series in the first place…you know…capturing that feel of what it was like growing up in the 80s. All those little Easter eggs of my own youth throughout the show made it mandatory watching more than once but I’m also trying not to get burned out on it.

Which is why I have those amazing two soundtracks to listen to in the background while I’m working but I also find that it helps that there are many artists out there on the interwebs who are showing their appreciation for the show by creating works of art. Just like the talented Jorge Baeza over on Facebook – who has been so kind as to let me share his latest piece with you all.

Illustration courtesy of Jorge Baeza.

Illustration courtesy of Jorge Baeza.

Just take a good look at his illustration. He’s perfectly captured the characters of Dustin, Lucas, and Mike…and of course Eleven at the point she has had just about enough of the ‘Mouth Breathers’ – with a similar art style reminiscent of those classic Little Golden Books of our youth.

Follow that link above to check out even more of Jorge’s artwork – you will be absolutely glad you did!

Monster Squad Monsters

Happy 29th Anniversary To The Monster Squad!

On this day back in 1987, Director Fred Dekker and co-screenwriter Shane Black unleashed their love letter to the Universal Monsters of their youth with The Monster Squad. While it didn’t seem to particularly find it’s audience when it first hit theaters – thanks to VHS rentals and cable television it had the chance to slowly become recognized as a classic 80s film.

[Via] MyPsycho313
So besides watching the film today to celebrate the 29th anniversary of it’s release, you might also want to hop on over to The Monster Squad Art Show Tumblr to check out some very talented artists’ look at the characters from the film. For example this collection of 16-Bit artwork – by Justin Gammon, giving us a glimpse of a world where we were lucky enough to get a Monster Squad game for the Super Nintendo!

Or the GillMan by Hanzel Haro.

Image courtesy of Hanzel Haro and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Image courtesy of Hanzel Haro and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Or Dracula’s forces of darkness by Stephen Sandoval.

Image Courtesy of Stephen Sandoval and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Image Courtesy of Stephen Sandoval and The Monster Squad Art Show.

There is quite a bit more on the The Monster Squad Art Show Tumblr – so click the links to check out the rest of the awesome artwork on display.

TRON - Light Cycle -

This TRON Inspired Artwork Looks Like It Was Plucked From 1982!

While it sadly didn’t really find it’s audience back in 1982 when it was first released to theaters – TRON captivated enough fans to slowly earn a cult status that has kept it in the thoughts of many video game and movie fans. Naturally enough interest was there to help bring TRON: Legacy to the big screen in 2010 and even spawn the absolutely fantastic and seemingly doomed 2012 animated series TRON: Uprising.

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell's Flickr photostream.

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell’s Flickr photostream.

Why is TRON still thought of so fondly – I mean for a film that didn’t exactly set the box office on fire back in ’82? Well, there is the fact it had a great cast and effects that were certainly ahead of its time back in the day – it also had a lot of heart, everyone gave it their all from not just the cast but Steven Lisberger who penned the script and helmed the movie…but perhaps… it was the style of the TRON universe that really set it apart?
TRON - The Grid
In my youth sitting in the Razorback Theater happily munching my giant-sized SweeTARTS and totally being sucked into the world of TRON – it was the Light Cycle match that really blew me away. A very vivid and fond memory. Which is why I was so happy to see this beautiful art from Movie Car Posters.Com!
TRON - Light Cycle -
The iconic TRON symbol with the minimalist design of a light cycle plus that weathered look to the poster…it really does look like something offered by Scholastic’s Book Club. This isn’t the only famous movie and TV vehicle that Movie Car Posters offers so make sure to go visit their site by clicking that link provided up top.
See you all on the Game Grid!

Lost Mysteries - Spooky Shape of Haddonfield - Travis Falligant

Spruce Up Your Attire With This Spooky Shape Of Haddonfield Pin!

Thanks to the talented Travis Falligant we fans of Scooby-Doo and horror films have been able to enjoy quite a few imaginative meetings between those meddling kids and some beloved fright icons.

Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Starting on July 6th at 12pm Eastern Time you can hop on over to the Official IBTrav Store to purchase the first in the “Lost Mysteries” series of lapel pins and while this version features The Spooky Shape of Haddonfield…it also GLOWS IN THE DARK!
The Spooky Shape of Haddonfield - Travis Falligant - Lost Mysteries Pin
There are only 100 of these so you be ready to jump on over to Falligant’s store on the 6th to secure yours and as a bonus you will also get a free Lost Mysteries sticker when you buy a pin! Now while we wait for that date to roll around it gives us ample time to start guessing on what the second pin might be…I’m hoping we get a certain madman from Valentine’s Bluff myself!
'My Bloody Valentine' Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

‘My Bloody Valentine’
Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

The Haunted Mansion - Salem's Lot - JaredBDesign

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Meets Salem’s Lot!

If you frequent the site on a regular basis you will have noticed that I have an absolute adoration of Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. While the famous ride itself has changed over the years the…spirit…of the place is a constant. Or should that be spirits?
Haunted Mansion Busts
After the announcement last year that the Hatbox Ghost was taking his rightful place back in the attic of Gracey Manor I kind of thought there really wasn’t going to be a way to top the Haunted Mansion. I was wrong…dead wrong.

The other day the Retroist was kind enough to share with me this bit of artwork that mashes up the elements of the manor and the Hatbox Ghost with a very familiar movie poster, for the Tobe Hooper TV movie adaptation of Salem’s Lot!
Disneyland - The Hatbox Ghost
Salem's Lot
gets you…
The Haunted Mansion - Salem's Lot - JaredBDesign
A big thanks not just to the Retroist for the heads up on this wonderful piece of art but The Utilidor for sharing it on Twitter!

[Via] Disney Parks

Dave Pollot - Labyrinth

Dave Pollot Proves Thrift Art Needs More Hoggle!

A couple of years back I shared some awesome artwork from the talented artist, Dave Pollot, who goes and picks up thrift art paintings and then goes a step beyond and adds retro elements to them…making them far more enticing.

Like with the artwork you see up top with our friends from Labyrinth showing up and if you think the addition of Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and of course the Worm can improve a painting…look what you get when Pollot includes a Xenomorph!

All Images courtesy of Dave Pollot.

All Images courtesy of Dave Pollot.

You can pick up prints of these and more at Dave Pollot’s Etsy Store.

VHS Force Awakens

Star Wars Force Awakens Custom VHS Cover

There is something about a VHS tape. Something special. Something fun. I used to stock shelves and checkout tapes as a clerk and later manager at my Local Video Store so VHS is in my blood. I’m not the only one that feels that way and the recent upswing in the custom VHS cover game shows that to be true.

Custom VHS? What am I talking about right? I mean, what even is that? Let me hip you to it if you aren’t down already. Lots of people like tapes. They like how they look on a shelf or on the screen. They like how the tape feels, and in a statement that is more than likely the most true, they like the cover art. Dudes like the look of the old style tape sleeve art. The pics of scary monsters, the shots of buxom ladies, the drawings of things that aren’t even in the movie, things like that.

Dudes like it so much that they take it upon themselves to make their own covers of recent films, movies that are never ever going to get the VHS treatment since you know, they don’t make VHS anymore. They do it as an art project or just out of love for the style. For whatever reason it might be that they do it I dig this scene ALOT.

I don’t have the art skills to make my own covers. I’ve tried. It’s not pretty. Other dudes out there on the good old WWW are masters of the craft and sometimes they present their art on facebook groups dedicated to VHS or on other places of that sort. Places where VHS fans hang out. Anyhow, I was poking around a group that I frequent where dudes share recent tape finds and pics of their collections and one of the regular members posted some pics of a group of custom covers he made. He had Deadpool and Mad Max and most awesome of all, Star Wars The Force Awakens.

I had to have it. I don’t really buy things like this very often but man, I was geeked and had to get one of my own. I contacted dude and he was super nice and professional and whipped it out my way a few days later. When it arrived here I was just, dude, I was on Cloud 10. The sleeve it’s self is in the style of the classic CBS Fox style VHS Cover and will fit in perfect with my collection of Fox Star Wars Tapes!

Star Wars VHS Back Cover

Overall I’m really happy with the purchase. As a Star Wars fan and as a collector or VHS Awesomeness this is now one of the centerpiece of my recent buys. I have it on a shelf right now where I can see it as I’m typing this up. It’s so neat, it’s like it came from alternate universe where VHS is still in full effect. I don’t know man, that sure seems like a sweet universe to me. A nicer, kinder,more gentle place where people are kind and always remember to rewind…

Star Wars VHS Tape

If you are interested in taking a look at some of the wares my man over at Afraid Of The Basement has up for sale, that’s where I got the tape from, hop over to HERE to check it out! He has custom covers, awesome prints of spooky stuff as well as his own line of VHS Madness. It’s not to be missed.

Also, make sure to check out my weekly Podcast: The Pooptronics Media Half Hour Pop-Culture Podcast. It’s tons of fun. We talk all about fun pop culture topics, movies, TV, comics, Obscure DC Comics Characters…

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