Falken’s Maze – The Movie

Wargames was one of the best films from the 1980s. It had all the elements to make people interested in the film: Cold War hysteria, nuclear weapons, curious teenagers and computers. One of the film’s most interesting characters is Professor Falken. Sadly, very little of the film was spent on him, but what if the film was about him? How would that look? We have our answer. Check out the movie trailer below found on dondrapersayswhat’s YouTube channel.

Sleeping Beauty - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

What If Tim Burton Had Been Allowed To Direct Sleeping Beauty?

I think it’s safe to say from Andrew Tarusov’s Tim Burton inspired artwork…that as awesome as Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is…

…it would have been 152% better if Burton had been allowed to control it’s creative direction. But why stop there and not imagine what we would have received if Burton had been able to guide other Disney films?

All images courtesy of Andrew Tarusov.

All images courtesy of Andrew Tarusov.

The Beauty and The Beast - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

Lion King - Tim Burton - Andrew Tarusov

If you would like to see even more classic Disney films viewed through the Tim Burton lens, hop on over to Andrew Tarusov’s site, be warned though that other links on his page can lead to NSFW illustrations.


See “The Munsters” Opening Credits in Color!

When asked my opinion on the colorization process, when they take old movies and add color to them, I will often say that they should not tamper with the original. That being said, I not so secretly loved to see colorized versions of things filmed in Black & White. It all started when I was a kid and colorized versions of classic films started to creep onto TV as special “Television Events”. Sometimes, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz stepping into a Technicolor dreamland, I “oohed and “aahed” at this jump in entertainment technology. Most of the time I cringed as poor choices were made that made it difficult to sustain my suspension of disbelief.

Nowadays colorization seems to be relegated to the novelty bin, which is probably for the best, although with the advancements in technology you would think more of it would be happening.


While I do not seek it out, when I see something release, I will approach it with the same hopeful curiosity I had as a kid. Most of the time I am disappointed, but occasionally, like with this amazing redo of “The Munsters” intro in color, I am impressed. The color choices are subtle and well thought out and researched and to make it more impressive, the work was all done by one person.

This one was done by Pop Colorture, who gives a detailed breakdown of their process and reasoning on their blog post, Bringing the Munsters Back from the Grave. It is amazing how much thought and work is needed for even the shortest bits of film and I am glad there are people who are motivated in this world to keep attempting to breath new life into retro material.


I am not sure if this is how I would like to watch all of my future episodes of “The Munsters”, but I have to admit, it opened my eyes to the potential. The gloominess of the Munsters is replaced by a horror palette that is not overwhelming, but adds a moodiness that sits somewhere between Hammer Horror and the cartoons of my youth which is a pretty amazing spot to be in.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

What Would A Legend Of Zelda Studio Ghibli Film Look Like? Beautiful!

Most of you have probably already seen these pieces of fan art by Matt Vince, giving us a glimpse at a more perfect world where Studio Ghibli was able to produce The Legend of Zelda animated feature film that we all would love to see.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

Image courtesy of Matt Vince.

I feel that Matt has certainly captured the style of a film that was helmed by the truly legendary Hayao Miyazaki with his artwork, more so than the 1989 short lived series that was produced by DIC and was part of the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

[Via] GPU.Com

Now please don’t think I’m down on the 1989 TV show, I actually like it…although it seems to me to have more in common with Moonlighting than the game itself but at least the series did use some actual sound effects from the NES title!

"Well excuse me, Princess!"

“Well excuse me, Princess!”

Image courtesy of Kindertrauma.

The Shining Atari 2600 Cartridge At Least Had 237 Variations Of Maze Craze

Now of course most of you do know there was never an actual Atari 2600 cartridge produced for the Shining, the book by Stephen King nor the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film adaptation. That doesn’t mean the talented and possibly mad geniuses over at Kindertrauma didn’t feel the need to correct that mistake.

If you are a fan of the 1980 film you might recall that Room #237 is where one of the scariest scenes in the film took place…at least for me. I wasn’t aware that originally the film was going to use Room #217 just like in the book but was changed when the Timberline Lodge asked that the number be altered so as to avoid people not wanting to book #217 every again.
The Shining - Room 237
As for how crazy is it that The Shining could be considered as an Atari property game…just remember that Halloween and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were made available for the 2600!

[Via] NML32

[Via] TriOptimum7

Evil Dead - Fisher Price - Steve Casino

This Fan Made Fisher Price “Evil Dead” Pull Toy Is Groovy!

I know that Halloween has sadly passed us by but thanks to awesome and talented fans of horror films like Steve Casino we can still enjoy the creepy genius that is the Fisher Price “Evil Dead” pull toy! Steve posted this over on his Facebook page…the only bad thing is that we sadly can’t rush out to the store and pick up one of these for ourselves.

All images courtesy of Steve Casino.

All images courtesy of Steve Casino.

Evil Dead B - Fisher Price - Steve Casino

A suitable creation with the new Ash Vs Evil dead series on Starz, right?

Saint Mummy - Greaser Creature

Did You Know the Universal Monsters Were Actually Saints?

Yeah, I was left out the loop on that fact as well but thankfully Greaser Creatures has set us straight on her Etsy store!
Universal Monster Saints - Greaser Creature
I particularly enjoy both Saint Creature from the Black Lagoon and Saint Wolf Man!

All images courtesy of Greaser Creatures' Etsy page.

All images courtesy of Greaser Creatures’ Etsy page.

Saint Wolf Man - Greaser Creature
Now I’m just that big of a Universal Monsters fan as you know from the Saturday Frights podcast when we discussed the Invisible Man so I’m going to have to get my hand on this Prayer candle set by Greaser Creatures…my Mother-in-law is a very strict Catholic so this presentation might cause me some issues. Maybe if I give her Saint Frankenstein’s Monster or Saint Dracula she won’t get too mad?
Universal Monsters Prayer Candle Set