Optimus Giclee - Jason Edmiston

Transformers Fans, Roll Out For These Illustrations By Jason Edmiston!

We’ve shared illustrations by the talented Jason Edmiston once or twice before on the site, the reason for that is because he consistently delivers amazing illustrations that speak on a very deep level to our retro sensibilities.

You know. Like painting portraits of not only Optimus Prime but of the maniacally evil Decepticon Leader Megatron!

All images courtesy of Jason Edmiston.

All images courtesy of Jason Edmiston.

If you feel like it you can certainly hop over to Edmiston’s Art Store store page and order some sweet retro art for your very own, Optimus Prime and his villainous opposite are both $55 each.


Video Game Consoles – The Animated Series

Video game themed movies and TV show are great, but I think the next big trend needs to be in making entertainment starring the consoles the games are played on. Sort of in the vein of “The Brave Little Toaster”, it would follow the adventures of an aging console as it attempts to find new life in the modern world.

I think the above work by Ry-Spirit would be a great jumping off point for concept art.


This dissected Decepticons’ Devastator would be amazing to Color

I love coloring and I have recently taken it up again. The internet is an amazing resource because not only can you find lots of old coloring books online, but you can also find images that are just calling out to be colored. This dissected version of Devastator is a perfect example. I found it last week and printed it out immediately before realizing just how complicated this is going to be to make it look good.

I am, of course, up for the challenge. I just hope Megatron is okay with a giant rainbow-colored killing machine.

[via] NgBoy

Image courtesy of Crowsmack.

Doctor Who Poster By Way Of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

I admit that with the latest Saturday Frights Podcast and the Elevator Action poster I might have Hitchcock on the brain. It certainly seems like every time I wander through the internet of late I keep bumping into something else that was inspired by the work of Hitchcock.

Just take a look at that wonderful piece of fan art from Crowsmack Etsy’s store. I don’t believe that the good Doctor has met Alfred Hitchcock…yet…but this is most certainly patterned after the popular 1958 Vertigo film poster.


Image courtesy of Rusty Shackles.

This Elevator Action Poster Has A Hitchcockian Vibe

I am not sure that the talented artist known as Rusty Shackles was going for an Alfred Hitchcock feel when he did this artwork for the classic 1983 Elevator Action but it sure looks to me like something one would see on a 1960s Hitchcock poster.

Rear Window

Maybe it’s the color schemes or font that Rusty has used that makes me think of Hitchcock. Perhaps I secretly want to live in the universe where Alfred Hitchcock directed a live action film based on the video game?


Either way all I truly know is that Rusty’s artwork really makes me want to play some Elevator Action! I’m stuck here at work all night but at least I can watch some gameplay thanks to YouTube!

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