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The Ghosts from Pac-Man Dress up for Halloween

The title of this piece by James Duck is “Hiding in Plain Sight”. I think it shows what happens when the ghosts from Pac-Man try to blend in day-to-day society (they still sorta stick out). Of course, this being the … Continue reading

Want to hear some Epic Early Eighties Halloween/Friday the 13th Fan Fiction?

As I have mentioned here on the site, I am a big fan of the music and online work of “Weird Paul” Petroskey. His YouTube channel, is always especially fun and since discovering it I don’t think their has been … Continue reading

A vision of Spring and Pac-Man

Autumn is in full effect and winter is looming on the ever nearing horizon. For those of you who prefer the warmer months, here is a reminder of the warm spring yet to come inspired by Pac-Man. Think warm thoughts… … Continue reading

Space Invaders Keyboard Mosaic

As someone who loves retro gaming and computers, this Space Invaders Keyboard Mosaic really speaks to me. It makes me wonder if you could build art into a regular usable computer using the standard layout. I would think a simple … Continue reading

Doctor Who Space Invaders T-shirt

This is a fun little mashup on a t-shirt by Drew Wise of Doctor Who and the classic arcade game Space Invaders. While it looked great on a shirt, this is a mod I would not mind playing. I can … Continue reading

Pixelated Paper Mario in the Real World

Who wouldn’t smile if they were walking down the street and saw this little guy sitting atop these pipe-like flower pots? A lot of street art is there to catch your eyes or make you think, but this is my … Continue reading

Pixelblock Character Stickers

Looking to decorate that school notebook with something that will catch the eyes of your classmates and make you coolest kid in the school? Well, as I always like to say, when trying to impress people in school, go “old … Continue reading

Dig Dug on the Mountain

This piece was done back in 2011 for the Venice based gallery, 1988Gallery for a classic video game themed exhibit they did in September. While I would have preferred the subject of the painting be the superior Mr. Do!, I … Continue reading

Who wouldn’t want to play Hungry Hungry Koopas?

I was a big Hungry Hungry Hippos fan as a kid and yet I never owned my own copy of the game. Instead I would insist on playing it when visiting the houses of friend’s who owned it. Recently I … Continue reading

Pac-Man Star Wars

If you like Pac-Man and Star Wars, then this design by artist Sergei Usatov was created for you. I think the Storm Trooper works best as a ghost, there is just something about that shiny white helmet that yells ‘scary’ … Continue reading

Garfield vs. Alf

Okay, I know this is a bit grim, but what do you think would happen when everyone favorite wise-cracking earthbound Melmacian meets the grumpiest cat in the world? The reality of cat consumption is a lot less humorous when illustrated … Continue reading

Thundercats Lair Altered Painting

I think that if I had any sort of artistic talent I would be drawn to the trend of altering paintings to include pop culture references. There is just something about seeing an AT-AT added to a beach scene or … Continue reading

Poster featuring Objects from Raiders of the Lost Ark

I like this as a minimalist concept for a poster. Take all the object, props and vehicles from a movie and make it into a memorable shape from the film. In this poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark, the … Continue reading

This Dungeons and Dragons Animated Series Illustration is ALL Action

I would love to say “when”, but sadly I still must say “if” they ever reboot the Dungeons and Dragons Animated Series, they should take a look at this illustration by Alan Patrick. Every bit of the paper is filled … Continue reading

Minimalist Donkey Kong

I always thought that the Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong was pretty minimalist, but as you can see from this work by Sound Of Design, you can always strip a concept down even further. Now that I have seen … Continue reading