Celebrate Easter with a Big Glass of Peeps Milk

While strolling through the dairy section of my local supermarket last week I stumbled upon something a product that I had never seen before. An alliance of chocolate and marshmallow flavor in liquid form, Peeps Milk. While not a brand new product, Peeps Milk has finally reach my sleep little city and it will forever change the way I celebrate Easter. At least until they inevitably discontinue it.

Peep Milk is not the only Peeps flavored beverage on the market, they also have Peeps Eggnog, but I don’t think I can bring myself to associate eggnog with another holiday, despite the efforts of our nation’s powerful eggnog lobby.


I was very patient with the Peeps Milk. After buying it, I did not run home and pour myself a huge glass. No, instead I patiently waited until Easter morning and then poured myself a huge frothy glass. The smell is mostly chocolate, but vaguely marshmallowy, which surprised me. I have not really considered the smell of Marshmallows outside of toasted one, which always smell like burning when I get through with them.


My first sip was surprising. I expected it to taste like chocolate milk, but that marshmallow flavor is strong. The drink is also surprisingly thick. It’s kind of velvety. Not unpleasant in texture, but not exactly pleasant. The biggest takeaway is the sweetness. This stuff is so sweet, it almost hurts to drink it. I am not shrinking violent when it comes to sugar, so this was a big of a shock to me. Finishing the full glass was a bit of a challenge, but I did it. You know, for science. So if you are going to consume this stuff, stick to their recommended serving size of 1 cup, which is 240 calories of Peeps milk.


I then took some of the milk and microwaved it to see how it would work as hot chocolate. It seems that a hot chocolate with Marshmallows built right in might be worthwhile and I think I actually like it heated a bit better. The flavor seems a little more complex when warm and while it was still super sweet, it didn’t seem as biting.

Overall, Peep Milk is an interesting addition to the Peeps lineup and could potentially fill the role of traditional Easter beverage. Something that this world has been sorely lacking. Despite all my effort of behalf of Tang. So if you like chocolate and marshmallow and a surprising sweetness that has the potential to make your teeth hurt, pour yourself a tall glass of Peeps Milk this Easter.

The First Easter Rabbit – TV Movie (1976)

The First Easter Rabbit
Happy Easter everyone, we certainly hope you are having a safe and fun one. What would a major Holiday be without one of those Rankin-Bass TV specials? A lot less fun in my honest opinion which is why it’s more than awesome that K Webster has been kind enough to share this Easter TV special that originally aired on April 9, 1976 on NBC.

It is a charming story about how the first Easter Rabbit came to be, thanks to a stuffed toy rabbit and a fairy. It features the voice and singing talents of Burl Ives (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, East of Eden), Robert Morse (Night Gallery, Mad Men), Stan Freberg (Lady and the Tramp, St. George and the Dragonet), Paul Frees (Frosty the Snowman, Bozo the World’s Most Famous Clown), Don Messick (Huckleberry Hound, Smurfs), and Joan Gardner (Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, Here Comes Peter Cottontail).

Now to be fair, until today I had never seen this animated TV movie. So why not find some time for yourself and join us as we watch The First Easter Rabbit?

Twin Easter Toonage


The Funny Little Bunnies has no plot to speak of, it’s just 7 minutes of little bunnies making chocolate treats and painting eggs. It accomplishes it’s goal though, that of creating a very festive holiday mood. The best bit by far is the part where one bunny is posing nude in front of his friends, so they can carve his naked likeness into chocolate bunnies for the little kids. You can see how much he’s getting a kick out of it in the screencap I chose.


The Egg Cracker Suite is very similar to the previous cartoon, except that this one actually weaves a story (albeit a simple one). This one features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit leading his army of bunnies & chickens as they prepare easter eggs. This cartoon has much better comedic timing than the previous one (not surprising, since this was done by Walter Lantz, of Woody Woodpecker fame), the primary gag is of a tiny bunny who gets a massive egg to carry.

I chose these two cartoons for this article because they are so similar in content. However, they are connected in another way as well. The Funny Little Bunnies was a Disney cartoon, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was originally a Walt Disney character, a sort of proto-Mickey Mouse. Disney was working under Universal studios at the time, left over contract issues, but had to leave Oswald as well since he didn’t retain the rights to the character. Universal eventually gave the character to Lantz, while Disney went off and created Mickey and founded the Disney company.