The Music Of Jesus Christ Superstar

Ghoul Mourning Maniacs!

Happy Easter! This time, I’d like to talk music. Specifically, Jesus Christ Superstar’s music.

The musical and movie were created by someone named Andrew Lloyd Weber. I doubt he’ll ever find work anywhere. Yeah, right! Ok, ok. Just kidding.

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I didn’t see Jesus Christ Superstar until well into the home video age, so this actually, has way more to do with the music. My sisters and I would gather around the piano and belt out the songs. Especially at Easter time, but not exclusively. The older two, Debbie and Kathy, would play the piano, maybe Liz or I, would get to turn the pages, and we’d just rock it out!
Jesus Christ Superstar

Now, this may sound goofy, but, we are a musical family. Our dad owned a music store, which my sister now owns. So, it was not uncommon for many, many jam sessions to spring up out of nowhere. If I called or sent a text , saying, “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happening.” They’d get it right away. I don’t know if we were more Von Trapp or Brady Bunch, but man what a racket!!

Thanks to the Leeds Music Corporation for producing the deluxe motion picture album, which included musical score selections, great color and black and white photos from the movie, lyrics, some dialogue, etc. The book was a real “all-in-one” affair.

Our copy of the book has been taped and retaped over the years, as we certainly used it a lot. From our house on the river, to the brick house in the town, to the house in the lumber city, that songbook got around! It was fun to thumb through it, even when we weren’t using it musically.

When I finally did see the film and soaked up the music, it was pretty cool and made any future jam session have more depth. I had a better understanding of where the performers were coming from, musically.

You might want to search this book out and try your own sibling jam session. I think you’ll find it to be funky and fun! Or, your neighbor will through shoes at you, for your awful caterwauling! Who’s to say?! Anyway, enjoy!!

Easter Marvels

Origins Of Marvel Comics Made For Easter Marvels

Ghoul Mourning Maniacs!

It’s almost Easter and I’m organizing some of my collection. I unearthed my copy of “Origins of Marvel Comics” by Stan Lee. As I touched the cover, I was immediately awash in some fun Easter memories from 1977. What’s the connection? Well, read on…

When I was a little monster, my Godmother/Aunt Mary brought me a pad of drawing paper and pastels, with a most amazing book, called “Origins of Marvel Comics” for Easter. This is the first in a series of Marvel Fireside books, which includes “Son of Marvel Origins,” “Bring on the Bad Guys,” “The Superhero Women” and more.
Easter Marvels

“Origins of Marvel Comics” was a great introduction to the first wave of Marvel heroes for a younger reader. The book includes reprints of the Silver Age debuts of The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk , Doctor Strange and The Mighty Thor. Then, fast forwards to some tasty Bronze Age material.

Read with delight as the FF first gain their cosmic powers and battle Mole Man, to the issue 55 showdown between the Thing and Silver Surfer.

Can the Fantastic Four withstand the might of the Submariner?

The Hulk gets his turn in his first tale and tangle with the Gargoyle. He then goes swimming against Prince Namor, the Sub Mariner in issue 118.

Listen to the Hulk attempt to thwart an assassin!

Swing on a web to Spider-Man’s debut in “Amazing Fantasy” 15, and get a jolt from his battle with the Shocker in Amazing Spider-Man 72. Thor gets introduced in “Journey into Mystery” 83, against Stone Men from Saturn. He comes back in the Bronze Age offering of “The Mighty Thor ” 143. He teams up with Balder the Brave and Lady Sif against the Enchanters! Doctor Strange has his origin laid out for you in “Strange Tales” 115, then POOF! there he is in a strip from 155. The sorcerer didn’t get his own mag until a little later and had to share his first comic book home with Nick Fury. Wonder who the goldbrick was?

This was an “EGG-scelent ” Easter treat, and as you can see from the photo of Aunt Mary and I, I have the book in my grubby little hands! The photo was taken in front of Grandma Kaizer’s house and there are many more photos like it of my sisters and I, our cousins and more. It was an Easter family tradition to go to Grandma’s where she cooked her “Dupa”and Babushka off and fed the waves of family all day on Easter Sunday. All the Polish food you could think of. Grandpa would play jazz on the piano and smoke cigars. Then, we’d head outside and pose at that exact same spot for photos. That tradition carried on for at least three or four decades and Easter Sunday at Grandma’s was always a great time and now a great memory.

I Hope Peter Cottontail brings you chocolate and something to make you say, ” EGGcelsior!!”

(Apologies to Stan Lee).

Celebrate Easter with a Big Glass of Peeps Milk

While strolling through the dairy section of my local supermarket last week I stumbled upon something a product that I had never seen before. An alliance of chocolate and marshmallow flavor in liquid form, Peeps Milk. While not a brand new product, Peeps Milk has finally reach my sleep little city and it will forever change the way I celebrate Easter. At least until they inevitably discontinue it.

Peep Milk is not the only Peeps flavored beverage on the market, they also have Peeps Eggnog, but I don’t think I can bring myself to associate eggnog with another holiday, despite the efforts of our nation’s powerful eggnog lobby.


I was very patient with the Peeps Milk. After buying it, I did not run home and pour myself a huge glass. No, instead I patiently waited until Easter morning and then poured myself a huge frothy glass. The smell is mostly chocolate, but vaguely marshmallowy, which surprised me. I have not really considered the smell of Marshmallows outside of toasted one, which always smell like burning when I get through with them.


My first sip was surprising. I expected it to taste like chocolate milk, but that marshmallow flavor is strong. The drink is also surprisingly thick. It’s kind of velvety. Not unpleasant in texture, but not exactly pleasant. The biggest takeaway is the sweetness. This stuff is so sweet, it almost hurts to drink it. I am not shrinking violent when it comes to sugar, so this was a big of a shock to me. Finishing the full glass was a bit of a challenge, but I did it. You know, for science. So if you are going to consume this stuff, stick to their recommended serving size of 1 cup, which is 240 calories of Peeps milk.


I then took some of the milk and microwaved it to see how it would work as hot chocolate. It seems that a hot chocolate with Marshmallows built right in might be worthwhile and I think I actually like it heated a bit better. The flavor seems a little more complex when warm and while it was still super sweet, it didn’t seem as biting.

Overall, Peep Milk is an interesting addition to the Peeps lineup and could potentially fill the role of traditional Easter beverage. Something that this world has been sorely lacking. Despite all my effort on behalf of Tang. So if you like chocolate and marshmallow and a surprising sweetness that has the potential to make your teeth hurt, pour yourself a tall glass of Peeps Milk this Easter.

The First Easter Rabbit – TV Movie (1976)

The First Easter Rabbit
Happy Easter everyone, we certainly hope you are having a safe and fun one. What would a major Holiday be without one of those Rankin-Bass TV specials? A lot less fun in my honest opinion which is why it’s more than awesome that K Webster has been kind enough to share this Easter TV special that originally aired on April 9, 1976 on NBC.

It is a charming story about how the first Easter Rabbit came to be, thanks to a stuffed toy rabbit and a fairy. It features the voice and singing talents of Burl Ives (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, East of Eden), Robert Morse (Night Gallery, Mad Men), Stan Freberg (Lady and the Tramp, St. George and the Dragonet), Paul Frees (Frosty the Snowman, Bozo the World’s Most Famous Clown), Don Messick (Huckleberry Hound, Smurfs), and Joan Gardner (Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, Here Comes Peter Cottontail).

Now to be fair, until today I had never seen this animated TV movie. So why not find some time for yourself and join us as we watch The First Easter Rabbit?