Check Out This Amazing 1973 Dr. Strange Cosplay!

There is without a doubt some talented cosplay going on in this day and age. Whether it be for popular video game, anime, or comic book characters. It’s easy to do a quick search online and find all levels of talent.

Now if we are to go by the information provided by Wikipedia, cosplay has in fact been around for quite some time!
” A.D. Condo’s science fiction comic character Mr. Skygack, from Mars was the subject of costuming in 1908 in the United States.[42] Science fiction fans Forrest J Ackerman and Myrtle R. Douglas attended the 1939 1st World Science Fiction Convention in the Caravan Hall, New York, USA dressed in “futuristicostumes”, including green cape and breeches, based on the pulp magazine artwork of Frank R. Paul, designed and created by Douglas.”

You might happen to recall my post from last year about vintage cosplay. Featuring 1963 photos from WorldCon with the Lord of the Rings‘ Gollum. As well as John Carter of Mars‘ Tars Tarkas.


Images courtesy of the Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr.

Of course of late there has been an upswing in the amount of Dr. Strange cosplay. Thanks in no small part to the success of the 2016 film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dr. Strange

But the other night I was sent a photo by one of my best friends. An image from the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society site – a photo from 1973 taken by Dik Daniels. Showcasing an earlier cosplayer taking on the mantle of Marvel Comics’ Sorcerer Supreme, the one and only Dr. Strange!


Image courtesy of Dik Daniels – Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

Really an amazing bit of cosplay, I think you will agree. Be that as it may – the identity of the cosplayer is unknown. I would highly recommend you follow that link to the LASFS page. You can in fact check out a lot more photographs by Dik Daniels including this one. That is The Time Machine‘s George Pal as well as his Wife – the name of the fan is unknown.


This 1963 Gollum Cosplay Is The Greatest Thing You Will See Today!

In my youth I fell in love with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, thanks of course to the 1977 Rankin/Bass animated television special that originally aired on Sunday, November 27 on NBC. This special was not only my first introduction to Gollum but of course Hobbits, and more importantly the Dwarves!

RankinBass - The Hobbit - Gollum

Just a year later I would get my first taste of the Lord of the Rings with Ralph Bakshi’s cult classic animated feature that presented a more humanoid, or possibly I should say the design looked more like a devolved version of a Hobbit.

Gollum - Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings

To be totally honest my favorite representation of Tolkien’s rather tragic character is from the 1977 animated film, I really love everything about it, the music, the incredible cast of actors they secured to play the parts like Orson Bean as Bilbo, Richard Boone as Smaug, John Huston as Gandalf, Paul Frees as Bombur, Hans Conried as Thorin Oakenshield, and freaking Otto Preminger as the Eleven King!

Having said that though I want to point out how AWESOME this cosplay of Gollum is, thanks to the impressive Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr we know this cosplayer’s photo was taken at the 1963 WorldCon.

Cosplay Images courtesy of the Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr.

Cosplay Images courtesy of the Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr.

Make sure to hop on over to the Vintage Geek Tumblr by following the link up above for even more vintage cosplay images…like this astounding 1970s cosplay for Tars Tarkas from John Carter of Mars!

Image courtesy of the Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr.

Image courtesy of the Vintage Geek Culture Tumblr.

Watch Jack Kirby Discuss The Creation Of Captain America In This 1988 Convention Video

With that rather impressive Captain America: Civil War trailer hitting the internet with the might of a rampaging Hulk this afternoon, it seemed a good time to share this 1988 video taken from the Pure Imagination Fun Fair featuring Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston (Illustrator, Publisher, and Comic Book Historian).

In this video the legendary illustrator is asked among other questions where he got the idea for the character, which of course he is quick to mention that it was all thanks to a talk between his friend and partner, the equally legendary Joe Simon.

[Via] Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center
I believe the question of how Kirby felt about Captain America ceasing his role as the Star-Spangled Avenger is from issue #332.

Captain American #332

I think it would also be fitting to go ahead and share that second Captain America: Civil War trailer, right?

[Via] Marvel Entertainment

Heads up, Cap! A new Hero takes the stage!

By the way…I’m totally on Team Cap’s side. I’m sure there will be plenty of blame on both sides to go around by the end of the film but I stand with Rogers…being loyal to your friends is something I feel very strongly about. How about yourself, which side do you stand with?

IBM PC Faire

After finding the ad for the IBM PC Faire in an old magazine, I went online to find more information, but the stuff online is scant. Mostly just dates and other print ads and promos. I did however find this book on Amazon, The Best of the IBM PC Faires: Conference Proceedings of the 1st IBM PC Faire, Vol. 1.

“Eureka,” I thought, now I can learn all about what happened in San Francisco back in 1983. Then I realized that the book is currently $95. That is a little too high for this mystery, so I thought I would still post this and ask if anyone has any recollections or sources about this event that they could share?