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Animated Star Trek And Transformers Crossover!

There is certainly a lot to love about both the 1973 animated Star Trek as well as 1984’s The Transformers. The fact that now IDW is giving us a Star Trek and Transformers crossover set in those universes. Well, that is indeed an amazing bit of news and has to be shared. I also want to add that we need to thank io9 for the news about this upcoming Star Trek and Transformers crossover event.

When I was growing up I was lucky enough to catch the Star Trek animated series on local television. Every Sunday after Church, I was able to plop down on my Grandparent’s living room floor and watch it. I had of course already been introduced to the original television series. While I was thrilled to see the animated versions of Kirk, Spock, and Scotty. It was absolutely the addition though of crew members Arex and M’Ress I loved most.

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I have spoken quite a bit before on my love of The Transformers. There are many times after closing the arcade down for the night. I will just pull up a chair at the snack bar and pop in one of the 1984 to 1987 series. Although I will certainly admit that nothing beats that very first afternoon when I was introduced to The Transformers.

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Now officially the name of the upcoming comic book series is Star Trek Vs. Transformers. Also of note is of course this isn’t the first time the crew of a Star Trek series has participated in a comic book crossover. X-Men, Planet of the Apes, Green Lantern and more.
Star Trek And Transformers Crossover - Legion of Super Heroes

Having said that though, an Star Trek and Transformers crossover by way of the animated series is incredibly exciting.
Star Trek And Transformers Crossover - IDW - Enterprise

The series which debuts in September, is written by Mike Johnson as well as John Barber. With art being handled by Philip Murphy and colorist Leonardo Ito. Thanks to that exclusive to io9 a couple of days ago. We also have this press release:

“This is a crossover several decades in the making, and we could not be more thrilled to bring it to fans,” Johnson said in a press release provided to io9. “John and I are having a blast writing the first meeting of Starfleet and Cybertronians, and Phil is the perfect artist to bring these two franchises together on the page.”

It is only a couple of months away until the release of the miniseries. Just enough time to decide on whether they will include the obvious catch phrase.
Star Trek and Transformers Crossover - Beam Me Up
“Beam me up and roll out!

I feel with sharing this news about the animated Star Trek and Transformers crossover. We also have to share Doug Simpson’s excellent article concerning Transformers: The Movie!

Optimus Prime - Transformers the Movie

Archie Meets Batman '66 - Title

Get Ready For Archie Meets Batman ’66!

That’s right! Archie Andrews, that nice guy from that quaint town of Riverdale is going to meet Batman! But not just any Batman, the Batman made famous by actor Adam West. I was able to get a hold of comic book artist Dan Parent who, along with J. Bone, worked on the cover for the first issue in this series.
Archie Meets Batman '66 - Dan Parent - J. Bone

There will be 6 issues in all and if you’re wondering, it will take place in 1966. I asked Dan all the usual ridiculous questions like… “Is time travel involved?” and “is this a dream sequence?” While he was mum on details, he said that it takes place in both Gotham and Riverdale in 1966. This is a joint publishing project between Archie Comics and DC. This isn’t the first time these two companies have worked together. As I recall, there was Tiny Titians/Little Archie and His Pals (like Teen Titans). Anyway, the first issue of Archie meets Batman ’66 comes out in July.

Archie Meets Batman '66 - Francesco Francavilla

(It should be noted there will be many variant covers. Including this one by Francesco Francavilla! – Vic)

If you’re interested in Dan Parent’s other work, he currently has a Kickstarter campaign for his comic book series DIE KITTY DIE which he does with fellow artist & writer Fernando Ruiz. This comic book follows the life of a witch, Kitty Ravencraft, who exist both in comic books and the real world (inside the comic)… As you can guess from the title – people, monsters and things are constantly trying to kill her. It’s basically horror – comedy at it’s finest with plenty of references to pop culture of today and yesteryear. Lots of nostalgia! I recommend you take a look.
Archie Meets Batman '66 - Die Kitty Die

While you are waiting for Archie Meets Batman ’66, check out another post featuring the classic TV version of the Caped Crusader!

For example, the reveal of the Batman ’66 ReAction figures from Funko!

The Prisoner #1 - Titan Comics

The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine (2018)

Friends, back in January I was happy to report that a new comic was being released by Titan Comics. One based on elements of the legendary cult television series The Prisoner. A show that I have been known to share my love of once or twice in the past. While June 1st of this year certainly marks the 50th Anniversary of The Prisoner‘s debut on television here in the States. Titan Comics released The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine just a few weeks ago on April 25th.

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Written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Colin Lorimer, I am so far impressed. Granted there is a wonderful sense of confusion to it all. As it should be when reading something related to The Prisoner.

I do truly believe that with Milligan though, Titan Comics indeed chose a worthy scribe. For myself I was introduced to his writing through his reboot of Steve Ditko‘s Shade, the Changing Man. Upon release in 1990, a trippy look at the culture of America was exactly what an 18-year-old Vic Sage was looking for. Furthermore the character was certainly the last I expected to see made into a subject for one of the DC Nation Shorts!

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The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine is the first comic I have read featuring Colin Lorimer’s artwork. However I definitely think his style fits the world of The Prisoner, the intrigue and action of the issue is easy to follow.

Milligan and Lorimer have crafted a wonderful opening salvo. In The Prisoner #1 we are introduced to an MI5 agent named Breen. A young man on the run from his own country it would seem. For the crime of refusing to kill a fellow operative…or is it because he simply wants to quit the life?
The Prisoner #1 - Traitor

The issue is sprinkled with many of the surreal qualities that made the TV series so intriguing. Case in point, why a man in a checkered jacket would be playing chess in a public bathroom. Beyond the fact of course that chess had a special place in the Village.
The Prisoner #1 - Chess

That is another thing of note about The Prisoner #1. It is modern day and the actions of the Village are quite known in espionage circles. However, unlike in the TV series, this nightmarish place has no apparent affiliation with any country. The place is functioning on its own without any supervision, or so it seems. The Village is the ultimate holder of power – of information it can wield to it’s benefit. The catch in the first issue though…is Breen wants to be taken there, to aid that fellow operative who has gone missing.
The Prisoner #1 - Pizza

Of course while you might consider it a big spoiler…you know that is indeed where Breen finds himself.
The Prisoner #1 - The Village

Closing thoughts on The Prisoner #1 – The Uncertainty Machine.

If you are a fan of Patrick McGoohan’s exceptional experiment in television, pick up the first issue. It really is that simple, right? Heck, if you are just a fan of well written comics then this is for you as well. You should be able to pick up the issue at better comic book shops in your neck of the woods. Or if you prefer digital you can certainly purchase it at Comixology. Until next time, friends.

Judge Dredd arcade game - Title Screen

Did You Know About The Judge Dredd Arcade Game?

In October of 1992 Mortal Kombat was released by Midway Games. Did you know however that Midway Games was also working on another title well known for over the top violence? The Judge Dredd arcade game was developed around the same time as Mortal Kombat II. In fact as you can plainly see below, one could spot Goro on a leash. However the game while reaching the prototype stage was ultimately cancelled.
Judge Dredd arcade game - Goro on a leash

Using the same motion capture technology that would make Mortal Kombat stand out. The developers even used the same hardware from Mortal Kombat II. Also of interest is the Judge Dredd arcade game was intended to be a 3 player game. The team even used a control panel from 1988’s Narc when designing the prototype cabinets. Of which there were apparently four made before the game was axed due in part to low test numbers.
Judge Dredd arcade game - Control Panel

The title was obviously part of the beat ’em up genre. Similar in concept to games like Streets of Rage and it’s predecessor Final Fight. Although having said that the Judge Dredd arcade game appears to have had some interesting design choices. For example your attacks weren’t limited to just left and right, but up and down as well. Naturally it gives the brawler more of the feel of a 3D environment.
Judge Dredd arcade game - Block War

Then we have the fact the game captures a lot of what makes the comic book character so awesome. The digitized speech as well as the myriad background nods to the series are evident. In particular, I am rather fond of the ‘No Drowning’ proclamation in the sewer level.
Judge Dredd arcade game - No Drowning

Now when I first stumbled upon video of the gameplay I just assumed it was produced for the Judge Dredd film in ’95. It turns out that is partially true as the film had just been announced. But the fact of the matter is that Midway had struck gold with another film turned video game. That was of course 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day!

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Friends, surprisingly enough the Judge Dredd arcade game was also inspired by the popularity of Konami’s TMNT game. While the game itself never made it to mass production, we have those geniuses at Chicago’s arcade mecca Galloping Ghost to thank for making an actual cabinet. In fact, in the 2015 video below you can hear owner and head guru Doc Mack talking about the game itself.

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You’ve heard a little about the Judge Dredd arcade game now. Ready to see it in action?

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Friends, I am certainly thinking about doing a special Diary podcast. Cherry-picking some of the games that were almost released like with Gremlins!