Stay Golden, Funko Pop!

I think my inner child just screamed and did a back flip.

Which is ironic, considering that I don’t know how to do back flips.

According to Mental Floss, (and Instagram user ryespops) The Fab Four of Miami – Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche – will all be getting the Funko Pop! treatment this year.


Be sure to buy the finest cheesecake you can get – after you do buy them – it will be a photo-worthy moment!

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Check Out This 1765 Porcelain Meissen Monkey Band!

While this post might be better suited for a Monkey Monday my excitement over stumbling upon these very pricey collectibles meant I just couldn’t wait! That beautiful image of what certainly appears to be a chimp conductor is one piece from a set on display in this video from the Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago

Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band 2

Some of these pieces are apparently available on the likes of ebay with a singular figurine fetching up to $3,000 a piece and one seller offering a 21 piece set for a staggering $32,000.

Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band 3

The Meissen Porcelain Manufactory appears to be manufacturing this band even today, which might be good news for all of us simian collectors but those are the figurines fetching $2,000 to $3,000. The Rhode Island School of Design Museum page goes into great detail, such as these were primarily designed for a French audience and that this style of Monkeys engaging in human activity and wearing human clothing was called singeries.

The RISD Museum even went so far as to point out that the sheet music used on a figurines stand was not only playable but was Johann Adolph Hasse’s Lucio Papirio Dittatore, and if you hop on over to their page you can listen to a short SoundCloud clip.

Now in all honesty I’m a sucker for most anything related to primates…the fact that these happen to be having a joyous time making music…well, they just call to me. Granted I haven’t hit the lottery yet the last time I checked so any hope of adding these porcelain beauties to a curio cabinet in my home are nonexistent.

Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band 4

I can however take comfort in that I am able to watch Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution for free!

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All though to be 100% honest with you…my desire for these historic figurines is such that I feel like I should possibly take a road trip and visit that Needful Things curio shop at the edge of town…what could be the harm in looking, right?

Pop! Funko Releases Pac-Man Collectibles This March!

Not being satisfied with obtaining literally some of the most popular franchises known to fans of film, television, comic books, anime, and even music…Pop! Funko has decided to set their sights on the likes of classic gaming!

This March they are releasing everyone’s favorite Power Pellet gulping arcade icon, Pac-Man…as well as a few of his foes and friends!

Ms. Pac-Man

All images courtesy of Pop! Funko.

All images courtesy of Pop! Funko.

Inky - Pop! Funko

Pinky - Pop! Funko

Clyde - Pop! Funko

Blinky - Pop! Funko

And a Blue Ghost. Naturally.
Blue Ghost - Pop! Funko

For more info on the latest releases pop culture releases by Funko make sure to hop on over and visit their Official Blog! No word yet on what other classic arcade icons they might be tackling next but I can’t help but wonder if we might not be seeing a Pop! Funko line of Pac-Man characters from the animated series?

“Run, Pac-Man, Run!”

Sideshow Collectibles Unleashes The Evil Of Skeletor!

Just a few days ago those mad geniuses over at Sideshow Collectibles pried open the jaw bridge of Castle Grayskull to let Masters of the Universe fans in to pre-order this absolutely stunning Skeletor statue.

All images courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.

All images courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.

Masters of the Universe - Skeletor - Sideshow Collectibles

Check out the detail on this collectible. Skeletor is adorned in the finery that a Universe conquering Lord of Evil (or is that Overlord?) should be wearing! He carries with him the Havoc Staff and not only does he wear his harness but a belt with none other than the visage of his old Master of the Dark Arts…Hordak!

MOTU - Skeletor - Hordak - Sideshow Collectibles

[Via] Sideshow Collectibles

From the Press Release:
“What a wonderful day for evil! Ready to face He-Man in our new statue collection inspired by the popular 80??s cartoon series Masters of the Universe, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Overlord of Evil himself ? Skeletor!

Hailing from the otherworldly dimension of Infinitia, Skeletor rules over the darkest corners of Eternia with an iron fist from his treacherous volcanic base on Snake Mountain. Wielding his enchanted Havoc Staff to command an invisible horde of henchmen and minions, Sideshow’s artists have brought the sinister villain to life with ornately sculpted battle armor and a removable cape. For an extra dose of pure unadulterated nostalgia, collectors can choose to display the devious evildoer with a swap-out yellow skull head sculpt, a tribute to his classic animated appearance. Suitably depicted with his mouth wide open, you can almost hear the barrage of insults spew forth, or that unforgettable piercing cry. Locked in a never-ending battle against the forces of good, Skeletor will not rest until he possesses the secrets of Castle Grayskull – and if he succeeds, the sworn enemy of He-Man will conquer not only Eternia but take his place as master of the universe!”

While you are over at Sideshow Collectibles pre-ordering Skeletor…you might consider securing the most powerful Man in the Universe!
He Man - Masters of the Universe - Sideshow Collectibles

“Where is your strength? Where is it gone?”

Beam Me Down A Second Helping, Scotty! on my 1979 Deka Star Trek: The Motion Picture bowl and plate

The other day while out and about in town I stopped by the local Vintage Stock, I try to drop in when I can and see if there is anything I need to add to my collection. The problem is I normally DO find things that would look good in my curio cabinets, like these 1979 Deka Star Trek: The Motion Picture bowl and plate.

Star Trek Bowl 1

Star Trek Bowl 5

Star Trek Bowl 2

Star Trek Bowl 3

Star Trek Bowl 4

Just a little research on line, it looks like there were a couple of different sets. My set seems to be missing the drinking tumbler and it appears there was another one that had a cereal bowl with two drinking cups. Still, I think they will look neat in one of the cabinets.

When Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out, my Father and I saw it at the Razorback Theater. I can still remember waiting in line to be let in and looking at all of the available merchandise on sale at the concession stand. They had sold out of the buttons for Scotty but I did walk away with a Captain Kirk pin, it is one of my two oldest movie pins still in my collection.

Captain Kirk Pin - Star Trek The Motion Picture